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  1. Skype: Has Microsoft's $8.5B Spending Paid Off Yet? Can It Ever?
  2. SimCity Mac Launch Facing More Problems
  3. Samsung's cranking out DDR4 memory
  4. Godus beta hits Steam Early Access on September 13
  5. Galak-Z and the thrill of being vulnerable
  6. AMD Next-Gen Kaveri APU Shipments Slip To 2014
  7. Mechwarrior Online Developer Redefines Community Warfare
  8. Tearing an old laptop apart to build a ground control station
  9. Dragon Age Inquisition includes time-disrupting 'tactical view'
  10. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn tops PC game chart
  11. Nvidia announces free-to-play currency giveaway
  12. Molyneux's Godus gets release date
  13. Acer outs 27-inch WQHD touch display for €799
  14. The smartwatch Microsoft needed yesterday
  15. Urban Trial Freestyle coming to Steam
  16. Software Brings Eye Contact To Video Chat, With a Little Help From Kinect
  17. Intel Launches Core I7-4960X Flagship CPU
  18. Linux 3.11 Released
  19. Lenovo outs five new ThinkPads, including a 15-inch business Ultrabook
  20. Minecraft PC sales top 12 million
  21. Grand Theft Auto V torrent spreading malware on PCs
  22. Laptop to all-in-one PC conversion
  23. Managing change in Football Manager 2014
  24. Intel unveils new Atom C2000 processor for cloud service providers
  25. Lenovo reveals new Yoga, Flex, Vibe and tablet offerings
  26. ASUS announces new tablets, ultrabooks, ultraportables and laptops
  27. Sony unveils new Vaio touchscreen products
  28. Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2: Now With New Kickstand!
  29. Surface Power Cover rumored to ship after the Surface 2
  30. Chrome OS beta adds touchscreen support for selections, drag and drop
  31. HP unveils Envy Recline All-in-One PC, 'Split x2' notebook-tablet
  32. Panasonic launches 'world's first' 20-inch 4K tablet
  33. Game modding scene 'in serious decline'
  34. RuneScape 3 pulls in 300k players in first month
  35. Artillery hires StarCraft champ as game designer
  36. High-end CPU Coolers Reviewed and Compared
  37. Epic: A Privacy-Focused Web Browser
  38. Eye Tribe starts taking pre-orders for $99 Windows eye tracker
  39. Rome 2: Total War patch available now, second one incoming
  40. 'No one cares about Games for Windows Live' - Mastertronic
  41. 'Boxed software market is not dead'
  42. PC gaming hardware sales to hit £3bn in Europe
  43. AMD on its new direction, the iPad, and the transformation of the traditional PC
  44. EverQuest Next: SOE invites players to build and destroy in its next-gen MMOG
  45. Microsoft gives developers early access to finished Windows 8.1 builds
  46. Surface 2 rumors point to 1080p screen, Tegra 4 chip and two-stage kickstand
  47. Fan-made MMO Starcraft: Universe enters Kickstarter
  48. AMD Reveals Roadmap For ARM and X86 SoCs
  49. EndWar IP returns as free-to-play title
  50. Recommended Battlefield 4 PC settings require Windows 8
  51. Intel's Haswell Chips Pushing Windows RT Into Oblivion
  52. Valve Announces Family Sharing On Steam, Can Include Friends
  53. Google and Intel announce new Haswell Chromebooks
  54. Dell revives Venue brand with new line of Windows 8 tablets
  55. GestureWorks Gameplay adds onscreen controls to almost any Windows 8 game
  56. Fan releases 8-bit Game of Thrones platformer
  57. StarCraft Universe Kickstarter ends at nearly $85,000
  58. Tablets to outsell PCs during Q4 2013
  59. Here Come the Chromebooks, As Google and Intel Cozy-Up On Haswell
  60. First Bay Trail Windows 8.1 Convertible To Start At $349
  61. Linux 3.12 Codenamed "Suicidal Squirrel"
  62. Microsoft Botches More Patches In Latest Automatic Update
  63. World of Warcraft revenues "drop 54% in seven months"
  64. The digital effect - Total War: Rome II was last week's real No.1
  65. Windows Phone 8.1 rumors hint at personal assistant and notifications tile
  66. Next-gen consoles will inject life into PC retail'
  67. Release date for Football Manager 2014 confirmed
  68. Microsoft offers $200 credit for used iPads, hopes you'll become a Surface convert
  69. Japan Controls Rocket Launch With Just 8 People and 2 Laptops
  70. Intel Shows 14nm Broadwell Consuming 30% Less Power Than 22nm Haswell
  71. Majority of Enterprise Customers Finally 'Migrating Away From Windows XP'
  72. Feature-Rich FreeBSD 10 Alpha Released
  73. Steam top ten sellers chart: September 8-14
  74. Critically acclaimed indie Gone Home hits 50,000 units sold
  75. SanDisk's CFast 2.0 card is the world's fastest memory card of any kind
  76. Gigabyte shows off tiny, adorable Brix gaming PC
  77. The Sims 3: Movie Stuff released; knocks WoW off the top of the charts
  78. Arma 3 enters PC game chart top ten
  79. Gabe Newell Talks Linux As the Future of Games at LinuxCon NA
  80. Payouts restructured in latest Payday 2 update
  81. Newell hints Valve's Steam Box will be unveiled next week
  82. Toys R Us quiet about bringing 'tablet stores' to UK
  83. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn digital and physical PC copies on sale again
  84. Newell: PC gaming is where innovation is occurring
  85. New Operating System Seeks To Replace Linux In the Cloud
  86. Firefox 24 Arrives: WebRTC Support and NFC Sharing On Android
  87. Auction Houses To Be Removed From Diablo III
  88. Linux 3.12 Merge Window Closes With Release of Linux 3.12-rc1
  89. Insiders Say B&N Will Launch New Nook,Tablet In October
  90. With XP's End of Life, Munich Will Distribute Ubuntu CDs
  91. Grand Theft Auto V PS4 and PC versions unearthed from 360 code
  92. SimCity's Red Cross charity pack aids real-world disaster victims
  93. Windows 8.1 will start at $120 if you're not upgrading from Windows 8
  94. Palm and webOS product auction reminds us of the forgotten Foleo
  95. Microsoft announces Surface event: Surface 2 expected
  96. Multi-Display Gaming Artifacts Shown With AMD, 4K Affected Too
  97. Steam growth continues despite PC decline
  98. PDA finds second life as a network touch screen display
  99. HP lays claim to the first fanless Haswell PC
  100. Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 is available now as a Release Preview
  101. Ghosts 'n Goblins Online is a F2P PC RPG on Steam Greenlight
  102. Linus Torvalds Admits He's Been Asked To Insert Backdoor Into Linux
  103. Euro Truck Simulator 2's Go East expansion hands-on
  104. SimCity expansion pack 'Cities of Tomorrow' coming November 12th
  105. Grand Theft Auto 5 malware downloads spread
  106. Valve teases Steam Box announcements for next week
  107. State of Decay arriving on Steam Early Access today
  108. Microsoft sees future for ARM-based tablets, but maybe not Windows RT
  109. Superhot is an FPS where time only moves when you do
  110. 'Operation Bravo' brings 8 new maps to Counter Strike: GO
  111. Golden Jubilee Bundle offers indie value, keys to newsletter subscribers
  112. Total War: Rome 2 totally patched
  113. SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion announced, available Nov. 12
  114. Valve Announces Steambox, Sort Of
  115. Post-post PC: Materials and Technologies That Could Revive Enthusiast Computing
  116. Steam to reveal PS4/Xbox One rival on Monday
  117. Microsoft reveals Surface 2 tablet, lists price and release date
  118. Nokia's first tablet to be called the Lumia 2520
  119. Valve unveils Steam OS
  120. Microsoft's new Surface Pro 2 gets official
  121. Microsoft's Surface 2: New tablet, same problems
  122. Adobe unveils Photoshop and Premiere Elements 12
  123. Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2: prices listed
  124. RAM prices to remain "high until December" after factory fire
  125. Ordnance Survey creates real map of Britain in Minecraft
  126. Google To Encrypt All Keyword Searches
  127. Why Is Microsoft Setting More Money On Fire With Surface 2?
  128. Microsoft's top of the range Surface Pro 2 costs £1,439
  129. Sony's Gaikai service may stream games to TVs, PCs, mobile devices
  130. Game devs ditching mobile in favor of PC, console?
  131. Valve reveals Steam Machines
  132. The Chip That Changed the World: AMD's 64-bit FX-51, Ten Years Later
  133. Nvidia: Console graphics can never be better than PC
  134. Starcraft 2 Back to School sale on Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm
  135. AMD announces Radeon R9 and R7 series graphics cards
  136. GNOME 3.10 Released
  137. VLC Reaches 2.1
  138. Steam Machines will be powerful, upgradable and open – the potential is remarkable
  139. MS demos streaming tech running Halo 4 on PC, claims report
  140. Valve reveals dual touchpad Steam Controller
  141. Microsoft Shows Off Its Vision For Gesture-Controlled PCs
  142. Malware Now Hiding In Graphics Cards
  143. Digital-only PC special edition for Thief
  144. Is Steam OS a wolf in sheep's clothing?
  145. Windows app install limit increases to 81 devices starting October 9th
  146. What Valve's Announcements Mean for Gaming
  147. Dead Island: Riptide free on Steam this weekend
  148. Microsoft plays with cloud-based gaming, demos Halo 4 on a PC
  149. What Valve's Announcements Mean for Gaming
  150. Steam top ten sellers chart: September 22-28
  151. Sharp's first Windows 8 tablet has 10.1-inch, 2,560 x 1,600 IGZO display
  152. AMD spent up to $8m on Battlefield 4 deal - report
  153. D2X-XL v1.17.1
  154. HP unveils new business notebooks, lists prices and release dates
  155. Currys/PC World stocks 3D printer, is online-only (for now)
  156. Nvidia to lower price of GTX Titan and 780 graphics cards?
  157. Delta Replacing Flight Manuals with Surface Tablets
  158. Nvidia announces Battlebox gaming PC
  159. Steam Controller: Open and Hackable?
  160. GuruBrew’s 15 minute Windows 8 survival guide
  161. Surfaces with 'multiple aspect ratios and sizes,' LTE are on the way
  162. Toshiba's concept REGZA 40V and 50V 4K HDTVs double as pro-grade reference monitors
  163. 'We can't afford to ignore SteamOS', says Sony UK boss
  164. Half-Life 3 trademark filed by Valve
  165. Can Valve's Steam Machines Compete Against the Xbox One and PS4?
  166. FreeBSD 9.2, FreeBSD 10.0 Alpha 4 Released
  167. Windows 8.1 is available to pre-order, not that you'll get any discount
  168. Steam Greenlight approves 32 new titles
  169. Grand Theft Auto V petition nears 600,000 signatures
  170. Watch Dogs PC requires 64bit OS, 8-core CPU for Ultra spec
  171. Microsoft details updated Mail app for Windows 8.1
  172. Steam Machine Prototypes Use Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs
  173. Radeon R9 290X to cost more than expected; Nvidia GTX 750 Ti rumoured
  174. Maxis has a dedicated team exploring taking SimCity offline
  175. Valve's Steam Machine prototype is tiny, potentially powerful
  176. DualShock 4 will work with Windows for 'basic functions'
  177. Microsoft Makes Another "Nearly Sold Out" Claim For the Surface Line
  178. Google testing Chrome OS-like browser interface for Windows 8
  179. Half-Life 3 trademark vanishes
  180. Google Chrome OS to run inside Windows 8
  181. Train Simulator 2014 enters PC top ten
  182. Steam top ten sellers chart: September 29 - October 5
  183. Steam Machines not designed to replace PCs, says Valve
  184. AMD confirms Radeon R7/R9 graphics card prices, specs and release dates
  185. Microsoft: "Surface 2 and Pro 2 nearly sold out"
  186. AMD Intentionally Added Artificial Limitations To Their HDMI Adapters
  187. Microsoft Hands Out $28k In IE11 Bug Bounty Program
  188. Call of Duty: Ghosts PC specs list GTX 780, 50GB HDD space
  189. Custom HTPC and Home Media Server
  190. Farming Manager PC game set to rival Farming Simulator series
  191. New Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion adds spaceship dogfights
  192. The Linux Backdoor Attempt of 2003
  193. Kickstarter For Open Source GPU
  194. Intel: "Somebody paid a lot of money" to keep Grand Theft Auto V off PC
  195. Microsoft pays $100,000 bounty for discovery of Windows 8.1 exploit
  196. Battlefield 4-themed gaming PCs with Radeon R9 graphics
  197. LocoCycle bound for PC, according to German ratings
  198. Acer Officially Announces C720 Chromebook
  199. Firefox OS 1.1 Released, Mozilla Prepares For 2nd Round of Device Launches
  200. Valve’s Steam Box: a true console contender?
  201. PC version of Grand Theft Auto V due in Q1 2014 - report
  202. Acer details Haswell-based C720 Chromebook, begins pre-orders at $250
  203. Steam hosts huge Capcom sale
  204. Windows 8.1 helps PC market beat expectations in Q3 2013
  205. PengPod Crowdfunding a Tablet Made With OS-Switching In Mind
  206. PC sales decline continues
  207. Study: Tablets, Smartphones hurting PC market
  208. Saints Row 4 FPS mod puts Steelport all up in your face
  209. Arma 3 campaign DLC 'Survive' is wheels up on October 31
  210. Valve Shows How Steam Controller Works In Real Life
  211. An Open Source GPU
  212. JavaScript-Based OpenRISC Emulator Can Run Linux, GCC, Wayland
  213. Vivante Mobile GPU Architecture Gains Traction
  214. Battlefield Director: Linux Only Needs One 'Killer' Game To Explode
  215. Gofr, the feed reader for the cloud
  216. Rumours are emerging that Grand Theft Auto V is to be released on the PC in early 201
  217. Slow PCs waste almost a week's worth of personal time every year
  218. Microsoft admits Surface RT name confused people
  219. M.O.J.O. microconsole to stream PC games
  220. PC players offered cut-price Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut upgrade
  221. Steam top ten sellers chart: October 6-12
  222. Imagination Tech Announces MIPS-based 'Warrior P-Class' CPU Core
  223. Lego Marvel Super Heroes demo now available on PC
  224. Valve releases Steam Controller demonstration video
  225. Linux RNG May Be Insecure After All
  226. Slender: The Arrival heading to Steam for Halloween
  227. Leaked performance charts suggest AMD's Radeon R9 290X IS a Titan-killer
  228. Bing searches on Internet Explorer 11 sped up with pre-rendered top result
  229. 'PC gamers will be tempted by range of products this Christmas'
  230. 'Nvidia doesn't need to lower prices to compete with new AMD R7/R9 cards'
  231. Blizzard Wins Legal Battle Against WoW Bot Company
  232. Lenovo's convertible Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook now available in the US
  233. Google extends Chrome support for Windows XP until April 2015
  234. Windows 8.1 released
  235. '$99 tablets to be the norm this Christmas' - Intel CEO
  236. Google will support Windows XP a year longer than Microsoft
  237. DICE fights poor frame rate in Battlefield 4 beta
  238. Intel's 14nm Broadwell Delayed Because of Low Yield
  239. Ubuntu, Kubuntu 13.10 Unleashed
  240. Blizzard to take on League of Legends and DOTA with 'Heroes of the Storm'
  241. NVIDIA's G-Sync Is VSync Designed For LCDs (not CRTs)
  242. Batman: Arkham games freed from Games for Windows Live, but game saves lost
  243. Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows 8.1 tablet and refreshed XPS 15 now available
  244. Don't even bother trying to upgrade to Windows RT 8.1 today
  245. Total War: Rome 2 gets free Seleucid Empire, Steam Workshop support
  246. Windows RT 8.1 Update Pulled From Windows Store
  247. Steam top ten sellers chart: October 13-19
  248. Magic: The Gathering - Tactics to be shut down March 28
  249. How to un-brick Surface tablets after Windows RT 8.1 upgrade
  250. Nvidia announces GTX 780 Ti graphics card