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  1. Steam top ten: Counter-Strike Global Offensive knocks Dawnguard off the top spot
  2. Borderlands 2: The 'Girlfriend mode' controversy
  3. Blizzard urges users to change Diablo III and WoW passwords
  4. Minecraft PC passes seven million sales
  5. GAME OF THE DAY: Espgaluda II
  6. Youth facing up to 15 years prison for Runescape robbery
  7. Battlefield 4 sticking to modern warfare
  8. Red Hat Releases Preview Version of Open Stack Distribution
  9. Steam update will showcase user-generated content
  10. Gamescom guide lists Half-Life 3 for show reveal
  11. Acer Iconia Tab A110 allegedly caught brandishing Jelly Bean in press shots
  12. SimCity: Return of the Mac
  13. Gamescom 2012: Remember Me announced by Capcom
  14. Crytek shows off CryEngine3
  15. Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming October 26th for $199?
  16. 13 per cent of kids use tablets
  17. The Sims 3 continues to keep Football Manager 2012 off the top spot
  18. Command & Conquer Generals 2 goes free-to-play
  19. Steam absorbs Mutant Blobs Attack today
  20. Command & Conquer Generals 2 launching as part of free-to-play C&C service
  21. Diablo 3 Starter Edition no longer requires a disc
  22. Epic Games hints at major new Unreal Engine deals
  23. Ubisoft using core franchises for free-to-play push
  24. Free-to-play games typically lose 70 per cent of initial user base
  25. Motion outs F5t, C5t rugged tablet PCs with Ivy Bridge and optional SSD, pricing star
  26. How to create strong passwords
  27. WoW: Mists of Pandaria cinematic trailer released
  28. Dave Stevinson: We're on the cusp of a PC gaming renaissance
  29. Windows 8 RTM Benchmarked
  30. NVIDIA announces $299 GeForce GTX 660 Ti, lets Kepler walk among the people
  31. GameStop's cloud streaming service shifts to PC, tablets and internet TVs only
  32. Top 5 mobile and tablet apps
  33. Ubisoft's Uplay offers popular PC titles for just 1
  34. OnLive closing down
  35. OnLive sells assets to new company
  36. Is Windows 8 Microsoft's Riskiest Bet?
  37. Google Employees Find 60 Security Holes In Adobe Reader
  38. 1,600 users - the story of OnLive's collapse starts to emerge
  39. Bohemia feared fan reaction to standalone DayZ
  40. Steam "Big Picture" mode hits beta in September
  41. Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition Bundle officially hits stores tomorrow, yours for $2
  42. OnLive's alternative to bankruptcy: just what is an Assignment for the Benefit of Cre
  43. RetroArch 0.9.7 rc2
  44. OpenTTD 1.2.2
  45. HTC loses $40 million from OnLive investment
  46. Football Manager 2012 knocks The Sims 3 off the top of the PC charts
  47. Samsung celebrates Galaxy Note 10.1 release with Kylie and Kelly Brook
  48. Steam top ten: Counter-Strike stays at the top for a second week
  49. 3D art tool Mari powers Star Wars 1313 visuals
  50. OnLive reveals new owner as Lauder Partners
  51. Fluid Football dribbles toward the top of the iOS charts
  52. Diablo 3 'Paragon System' extends endgame longevity
  53. Command & Conquer Generals 2 has no single-player campaign
  54. OnLive has over 1.5 million active users
  55. Strategy Analytics: Tablet streaming is good news for the TV industry
  56. Windows 8 Gets Personal Use License For Homebuilt PCs
  57. BT prepared to write off OnLive investment
  58. Plants vs. Zombies 2 announced as layoff rumours circle PopCap
  59. Diablo III gaining 100 Paragon levels in upcoming patch
  60. Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices said to arrive on Verizon this year
  61. Ubisoft: '95% of PC gamers are pirates'
  62. Is Microsoft's Surface the saviour of the channel?
  63. Unity to support Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8
  64. The Rebirth of PC Gaming? Bring On the Modders!
  65. Former Xerox PARC Researcher: Windows 8 Is a Cognitive Burden
  66. Archos 101 XS review: a tablet that puts the keyboard center stage
  67. Solving the League of Legends community problem one player at a time
  68. Borderlands gets demade, is playable in your browser and totally rad
  69. Molyneux's 'Curiosity' delayed to September
  70. New ZOTAC ZBOX nano features AMD Radeon HD graphics
  71. OnLive 'had days to live' after accruing debts of $40m
  72. SongPop croons past 25m unique players in just three months
  73. I Am Alive gets PC release next month
  74. Microsoft changes logo for first time in 25 years
  75. Revolution takes Broken Sword 5 to Kickstarter
  76. Molyneux forced to rename Curiosity; Game delayed to September
  77. Gigabyte P2542G gaming laptop
  78. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 hits Steam
  79. New Black Isle intends to make triple-A RPGs based on Interplay's IP
  80. Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter nears goal, reveals stretch goals
  81. World of Warcraft won't raise free-to-play above level 20
  82. Microsoft using guerrilla marketing for Surface tablets
  83. Top 5 mobile and tablet apps
  84. Archos 101 XS tablet set to rival Asus's Transformer Prime
  85. Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install
  86. Microsoft Denies Windows 8 App Spying Via SmartScreen
  87. Dungeon Fighter Online passes 3 million concurrent users
  88. Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 now working on Linux through Google Chrome, more or less
  89. Primal Carnage shows off its raptors and trappers
  90. Dark Souls PC's resolution issues fixed by modder in 23 minutes
  91. The Force is slow with this one: KOTOR 2 finally on Steam
  92. Four free indie games this weekend on OnLive
  93. OpenMW v0.17.0
  94. Steam top ten sellers chart: August 19-25
  95. Lenovo's 9-inch IdeaTab A2109 shows up at Best Buy, flaunts Tegra 3, $300 price tag
  96. Free-to-play game clones Counter-Strike map
  97. PC Makers In Desperate Need of a Reboot
  98. Max Payne 3 update improves cheat protection, load times
  99. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition hits consoles October 26
  100. OnLive founder Steve Perlman announces departure
  101. A quarter of UK firms expect tablet adoption to fizzle out
  102. Star Wars and Football Manager top the PC charts again
  103. Steam top ten: Counter-Strike continues reign
  104. Firefox 15 Released: Silent Updates, Compressed Textures, Add-on Memory Leak Fix
  105. Guild Wars 2 crosses 1 million in sales prior to launch
  106. Art for canned Crytek game 'Redemption' surfaces
  107. Oracle's Java 7 contains flaw allowing hackers to break into computer systems
  108. Blizzard blocks WoW in Iran
  109. World of Warcraft patch 5.04 goes live
  110. How Apple Killed the Linux Desktop
  111. Unreal Engine 3 supporting Windows 8
  112. Total War Battles: Shogun now available on Steam
  113. Hackers target Guild Wars 2 accounts with password resets
  114. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD coming to iOS
  115. Square Enix launches HD streaming games portal Core Online
  116. Konami's Puzzle Chasers hits 1m monthly active users
  117. EA Maxis: PC isn't dead
  118. Samsung calling its dockable Windows 8 tablets ATIV Smart PC and Smart PC Pro outside
  119. Sony Xperia Tablet S official: slimmed-down design, Tegra 3, IR remote and Android 4.
  120. Star Wars: First Assault outed by trademarks, domain registrations
  121. Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note II
  122. CoreOnline: Play free HD console games through web browsers, including Hitman and Tom
  123. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and new movie announced
  124. Microsoft launches free Atari Arcade for browser
  125. Windows 8 Is 'a Work of Art.' But It's No Linux
  126. Polish Researcher: Oracle Knew For Months About Java Zero-Day
  127. Linus Torvalds Says Linux 4.0 Could Be Out In Three Years
  128. Steam Greenlight officially launches
  129. Valve launches Steam Greenlight
  130. EA releases Command & Conquer: Ultimate Collection to celebrate 17 years of strategy
  131. SWTOR free-to-play a 'straightforward decision'
  132. ArenaNet Suspends Digital Sales of Guild Wars 2
  133. Command and Conquer ultimate set isn't coming to UK retail after all
  134. Steam Greenlight launches, nearly 400 entries already added
  135. Second generation Razer Blade laptop sharpens its edge with GTX 660M, unannounced Cor
  136. Samsung's dual-display Windows 8 laptop
  137. Fortnite closed beta coming 'early next year'
  138. Homebrew computer is 16 bits of awesome
  139. OLPC delivers big OS update with text-to-speech, DisplayLink and WebKit
  140. Firefall beta opens up its item store, sells Founder's Packages (on sale now)
  141. Awesomenauts 1.4 coming next week, Voltar more omniscient
  142. To the Moon hits Steam September 7, next episode incoming
  143. Valve bans users behind Steam Greenlight fakes
  144. Black Mesa scheduled to launch on September 14
  145. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC specs
  146. Steam top ten: Counter-Strike stays at the top for fourth week in a row
  147. Windows 7 dethrones XP as world's most used OS
  148. Knocking Infected PCs Off the Internet
  149. Hate Windows 8 already? The Pro OEM edition will let you downgrade to Vista
  150. Steam deletes games with 'Half-Life 3,' offensive content from Greenlight
  151. Xen-Based Secure OS Qubes Hits 1.0
  152. Fans Bring Back Half Life Game Series: Black Mesa Mod Launches 9/14
  153. Windows Phone companion surfaces for Windows 8, could take over syncing duties
  154. Firefox OS Marketplace leaks in current form, shows shopping Gecko-style
  155. Firefox OS Marketplace image leak
  156. Bad Piggies: Angry Birds sequel hits September 27th
  157. The Sims 3 Supernatural launches worldwide today
  158. Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2012
  159. Valve "jumping in" to hardware space
  160. Techland working on Dead Island spinoff 'Project Hell'
  161. Schafer/Wolpaw: Minecraft, DayZ experiences nail the promise of games
  162. 'Hardest RPG ever' Dark Souls could get an 'easy mode'
  163. Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.4 makes class and balance tweaks
  164. The Secret World patch 1.2 makes 'Lairs' casual-friendly
  165. COD: Black Ops 2 PC engine evolves, sheds Windows XP support
  166. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will not run on Windows XP
  167. Marmalade SDK spreads to Windows and Mac
  168. Ubisoft scraps always-on PC DRM
  169. Battlestar Galactica Community Game Diaspora Has Arrived
  170. OPINION: Yes, $100 is too much to charge users of Steam Greenlight
  171. Minecraft creator "constantly debating" Steam
  172. Windows 8's Gunstringer: Dead Man Running developed by Other Ocean
  173. Professor Layton searches for thieves in new iOS/Android social game
  174. FarmVille 2 updates Zynga's cow-clicker (but not too much)
  175. I Am Alive available for PCs tomorrow
  176. Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse Kickstarter funded, curse still going strong
  177. StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm beta is live
  178. Ubisoft clarifies "93-95%" PC piracy rate comments
  179. One in nine Brits spends eight hours a day on Facebook
  180. Angry Birds Roost: Exclusive to Nokia Lumia 920 for three months
  181. Zynga launches FarmVille 2
  182. Beneath a Steel Sky sequel is $1m Kickstarter bonus
  183. Rayman Jungle Run announced
  184. Kindle Fire, meet Kindle Fire HD
  185. Football Manager 2013 is coming - complete with accessible Classic mode
  186. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition packs up Trials HD and its sequel for a PC roadtrip
  187. FM 2013: 'Lite' mode streamlines play, adds microtransactions
  188. Xperia Tablet S now shipping on Sony's UK site
  189. Windows 8-powered Nook Tablet on the way?
  190. XCOM's PC version "a big deal" for Firaxis
  191. Darksiders II sells just 247,000 copies in US
  192. VIA EPIA-P910 stuffs 3D display support, quad-core into a Pico-ITX size
  193. The Struggles of Developing StarCraft
  194. Apache Patch To Override IE 10's Do Not Track Setting
  195. Building the best homebrew computer ever
  196. Sony Xperia Tablet S gets the full teardown, shows its NVIDIA heart
  197. Ghost Recon Online gets 'Arctic' pack September 12
  198. Yamagi Quake II 5.00
  199. Doom64 EX v2.3
  200. nGlide v1.00
  201. Toys R Us launches Tabeo kids tablet
  202. Original laptop designer Bill Moggridge dies
  203. Steam top ten: surprise, surprise, Counter-Strike still number one
  204. 11,000 Guild Wars 2 players fall victim to hackers
  205. Newell: Copying Apple will hasten Microsoft's decline
  206. Microsoft: As of October, 1024-Bit Certs Are the New Minimum
  207. Super Hexagon sells 10,000 in three days
  208. Love goes free
  209. Garriott teams up with Zynga for Ultimate Collector release
  210. Death in The War Z will result in loss of cash-bought items
  211. Command & Conquer: Generals 2 gets single-player after EA backtracks
  212. Steam Big Picture Mode beta goes live today
  213. Steam Big Picture Mode: Taking over a TV and PC near you very soon
  214. Microsoft announces cloud gaming deal for Windows 8
  215. Microsoft to open 32 pop-up shops in US as Surface nears launch
  216. HP unveils Windows 8 all-in-one with no touchscreen
  217. Typewriter is USB keyboard, also awesome
  218. Activision Blizzard Secretly Watermarking World of Warcraft Users
  219. Wing Commander creator announces new game Cloud Imperium
  220. AMD invests in cloud gaming
  221. Microsoft opens Windows Store app submissions to individuals, welcomes devs from 82 n
  222. HTML 5: Facebook's biggest mistake
  223. Intel reveals low-power 'Haswell' 4th gen processors at IDF 2012
  224. Not making New Star Soccer Android F2P 'a big mistake'
  225. First ten games pass through Steam Greenlight
  226. Keiji Inafune reveals new zombie game Yaiba
  227. EA new IP Fuse due March next year
  228. Revamped UPlay could sell third-party download games
  229. Over 10,000 Skyrim mods on Steam Workshop
  230. Indie hit Terraria sells 1.6m copies on PC, announced for XBLA/PSN
  231. Runescape adds new security measures
  232. Ghost Recon Online 'Arctic pack' expansion released
  233. Microsoft opens Windows 8 App Store to developers
  234. NCsoft announces Blade & Soul
  235. Wing Commander creator working on new space combat game
  236. New Atom chip will not support Linux
  237. Microsoft begins world record game jam attempt
  238. Chrome To Get 'Do Not Track'
  239. Intel Demos 7Gpbs Wireless Docking
  240. Google Kills Apps Support For Internet Explorer 8
  241. Black Mesa Released
  242. The Passing of the Personal Computer Era
  243. The Linux-Proof Processor That Nobody Wants
  244. How Indie Devs Made an 1,800-Player Action Game Mod In Their Spare Time
  245. AMD's Hondo Chip 'A Windows 8 Product'
  246. Are Commercial Games Finally Going To Make It To Linux?
  247. Obsidian's Project Eternity fully funded, stretch goals revealed
  248. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD now on PC via Steam, discounted along with Oddboxx
  249. War of the Roses post-launch plan: monthly content updates
  250. Dungeons & Dragons games on sale through GOG