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Thread: Flickbook v0.3 Preview Release

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    NDS Flickbook v0.3 Preview Release

    News/release from Masscat:

    Flickbook is an animation toy for the Nintendo DS.

    It allows you to create an animated film by drawing a series of frames.

    Flickbook requires a DLDI device with write support, so patch in the normal way.

    What comes after 0.2.1?
    A preview of release 0.3 is what.

    You can get it here.


    256 by 192 sized frames

    256 colours

    saves to /data/Flickbook

    get to name films (no more film_a, film_b)

    a palette editor

    selectable past and future onion skinning of 1 to 3 frames

    get a nice warning when exiting without saving

    change to the flickbook.xml format

    lots of internal changes to the way Flickbook works

    You cannot load films from earlier version into this version. I may put a film converter into the Java export app.

    Why the preview?
    There is a little bluish button on the right of the screen that does not do anything yet.
    There have been lots of changes to the way Flickbook works and I would like any feed back on problems. You may want to backup the contents of your flash card before using (just in case).
    The Java exporter application needs updating to support the new flickbook.xml format and I need a working DS app to provide me with some test material.

    How to use?
    Changes to control from version 0.2.1:
    You will be prompted for a film name if you select the new film button. Enter a name and press the on screen return key.
    Onion skinning is now setup using eight buttons near the top left of the screen. The two middle blue buttons clear any past/future onion skinning. The buttons to the left and right of these setup 1,2 or 3 frame onion skinning.
    To delete the current frame touch and hold the delete button (minus sign next to the playback/frame control buttons). A second delete button will appear just above this. To confirm the delete slide up to touch this second delete button and release the stylus from the screen. Releasing the stylus any where other than the second delete button will cancel the delete.
    There are four colour select buttons. The one that looks like an eraser always selects the background colour. You can assign any of the 256 colours from the film's palette to the other three. Touch and hold any of the colour select buttons to be taken to the palette editor. The lower portion of the palette editor shows and allow you to select colours from the film's palette. You can edit the colours using HSV H, S, V and RGB R, G, B sliders. Select a colour select button and then select the palette colour to assign it that colour.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    I tried to play on my Games N Music but it said something like. "No FAT system found , cannot continue. =(

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    Did you patch it with DLDI?

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    Default FLickBook Problem!!!

    I had a Problem with the Flick Book

    When I tried to save my FlickBook File of 142 pages,then when i pressed the save button...It took me 1 minute & more to save it(It's my first time I save 1)!!!!
    SO after the save..i think i coudn't do anything likeit was frozen.So i turned off my DS then turned it back on...(i Use R4).It say cannot find _DS_MENU.dat . So I WAS LIKE WAT THE HE*l?!?!?So I wen on my laptop hen there was only this
    BM6─ and is a system file...
    Could anyone tell me if i can recover my files?!?!?!?


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