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Thread: Notepad v1.0

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    Smile Notepad v1.0

    rob_psp using Lua has made a great Notepad type text editor for the PSP, heres the info:

    This is a notepad programmed in Lua. This has been tested to work on
    luaplayer 0.7b7 and above, created by Shine and Nevyn.

    How to use:

    The D-pad controls the green cursor.

    The left trigger inputs the value of the green cursor.

    The square, triangle, circle, and cross buttons controls the red cursor.

    The right trigger inputs the value of the red cursor.

    Press Select to cycle to Edit and Keyboard modes.

    Press Start to bring up the File menu.

    The left and right triggers page up and down the screen in Edit and
    Full Screen modes

    To use the Copy, Cut, and Paste functions, first move the cursor the first
    position. Press Triangle to mark it. Move the cursor to the second
    position. Press Triangle to mark the second position. Finally, you can
    use the Edit functions.

    Special thanks to Shine, Nevyn, and Mike Haggar

    Download Here -->

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    Hmm, that looks like what I think is the best solution for keyboard, as long as we dont have keyboard hardware; AKA Real Keyboard

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