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Thread: PSP IR Remote V0.2

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    Default PSP IR Remote V0.2

    PSPet has released a rather cool InfraRed Remote Control app for the PSP, heres what it says on his site:

    Install the proper version on your Homebrew compatible PSP
    Run the program on the PSP
    At the start page, select the device you want to control (RoboSapien, ICybie, Media Center)
    Use the PSP as an IR remote control for that device.
    The buttons are labelled on the screen with the commands.
    Certain buttons (like LTrigger and RTrigger) can act as shift buttons. Hold those buttons and new options will show up. Keep holding the shift button and press the regular button.
    When pressing a command button, aim the top of the PSP towards the device's IR receiver
    Press HOME to go back to the main screen to change devices
    Press HOME again to exit the app

    Downloads and more info Here -->

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    I'd sure like to try it out, but I don't have any of those things. The hombrew that will really get attention will be a universal remote control. Either with preset stuff for different manufacturers which would ned to be set in an .ini or something, or with a learning feature so yoou can teach it what buttons are which by pointing your actual remote at it and pressing the button...

    I can dream, can't I

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    Default hell yea

    That would be tight

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