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  1. There's still money to be made on PC, insists Capcom
  2. Gamer Rewrites Valve's Steam Installer For Debian
  3. Steam top ten sellers chart: February 24 - March 2
  4. Why Star Trek won't be another Aliens: Colonial Marines
  5. Skyrim v1.9 beta live on Steam, adds Legendary skills and difficulty
  6. Free Heroes2 Engine SVN r3011
  7. PC shipments set to decline for second consecutive year
  8. Why Can't Intel Kill x86?
  9. Origin servers spoil SimCity's US launch
  10. Turning the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 into a proper Linux box
  11. Newell: Steam Box customer testing in 3-4 months
  12. Valve's Steambox prototypes heading to some Steam users in '3 - 4 months'
  13. Total War dev: PCs in danger as new consoles approach is "ridiculous" notion
  14. Blizzard drops StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty to $20 until March 12
  15. OpenTTD v1.3.0-RC2
  16. Microsoft fined $731m over web browser restrictions
  17. Brits top Europe for web usage, lack speedy connections
  18. Indonesian OEM SpeedUp preloads tablet range with Antix Game Player
  19. EA: Microtransactions will not be used in all future games
  20. EA apologises after SimCity server issues
  21. Kernel-Based Virtual Machine Ported To ARM64
  22. SimCity 5: How Not To Design a Single Player Game
  23. Company of Heroes 2 release date confirmed
  24. Microsoft wants Kinect small, cheap and in laptops
  25. Microsoft reverses course, says Office 2013 licenses can now be transferred to new PC
  26. Samsung will stop sale of Windows RT tablets in Germany due to weak demand
  27. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero now available for Linux
  28. EA works to alleviate SimCity server woes ahead of UK launch
  29. Maxis: Our team won't stop until SimCity is fixed
  30. Rome 2 Total War: Parthia playable faction revealed - screen
  31. Garry's Mod lifetime revenue put at $22m
  32. Age of Empires 2 HD Edition announced, will Rome onto Steam next month
  33. Stripped-down SimCity celebrates smooth UK launch
  34. Microsoft to offer transferable Office 2013 licenses following backlash
  35. Tablets overtake smartphones as preferred internet device
  36. Windows 8 touch-screen laptops face discounts as Microsoft cuts license fees
  37. EA Offering Free Game to Users After SimCity Launch Problems
  38. Chrome OS Remains Undefeated At Pwnium 3
  39. Steam Box is exciting - but don't expect it to be "Open"
  40. Kinect Fusion-powered concept demos AR brain models for neurosurgeons
  41. OpenPool transforms billiards with a Kinect camera-controlled light show
  42. Samsung Electronics exec blames Windows 8 for the decline of the PC
  43. Star Wars: The Old Republic 'Rise of the Hutt Cartel'
  44. Minecraft 'Redstone Update' pre-release goes live
  45. Pre-orders open for Xi3's 'Piston' PC, $100 off during SXSW
  46. SimCity issues persist after UK launch; EA to compensate with free games
  47. Kaspersky warns of IPv6 bug that can cause PC freeze
  48. Windows 8 is no better than Vista, says Samsung exec
  49. Steam top ten sellers chart: March 3-9
  50. Flash coming to Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 and RT
  51. StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm: when you can start playing
  52. Tomb Raider PC patched to address Nvidia, Intel, TressFX issues
  53. Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey concludes Kickstarter at $1.5M
  54. Havok releases next-gen physics engine
  55. StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Released
  56. Microsoft shows Surface prototypes, teases the tablets that might have been
  57. Acer now selling C7 Chromebook with more battery life and memory for $280
  58. Blizzard designer talks feasibility of next-gen MMOs
  59. Xi3 and Valve face-off over Steam Box
  60. AMD Unveils Elite A-Series APUs With Enhanced Performance, Improved Efficiency
  61. Reports contest Maxis' claims that SimCity cannot work offline
  62. Zattikka lands free-to-play Warhammer 40,000 deal
  63. PC gaming to benefit from next-gen console push
  64. Doom 2 mod turns FPS into Destruction Derby... sort of
  65. Google Reader to be retired
  66. Mojang to add Minecraft subscription service
  67. Hacker Skips SimCity Full-Time Network Requirement
  68. SimCity teething problems only help make EA better at online
  69. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm patch fixes campaign crash
  70. Rumored 'Star Wars: First Assault' footage storms the web
  71. Microsoft Surface sales pegged at just 1.5m - report
  72. We're not always online; games shouldn't be either
  73. Kinect for Windows SDK gets significant update on March 18
  74. SimCity: Improved path-finding a 'main focus' for incoming update
  75. Civilization 5 enters 'Brave New World' with expansion pack this summer
  76. Steam Daily Deal: Far Cry series for $40, Ubisoft games on sale
  77. Lenovo unveils ThinkPad T431s; available from April
  78. EA increases SimCity server capacity by 400%
  79. SimCity players offered one of eight free games through Origin
  80. 24-year old cancer victim lives on in Creative Assembly's Total War: War 2
  81. Steam top ten sellers chart: March 10-16
  82. Hack removes firmware crippling from NVIDIA graphics card
  83. SimCity sells 1.1 million in first two weeks
  84. Electronics Arts CEO Ousted In Wake of SimCity Launch Disaster
  85. Next-Gen Intel Chip Brings Big Gains For Floating-Point Apps
  86. Compulsory upgrades to Windows 7 SP1 will start rolling out tomorrow
  87. Microsoft: no plans for any Halo game on Steam or a PC version of Halo 3
  88. Tomb Raider gets another patch, Nvidia updates beta drivers
  89. OpenTTD v1.3.0-RC3
  90. Origin bug makes PCs vulnerable to hijack
  91. Revealed: Chrome Really Was Exploited At Pwnium 2013
  92. Resident Evil 6 and Left 4 Dead 2 spring crossover planned
  93. NVIDIA reveals Volta next-gen GPU platform
  94. Origin 'Player Appreciation Sale' offers discounts on over 200 games
  95. OnLive appoints new head of engineering
  96. OnLive: We didn't go bankrupt, we didn't shut down, we just restructured
  97. NVIDIA's GRID VCA now available to graphic crunching pros at a cool $24,900
  98. Steam 'Early Access' lets you play games still in development
  99. SimCity update 1.7 released, improves traffic congestion
  100. Further evidence of Windows Blue leaked
  101. Microsoft offers bulk Surface orders to UK enterprises
  102. Heart of the Swarm rushes to 1m sales in two days
  103. Warner launches free Hobbit browser game
  104. Star Wars: The Old Republic gained 2 million players since going free-to-play
  105. Modders release high-res Sonic Unleashed PC conversion
  106. New Skyrim PC patch 1.9 "effectively removes the overall level cap"
  107. Tablet boom continues to boost retailers
  108. Microsoft discontinues Office 2010, retailers hike prices
  109. Blizzard unveils free-to-play Warcraft game
  110. Intel's Pentium Chip Turns 20 Today
  111. Leaked Windows Blue build 9364 reveals multiple Live Tile sizes
  112. Double Fine Adventure unveiled as 'Broken Age'
  113. Nvidia aims latest hardware bundles at free-to-play gamers
  114. Windows Blue build leaked online
  115. GDC 13: Sifteo awards indies $50k for experimental games
  116. Testers Say IE 11 Can Impersonate Firefox Via User Agent String
  117. Warner announces F2P DC arena brawler Infinite Crisis
  118. Steam top ten sellers chart: March 17-23
  119. Windows Store unofficially reaches 50,000 apps
  120. Chromebook Pixel with LTE to ship by April 8th
  121. Microsoft updates Mail, Calendar and People apps in Windows 8, Windows RT
  122. Windows Blue screenshot tour
  123. Daylight: An ambitious Unreal Engine 4 first-person horror
  124. SWTOR: Rise of the Hutt Cartel dated
  125. Eve Online expansion Odyssey being released 4th June
  126. Buy Dove products, get $20 off Dead Space 3, SimCity, or Most Wanted
  127. Nvidia offers budget gaming GPU with sub-£150 GTX 650 Ti Boost
  128. Spanish Open Source Group Files Complaint Over Microsoft Use of UEFI Secure Boot
  129. GDC 2013: Crytek shows off CryEngine 3 in licensee showcase
  130. Microsoft lands design patents for the Surface tablet's Touch Cover keyboard
  131. OpenELEC 3.0 Linux distro gets official, supports 'more hardware than ever'
  132. EA reveals Battlefield 4 headed to PC this fall, refuses to confirm next-gen
  133. Tomb Raider PC patch released
  134. Capcom 'working' on confirming DuckTales Remastered for PC
  135. 'Plants vs. Zombies Adventures' sprouting on Facebook
  136. AMD reveals high-end Radeon HD7990 GPU
  137. GDC 2013: Kojima announces Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain
  138. Windows RT reportedly to be 'merged' with next-gen Blue
  139. GDC 13: Total War: Arena takes RTS free-to-play
  140. PC games achieved record $20bn revenue in 2012
  141. GDC 13: EA: DRM had nothing to do with SimCity
  142. GNOME 3.8 Released Featuring New "Classic" Mode
  143. Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Reviewed
  144. Razer Edge Pro: can a tablet double as a gaming PC?
  145. Company of Heroes 2 closed beta kicks off next week
  146. GDC 13: Unreal Engine 4 supports mobile and HTML5
  147. GDC 13: Microsoft's big Windows 8 development push
  148. Microsoft Mulling Smaller Windows 8 Tablets
  149. GDC 2013: Star Wars The Old Republicís difficult launch, and its free to play switch
  150. Digital game sales growing 33%
  151. Razer begins shipping Edge units to those who pre-ordered this month
  152. AMD Radeon HD 7990 says hello, plays a bit of Battlefield 4
  153. GDC 2013: Diablo IIIís mistakes, mishapes and misfits
  154. Steam top ten sellers chart: March 24-30
  155. Torment: Tides of Numenera
  156. The War Z gets shut down amid hacker attack
  157. Windows 8 tops 10% share on Steam survey
  158. Company of Heroes 2 closed beta starts today: map descriptions and screens
  159. Tomb Raider DLC: new map pack released, others dated
  160. Windows Blue to be called Windows 8.1?
  161. Firefox 20 official with a seamless download manager, private windows
  162. Pegasus Takes Flight
  163. Microsoft slashes Windows 8 device prices
  164. Falling Windows RT Tablet Prices Signify Slow Adoption
  165. Why You Should Worry About the Future of Chromebooks
  166. IE11 To Support WebGL
  167. SimCity gets free Nissan DLC
  168. Diablo 3 update 1.0.8: Multiplayer improvements detailed
  169. Dune 2 The Golden Path v1.1.21
  170. Disney disbands LucasArts, kills off Star Wars 1313
  171. Major UK Retailers Mislabel Windows RT As Windows 8
  172. Non-Volatile DIMMs To Ship This Year
  173. Creative Assembly explains why it has gone free to play with Total War: Arena
  174. Star Wars 1313 had been reimagined as a Boba Fett title... before it was scrapped
  175. The Witcher 3 clefts DRM in twain
  176. ASUS unveils GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU Mini graphics card
  177. BlizzCon 2013 tickets on sale this month for $175
  178. Star Wars 1313 'halted,' says LucasFilm
  179. Minecraft PC hits 10 million sales
  180. Dell Offers Ubuntu Option With Alienware Gaming Desktop
  181. Metro: Last Light pre-order open on Steam
  182. Pre-order Company of Heroes 2 and you get free campaign DLC
  183. 3D Printer Controlled With a Touch-Screen Linux Tablet
  184. America's Army: Proving Grounds due this year, beta testers being enlisted
  185. Official Windows XP support ends April 8th 2014; 40% of business PCs still running
  186. Facebook starts charging UK users to message celebs
  187. Half-Life 2 triumphs in Develop 100 Critics' Choice
  188. Resurrecting the Linux Game Tome
  189. Steam top ten sellers chart: March 31 - April 6
  190. SimCity arrives on Mac June 11th
  191. Ubisoft takes digital games service uPlay offline following breach
  192. Microsoft releases updates to Surface RT and Pro to fix Wi-Fi issues
  193. Intel talks next-gen Bay Trail tablet chips
  194. Dota 2 becomes the most played PC game in the West
  195. Samsung puts 128-gigabit 3-bit cell flash into production
  196. Microsoft's next generation of Surface tablets includes a 7-inch version
  197. Samsung leaks the ATIV Book 6: a regular Windows 8 notebook
  198. Google Street View Hyperlapse animates your planned journey
  199. Star Wars: Battlefront 3 gameplay footage leaked
  200. Google Map Maker extended to the UK
  201. Global PC sales see biggest fall since IDC started tracking shipments in 1994
  202. 7-inch Surface on the way
  203. Stardock: Lack of DirectX 10 for XP has been catastrophic
  204. Intel Unveils New Atom and Xeon Processors and Future Rack Scale Architecture
  205. Windows 8 Killing PC Sales
  206. Command & Conquer: war never changes, unless you download more content for it
  207. No Nvidia GTX 700 series graphics cards until 2014
  208. Ubisoft readies digital range for summer
  209. Samsung Series 9 Premium with Intel Core i7 and 1080p display available for $1,400
  210. OnLive boosts quality: is cloud gaming now viable?
  211. Plastic tablets on the rise
  212. Indie defends Microsoft in face of trending criticism
  213. AMD Says There Will Be No DirectX 12 ó Ever
  214. Browser Choice May Affect Your Job Prospects
  215. "Winnti" Attacks On Online Gaming Servers Dissected
  216. Why PC Sales Are Declining
  217. Medion Akoya P2004 gives the UK an understated 24-inch all-in-one for £500
  218. Tax Evaders is a fun browser game about corporate tax evasion
  219. Road Rash-inspired Road Redemption cruises to Kickstarter
  220. Shadowrun Returns' non-Kickstarter reward DLC to require Steam, DRM
  221. Steam top ten sellers chart: April 6-13
  222. EA terminates Sims Social, Pet Society and SimCity Social
  223. Persson confesses to feeling the pressure after Minecraft success
  224. Japanese gamers face RRP hike for Tomb Raider language support
  225. 13-inch ASUS Taichi 31 with dual 1080p displays finally shipping
  226. ASUS Transformer AiO goes on sale in the US, unites desktop and tablet
  227. Mozilla CEO talks Firefox OS release
  228. Company of Heroes 2 Closed Beta open to all who 'Like' it
  229. Dell XPS 18 is up for pre-order online: $900
  230. Star Wars: The Old Republic 'Rise of the Hutt Cartel' released
  231. Fujitsu tech turns objects into touchscreens
  232. Investors spooked over EA's Facebook withdrawal
  233. ZDNet Proclaims "Windows: It's Over"
  234. Windows 8.1 May Restore Boot-To-Desktop, Start Button
  235. Victoria II: Heart of Darkness expansion released
  236. Microsoft Hops On Two-Factor Authentication Bandwagon
  237. A slew of Star Wars: The Old Republic class updates have been detailed
  238. Nvidia exclusively using Unreal Engine 4 for demos
  239. Monster Hunter Online Revealed
  240. Microsoft reiterates that Windows 8 could see small(er) devices soon
  241. World of Tanks accounts breached
  242. Smaller Windows 8 enabled devices on the way
  243. Windows: Not Doomed Yet
  244. Java 8 Delayed To Fix Security
  245. GfK: Are hybrids key to the future?
  246. Samsung to show off 4K displays at IFA 2013
  247. World of Tanks accounts breached
  248. Inhon Carbon Tablet unfolds for a CPU boost
  249. 'Major' SimCity update 2.0 coming April 22
  250. Stolen Laptop Owner Outwits Mugger, Police, and the Media