Disney has canceled work on Star Wars: Attack Squadronsand taken its closed beta offline.
The firm thanked players via the project's official Facebook page. The free-to-play space combat game entered closed beta in January 2014.
"After much consideration, we have decided to cease development so that we can focus on other Star Wars game experiences," the studio wrote. "We truly appreciate the time you spent engaging in the beta."
Attack Squadrons was in development at Seattle-based studio Area 52 Games. It was meant to allow for 16-player dogfights, giving players the ability to customise "iconic Star Wars ships" including Tie-Fighters and X-Wings.
The free-to-play game would also feature team-based and base defense type modes, as well as various unlockable rewards.
Attack Squadrons was being produced separately of the ten-year licensing deal between EA and Disney. The arrangement announced in May 2013 granted EA exclusive development rights to titles intended for a "core gaming audience."
Star Wars: Battlefront, in development at Battlefield studio DICE, willappear at EA's E3 showcase in June.