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Thread: Japanese Metal Gear Solid 4 Priced

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    ps3 Japanese Metal Gear Solid 4 Priced

    via IGN

    Konami promised a special PlayStation 3 for the Japanese release of Metal Gear Solid 4, and that's exactly what the Japanese market will be getting. The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that the PS3 model that's set to be bundled with the game as part of the Japanese Premium Pack is an original steel color, referred to in Japanese as "Hagane." The set also includes a like-colored controller.

    In addition to the bundle, Famitsu also got the first word on Japanese pricing for all versions of MGS4, due for Japanese release on 6/12. The game's standard edition, which includes MGS4 and the Metal Gear Online Starter Pack, will retail for 8,800 yen, putting it at the higher end of PS3 titles. For reference, major third party PS3 titles like Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Virtua Fighter 5 cost 7,800 yen at their release. On the PS2, major releases like Dragon Quest VIII or Final Fantasy XII were priced at around 8,800 yen, although Metal Gear Solid 3 was priced at 6,980 yen, more in line with standard PS2 releases of its time.

    Fans who want bonus content will, of course, have to pay extra. The game's Special Edition, which adds a special color-label blu-ray video disc to the normal edition will sell for 9,800 yen. The Premium Pack hardware bundle includes all the content from the Special Edition along with the PS3 and controller detailed above and will go for 51,800 yen. All prices here include sales tax.

    We currently don't have specifics on the internals of the hardware bundle's PS3 unit. Looking at the price, the package costs about 3,000 yen more than the cost of a 40 gigabyte PS3 and the MGS4 Special Edition, so we're wondering if there's more to the package than meets the eye, especially considering that the latest PS3 hardware bundle for Yakuza 3 actually represented a price of a couple of thousand yen over purchasing the hardware separately from the game.

    More should be revealed later this week as Konami formally unveils the MGS4 packages to the Japanese press.

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    hmm... already set for japan? how about in the usa?

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