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  1. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria sets a new direction for Blizzard's first MMO
  2. Over 500K have registered for Secret World's beta
  3. Blizzard DOTA, coming soon to a new platform called Blizzard Arcade
  4. Ono: 60% of Street Fighter players are American
  5. Windows XP turns 10, enjoys its golden years and slow transition into retirement
  6. HMV: GTA V will "inject huge excitement" into market
  7. Facebook: games lead the way on new platforms
  8. XIII: Lost Identity is an 'interactive story,' not a shooter
  9. Maingear and Origin PC shove Intel's Core i7 2700K into gaming rigs, overclock it bey
  10. Official "Firefox With Bing" Released
  11. Facebook: New generation browser gaming poses no threat
  12. Assassin's Creed: Recollections announced
  13. Jurassic Park: The Game Deluxe Edition revealed
  14. Linux Foundation Releases Document On UEFI Secure Boot
  15. Blizzard's Morhaime apologises for homophobic video
  16. Square Enix and DeNA partner on Final Fantasy social game
  17. Jolicloud heads to the actual cloud, Joli OS gets open-sourced
  18. Stolen Modern Warfare 3 disc in the wild
  19. EA downplays Old Republic shortage fears
  20. Battlefield 3's online activation causes headaches
  21. AMD Bulldozer breaks own world record, overclocked to 8.46GHz
  22. Ubuntu coming to tablets, phones, cars and smart TVs by 2014
  23. PC CHART: Football Manager makes way for...
  24. Free Heroes2 Engine SVN r2662
  25. Saints Row: The Third PC extras detailed
  26. MechWarrior Online announced
  27. EA: "Syndicate is tough, really tough"
  28. Internet Explorer does less than 50 percent of world's web surfing,
  29. Nokia Hints At Windows 8 Tablets
  30. Angry Birds Downloads Pass Half-Billion Mark
  31. No Windows 8 Plot To Lock Out Linux
  32. Gameforge lays off 100, Star Trek: Infinite Space looking shaky
  33. Capcom: No plans for an Operation Raccoon City beta
  34. Star Wars: The Old Republic releases server details
  35. DC Universe picks up 120,000 new users
  36. Call of Duty Elite delayed on PC
  37. Lego Universe will end in January 2012, offices closing
  38. HP gives webOS developers a chance to get a $150 TouchPad
  39. Orcs Must Die 'Lost Adventures' DLC out next week
  40. Kinect for Windows out 'early 2012', beta 2 out now
  41. Minecraft passes four million sales
  42. Get access to Star Wars: The Old Republic five days early
  43. Game: Modern Warfare 3 our most pre-ordered game ever
  44. Twitter-enhanced Firefox 8 officially available for download, Android version updated
  45. 1000 per cent increase in concurrent users for DCU Online
  46. PC Batman: Arkham City delayed again
  47. Metareview: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  48. XCOM delayed beyond Q1 2012
  49. Total Recall MMO announced
  50. Talk mounts that version 5 could be Silverlight's last, might only work with Internet
  51. Zuckerberg: "Google trying to build their own Facebook"
  52. Nvidia launches Tegra 3 processor
  53. Warcraft subscriptions fall by 800,000
  54. Atlus to publish Game Of Thrones RPG
  55. Epic refutes Gears of War 3 PC evidence
  56. Solaris 11 Released
  57. Dead Rising 2 demo hits Gaikai
  58. Bethesda admits PC development is a "headache"
  59. OnLive challenges studios to 'blow our minds'
  60. Miniclip: Browser games approaching 'console quality'
  61. Valve: Steam user database hacked, no evidence of personal info taken
  62. No 'always-on' DRM for Assassin's Creed: Revelations
  63. Gotham City Impostors outed on Jan. 10, open beta starts in Dec.
  64. Star Trek Online free-to-play launch date
  65. Star Wars: Identities is not a video game
  66. What's Keeping You On Windows?
  67. LEGO Universe To Shut Down
  68. LGC 2011: OnLive repositions itself as a dev platform
  69. Gran Turismo 6 development already underway
  70. Firefox 9.0 Beta Available
  71. Skyrim dominates Modern Warfare 3 on Steam
  72. ScummVM 1.4.0 "10th Anniversary" Released!
  73. VIA offers $89 processor and motherboard combo for custom HTPCs
  74. First 16-Core Opteron Chips Arrive From AMD
  75. Dead Island adds 'Bloodbath Arena' DLC on Nov. 22
  76. Minecraft ends beta with 4m customers in tow
  77. Nvidia: Battlefield 3 shows PC is "dramatically better than consoles"
  78. PC CHART: LA Noire debuts at No.10
  79. Curse of Monkey Island (Classic Edition) 11/11/
  80. Free Heroes2 Engine 20111109
  81. Microsoft: Ballmer didn't say Windows 8 is coming to phones
  82. Call of Duty Elite PC confirmed
  83. Get a free OnLive console with Assassin's Creed Revelations pre-order
  84. Windows 8 gets automatic updates, enforced restarts after 72 hours of polite harassme
  85. Burnout Paradise goes free in EA Origin push
  86. Minecraft says hello on iPhone and iPad
  87. Sins of a Solar Empire added to Steam, more Stardock titles coming soon
  88. EVE Online: Crucible expansion dated, detailed
  89. Just Cause dev announces Project Mamba
  90. Windows 8 Secure Boot Defeated
  91. Intel's Plans For X86 Android, Smartphones, and Tablets
  92. Unreal Tournament 3 'looks even better on Flash'
  93. Square Enix to use Unreal Engine 3 for multiple titles
  94. EA finally responds to forum bans also banning Origin game access
  95. Final SWTOR beta weekend targeting November 25th - 28th
  96. PayPal Launches Facebook App For Sending Money
  97. Mechwarrior Online a CryEngine 3 game
  98. Dual-Core Android PC Now Comes On a USB Stick
  99. 'FFXIV will always be FFXIV and nothing else' - Square
  100. 'Cotton Candy' USB stick-sized computer
  101. Windows 8 will be less of a restart pain
  102. Beneath A Steel Sky Enhanced Music Released by James Woodcock for ScummVM
  103. MS To Build Antivirus Into Win8: Boon Or Monopoly?
  104. 1000 logins per hour for Minecraft
  105. World of Warcraft 7th anniversary Celebration Package
  106. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta release date revealed
  107. PC CHART: Skyrim, FM 2012 keep Modern Warfare 3 at bay
  108. webOS disaster cost HP $3.3bn
  109. Windows 8 installation to be streamlined
  110. Microsoft announces Windows-specific Kinect for 2012 release
  111. New computer system can read your emotions, will probably be annoying about it
  112. Old Republic could steal 1m WoW players
  113. Arkham City hits OnLive, arrives on PC this Friday
  114. Battlefield 3 patched for PC, server-side; consoles waiting on certification
  115. Test Drive: Ferrari announced
  116. New Kinect hardware can read objects from 50cm
  117. I Am Alive not planned for PC due to piracy concerns
  118. StarCraft 2 for $30 this weekend from Blizzard Store
  119. Google Chrome to add gamepad support
  120. Steam Autumn Sale adds LA Noire, Fallout: New Vegas, Monkey Island and more
  121. 67 per cent of tablet use is on gameplay
  122. Ubisoft dev clarifies controversial piracy comments
  123. Ubisoft: Ghost Recon Online is our DRM alternative
  124. Sony Tablet P available online, the P is short for pricey
  125. Snuggle Truck downloaded 1.3 million times in 9 days after going free
  126. Steam Autumn Sale: The final countdown
  127. ScummVM News - Where is Leon?
  128. Student builds girlfriend a tablet for $125
  129. Linux Mint 12 'Lisa' released
  130. Valve: Piracy a "non-issue" for Steam
  131. Mafia Wars 2 sheds 900k users in under a month
  132. Total War: Shogun 2 standalone expansion Fall of the Samurai announced
  133. PC CHART: Batman: Arkham City enters at No.4
  134. 95 per cent of Britons use tablets at home
  135. Kotick: Star Wars licence fee will hurt EA
  136. Study Hints That Wi-Fi Near Testes Could Decrease Male Fertility
  137. World of Warcraft patch 4.3 Hour of Twilight notes
  138. CD Projekt RED: Witcher 2 piracy estimated at 4.5m copies
  139. NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448-Core GPU
  140. LucasArts fee for Star Wars MMO put at 35%
  141. RIM PlayBook Tablet Jailbroken
  142. Aleph One 1.0 Released
  143. Battlefield 3's 'Back to Karkand' expansion arrives on PS3 Dec. 6, 360 and PC on Dec.
  144. F2P Summit announced for 2012
  145. How a Computer Game Is Reinventing the Science of Expertise
  146. Chrome Becoming World's Second Most Popular Web Browser
  147. Super Mario Land remade in Minecraft
  148. Star Trek Online Season 5: Call to Arms release notes
  149. Battlefield 3 PC update coming December 6
  150. EA registers a battalion of domains for Command and Conquer Alliances
  151. VCMI Project - Heroes 3: WoG recreated v0.87
  152. PrBoom-plus v2.5.1.3.test
  153. Ultrabooks to revive the PC market says Acer
  154. Will Firefox Lose Google Funding?
  155. GAME nabs £130 Old Republic exclusive
  156. Trine 2 puts on its rogue and wizard hats starting December 7
  157. Star Wars: The Old Republic beta test attracts 2 million players
  158. Tactical light, other fixes in Dec. 6 Battlefield 3 PC patch
  159. Microsoft demos Windows Store, coming to Windows 8 beta in February
  160. PlayBook Jailbreak Tool Released
  161. Opera 11.60 'Tunny' Released With Ragnarök HT
  162. Piracy block 'sparked upsurge in FM12 sales'
  163. New indie PC platform 'ends discoverability woes'
  164. Will Windows 8 Be Ready For Release In 2012?
  165. OnLive microconsole in UK shops before Christmas
  166. PopCap relaunches Bejeweled on iPhone
  167. Windows 8 app store to offer devs 80% cut
  168. HP to launch another Touchpad fire sale this weekend, because it's cold outside
  169. Two thirds of Brits use social media in front of the telly
  170. Microsoft Can Remotely Kill Purchased Apps
  171. Google launches tablet-specific ad formats
  172. Apple may launch TV-enabled iMac
  173. Angry Birds turns two this weekend
  174. Square Enix develops for Google Chrome
  175. Ultima creator reveals Facebook game
  176. Apple names Tiny Wings iPhone game of the year
  177. PAYDAY: The Heist gets huge 'Xmas update' on Steam
  178. Rayman Origins sells 50,000 in debut US month
  179. New Duke Nukem Forever DLC out next week
  180. PC racing sim promises top player real-life apprenticeship
  181. Crytek's Ryse now a next-gen release - report
  182. Command & Conquer: Generals 2 confirmed from BioWare
  183. Sonic Generations Casino Nights Pinball DLC on Steam Dec. 26
  184. Jump on a Hot Air Balloon and meet Darby the Dragon!
  185. Windows 8 Store Will Allow Open Source Apps
  186. Epic confirms Minecraft inspired Fortnite
  187. Command & Conquer Generals 2 unveiled
  188. Groundbreaking photonic chip could spark Quantum Computing revolution
  189. Namco's Tales series going on a browser-based 'Dice Adventure'
  190. Google Street View turned into an FPS
  191. Internet Explorer Users Have Low Risk Intelligence
  192. GAME invites fans to Old Republic launch event
  193. Star Wars: The Old Republic goes live
  194. EA announces Command & Conquer MMOG
  195. Aion to go free-to-play in Europe
  196. Wi-fi dominates tablet connectivity
  197. Microsoft Upgrading Windows Users To Latest Version of MSIE
  198. Star Wars: The Old Republic roll-out avoids digital gridlock
  199. HP TouchPad returns in TigerDirect bundle, if only for a moment
  200. Skyrim ships 10 million copies already, outsells other PC titles three to one
  201. How HP and Open Source Can Save WebOS
  202. Relaunched APB attracts 3m users in first week
  203. Star Wars Galaxies says goodbye as Star Wars: The Old Republic launches
  204. Skyrim Online mod aims to take the game, er, online
  205. Chrome 15 Overtakes IE 8 For Top Browser Spot
  206. Windows 8 to offer 'picture password' log in
  207. Minecraft creator develops new game in 48 hours
  208. NFS World gets $100 downloadable car
  209. Steam's Holiday Sale discounts everything ever, gives gifts, games and coal
  210. Analyst claims SWTOR could already have 1.5 million players
  211. Google to produce own-brand tablet?
  212. Star Wars: the Old Republic Launches
  213. Firefox 9 Released, JavaScript Performance Greatly Improved
  214. Eurogamer launches Gaikai game streaming
  215. Crytek concentrating on free-to-play and mobile technology
  216. Syndicate refused classification in Australia
  217. Sniper: Ghost Warrior tops 2m sales
  218. New Remote Flaw In 64-Bit Windows 7
  219. CrowdStar: HTML5 still too immature for game devs
  220. Users facing long queues in The Old Republic
  221. Star Wars: The Old Republic a big risk for EA, say analysts, everyone else on Earth
  222. AMD Radeon HD 7970 Launched, Fastest GPU Tested
  223. Gardens Of Time 2011's most popular Facebook game
  224. Open source, open issues for webOS
  225. Google forks out $300m to stay with Firefox
  226. Star Wars: The Old Republic hits a million players, 28 million hours played
  227. 2011 round-up: PC
  228. Minicraft 2 in the works and needs a better name, Notch reveals
  229. Skyrim PC mod claims to improve performance
  230. Yamagi Quake II 4.0
  231. QuakeForge 0.6.0
  232. VirtualBox v4.1.8
  233. Today's Steam holiday sale discounts Dead Space 2, Tomb Raider, more
  234. HP TouchPad Go: $99?
  235. 60beat creates a full gamepad for iOS devices
  236. Little Big Adventure remake confirmed, may be used as testbed for third title
  237. MasterImage 3D to debut glasses-free 720p 3D tablet and smartphone at CES
  238. Crysis 2 Most Pirated Game of 2011
  239. Indies furious over Old Republic collector's edition
  240. Sony cuts Tablet S price by $100, now starts at $400 for 16GB
  241. Star Wars success 'reflects healthy MMO market'
  242. Gigabyte Board Sets Intel X79 Overclocking Record
  243. Sonic 4: Episode II finally announced
  244. Old Republic is "fastest growing MMO in history"
  245. Internet Explorer holds onto top browser crown while Chrome and Firefox come 2nd/3rd
  246. Rumor: Fallout MMO lawsuit settled, details coming this month
  247. FreeDOS 1.1 Released
  248. IE6 Almost Dead In the US
  249. What's Keeping You On XP?
  250. Gaikai expands customer base with BestBuy, YouTube, more