Microsoft is planning to launch a smartwatch with cross-platform support for Apple and Android devices, reports have claimed.
Citing “multiple sources with knowledge of the company’s plans”, Forbes reported that the upcoming wearable device will be developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect division.
Technology derived from the Kinect’s optical tracking abilities will be integrated into the smartwatch in order to continually measure heart rate, the sources stated.
A variety of other health-tracking sensors would also be built into the wrist-mounted tech.
Similar optical-based technology was recently showcased by Samsung during the announcement of its next-gen Simband health tracker concept.
The Microsoft sources added that the device’s battery will last for two days, and will work with iOS and Android devices, in addition to Microsoft’s own Windows platform.
The smartwatch could be announced as soon as this summer, it was suggested.
“We have nothing to share,” a Microsoft representative responded, when asked about the rumoured smartwatch device.