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Thread: flash game emulator possible?

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    Default flash game emulator possible?

    could someone make a flash emulator? I'm no programmer, so I could'nt so it, but you could use the analog for the mouse, and map all the buttons so you could choose which key on the keyboard it would be (ex. X could W, or left mouse click, depending on what the user sets) and the ability to save setting for a game like with uo_snes9x would be good too. If no one wants to, or its not possible would it be possible to turn flash game into psp homebrew games? I've been wanting to play madness interactive on my psp for a while. the source code is availablehere. just some suggestions/questions

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    this has probably been posted a good bit of times. I too would love to see flash supported, not just in a browser, but as an app.

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