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  1. Study Says Playing Shooters Improves Vision
  2. Resident Evil stays top despite 50% sales drop
  3. Author claims video games lead to finger deformities in children
  4. G-Force
  5. Guitar Hero cufflinks, gilded Atari ring and EQ wedding bands
  6. NES Advantage joystick modded for Xbox 360 use
  7. Nintendo: Used games aren't in the consumers best interests
  8. DS continues hardware lead in Japan
  9. 360 Arcade Stick Cuts The Cord
  10. Analysts: Gaming on the rise during recession, but gamers choosing more carefully
  11. Japanese gaming industry sales decreased in 2008
  12. Power Glove 20th anniversary edition
  13. Guitar controllers axed from Brutal Legend
  14. What Games Have You Bought This Year?
  15. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  16. Wii Fit reclaims UK top spot
  17. PS3 outsells Wii in Japan
  18. Zeemote JS1 wireless controller syncs up with the G1 for game time fun
  19. DSi outsells all other hardware combined
  20. Strange Glitches In Games
  21. Square Enix: FFXIII Needs Ten Times The Success Of Smaller Titles
  22. Rumor: Lego Rock Band shows up on Harmonix GDC slide
  23. PES 2010 revealed - first details
  24. Mobile Suit Gundam leads Japanese chart
  25. Customer finds ecstasy pills in pre-owned GTAIV box
  26. Industry Heads Discuss Growth and the Future of Games
  27. New Mini Ninjas screens
  28. XCM announces Rumble Joystick for PS3 with rumble!
  29. XCM announces K.O Gear which allows Xbox 360, Original Xbox and PS3 controller on PS3
  30. GameStop Selling Games Played By Employees As New
  31. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  32. What Do Some Japanese Gamers Think About Online Gaming/Distribution?
  33. Do You Buy Used Games?
  34. Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Trailer Dates Game For June 16
  35. Resident Evil 5 USB Chainsaw Only Kills Nano Zombies, But Stores 2GB of Confidential
  36. UK CHARTS: Wii Fit holds on
  37. id Software promises 'new stuff' at E3
  38. Nintendo Pulling Out All The Stops For Summer (NTDOY)
  39. The True Cost of Console Ownership in 2009
  40. PS3 leads Japanese home console sales
  41. Streetfighter Arcade Joystick for 360 Released
  42. John Madden Retires
  43. Assassin's Creed 2 News
  44. Basara Battle Heroes tops Japanese chart
  45. 3DConnexion's SpacePilot Pro 3D mouse
  46. NPD hardware data shows drop in US sales
  47. Resident Evil 5 tops US sales charts in March
  48. The Real Story Behind Gaming Addiction
  49. DS leads lacklustre Japanese hardware sales
  50. Violence Debate Still Fixated on Knee-Jerk Issues
  51. Do You Like Console Exclusive Characters/Content?
  52. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  53. Wii Fit tops UK chart
  54. UK retailers caught selling mature games to undercover teen
  55. Almost one in 10 videogamers could be addicts: study
  56. Gamers Anonymous
  57. Piracy "an impossible battle to win" - Perry
  58. Warner confirms Lego Rock Band
  59. Game Retailers Hurting Themselves With Digital Distribution
  60. Man charged with beating son over poor video game performance
  61. Survey says: Xbox 360 leads in consumer satisfaction in Japan
  62. EA Sports ‘transformed’ by online play
  63. PS3 Tie Ratio Surpasses Wii’s
  64. Lifetime PAL Console Sales Figures Get
  65. IGN Presents the History of SEGA
  66. New Pokemon tops Japanese chart
  67. Canadian industry wants tougher piracy laws
  68. Final Fantasy sales top 85 million
  69. Formula 1 Arriving Later this Year for Wii/PSP, 2010 for Xbox360/PS3
  70. Sony: The Wii Owns The Closet
  71. Details build on Lego Rock Band, 'rock challenges' not for squares
  72. Japanese Hardware Sales: April 13th - 19th, 2009
  73. Manson MB-1 guitar sports X-Y midi controller, tons of 'tude
  74. Nintendo takes home four MCV Awards
  75. Capcom and Nintendo among winners at Famitsu Awards
  76. Are You Sick Of Sequels?
  77. Death Smiles Arcade Stick
  78. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Features All-New Mode and Wii-Exclusive Disc Golf
  79. Taking Gaming To the Next Billion Players
  80. Kid Wanted DS, Got a Rock
  81. Activision and Gibson settle Guitar Hero patent lawsuit
  82. Wii Fit holds out against Riddick
  83. Bourne dev does Transformers
  84. Wood Guitar for Playstation 3 Released
  85. Preview: Red Faction: Guerilla (Xbox 360)
  86. Dead Rising 2 trailer appears on Youtube
  87. ESA disputes "meaningless" videogame addiction study
  88. There Are No Gays In Star Wars
  89. Science team creating 'smell effect' device for games
  90. Rumble Joystick
  91. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  92. Research Firm Picks "Most Anticipated" Games Of 2009
  93. Market Research Firms Claim Game Reviews Aren’t That Important
  94. Moore - Publishers must find solution to pre-owned
  95. Strong debut for Killzone 2 in Japan
  96. Canada identified by US as significant piracy target
  97. Developers inspired by "fantastic future" of browser gaming
  98. PS3 leads home console sales in Japan
  99. Prince turned down Guitar Hero deal
  100. Well-loved gaming consoles exposed in shocking x-ray portfolio
  101. Analyst: No new console cycle before 2013
  102. Do You Even Like Motion Controls?
  103. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  104. New Type of 3D Game Controller Harnesses MEMS Gyro
  105. 20% off Sale at Divineo USA
  106. Originality Vs. Established IP In Games
  107. Rumor: Next Call of Duty possibly set in Vietnam
  108. Star Wars vs Star Trek: Which Franchise Has Better Space Gadgets?
  109. Sims 3 To Sell 4 Million Units?
  110. Game Controllers That Clean Your Filthy Hands
  111. Bubble Bobble T-Shirt
  112. CNBC ponders a Grand Theft Auto slowdown
  113. Beatles Rock Band pre-order is on, custom guitars are a go
  114. X-Men Origins misses out on UK top spot
  115. Final Fantasy team balancing costs with creativity
  116. Rockstar toying with karma for GTA?
  117. Make Your Own Modded Console Handhelds
  118. French Kid Beats 500,000 To Claim World FIFA Title
  119. Riccitiello: EA does not expect next-gen hardware any time soon
  120. Disney game sales drop in slow Q2
  121. Sony picks up Ghostbusters from Atari
  122. DJ Hero announced at last, along with Band Hero for the family and Guitar Hero 5
  123. DJ Hero controller revealed
  124. Duke Nukem developer goes bust
  125. THQ: PS3 price cut expected, Wii ‘a little soft’
  126. Dirt 2: First ever gameplay footage
  127. Pre-E3 2009: Capcom Announces Lineup
  128. ESA 'applauds' game pirate imprisonment
  129. Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Expected This Year
  130. Activision: $2 billion Guitar Hero milestone, GH5 confirmed
  131. Nintendo leads Microsoft and Sony in "most reputable" list
  132. Pre-E3 2009: Ubisoft Details E3 Plans
  133. Assassin's Creed 2 gets UK TV premiere this weekend
  134. Activision: Current console cycle has legs
  135. PS3, PSP Dominate Japan
  136. What Games Have Aged The Best?
  137. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  138. New Star Wars game coming
  139. Handheld sales leaving consoles behind in Japan
  140. Wii Fit holds Wolverine off number one spot
  141. Final Fantasy VII Static Arts Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure
  142. Analysts Predict April Game Sales Slump
  143. Logitech's $199 Black Edition wireless Guitar Hero controller shreds like cheddar
  144. A quarter of UK households own a console
  145. Analysts predict drop in April software sales
  146. Guitar Hero: Metallica faceplate bundle will be Europe exclusive
  147. Logitech's totally rad G19 gaming keyboard now on sale
  148. Kojima's Mystery Project?
  149. Why Bother With DRM?
  150. Peer blames computer and games industries for obesity
  151. First Star Wars: Republic Heroes shots
  152. New Harry Potter game dated
  153. Terminal Reality future-proofing console tech
  154. Gaming went mainstream when it became useful
  155. PES sells 8m units worldwide in 2008 financial year
  156. Treyarch Working on Call of Duty 7
  157. Tony Hawk's new 'Ride' game includes motion-sensing skateboard controller
  158. SNK fighting joysticks tempt PlayStation 3 importers
  159. NPD: US industry sales down 17 percent
  160. Modern Warfare 2 Details Surface
  161. Hardware sales down 8 per cent in April
  162. MX vs. ATV returns in the autumn
  163. Guitar Hero 5 makes room for four drummers, axe slingers or screamers
  164. Is Microsoft Working on an Answer to the DS, PSP, iPhone?
  165. Nintendo DS Games Reclaim Top Spots In Japan Amid Slow Releases
  166. Rock Band guitar mod turns on the magic of invisible light
  167. When Does It Become OK To Make Games About a War?
  168. Do You Actually Like Announcements Of Announcements?
  169. Japanese Console War Returns To Normal
  170. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  171. Tony Hawk Ride is “massive step forward for industry
  172. Why your games must offer cinematic realism
  173. Extrapolating the Near Future of Gaming
  174. Wii Fit holds No.1 in quiet sales week
  175. D3 Publisher to Bring Cartoon Network's The Secret Saturdays to Gaming This Fall
  176. Guitar Hero 5 to Empower Fans to Rock the Way They Want
  177. 3D Realms Not Closing
  178. NPD results show fall in film tie-in sales
  179. Terminator Salvation launch trailer
  180. Assassin's Creed 2 team is 450-strong
  181. Yeah, LEGO Half-Life 2 Would Be Pretty Great
  182. DJ Hero gameplay, controller options detailed in latest Game Informer
  183. Kojima feels the pressure to continue Metal Gear
  184. Spielberg: consoles will go, VR will return
  185. A Status Update On Final Fantasy XIII And Dragon Quest IX Overseas
  186. California seeks US Supreme Court review of 'violent game ban'
  187. Hudson In ‘09: Heavy On Downloads, Shoots For Deca Sports DS
  188. Herald Sun: Game addiction on the rise, industry 'in denial'
  189. Panasonic's Class 10 SDHC cards make the wait for SDXC easier
  190. Aussie whiz-kids can cram 1.6TB on a DVD-sized disc, go Outback tonight
  191. Burnout reveal tomorrow at 4pm (BST)
  192. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 demo up
  193. Warner Bros announces kid-friendly Lord of the Rings game
  194. NPD: More Americans play games than go to movies
  195. New Bleach game tops slow Japanese chart
  196. DCEmu Reviews and Previews Update
  197. Castrade's Game Box lets your game consoles talk VGA, sweet nothings to your computer
  198. When Does Gore Get In the Way of Gameplay?
  199. Hardware sales remain flat in Japan
  200. Assassin's Creed 2 to arrive in November
  201. Can Free Games Ever Come to Consoles ?
  202. Weekly Famitsu No. 1067 (2009 06/05)
  203. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  204. Kojima's next game... Lord of Shadow?
  205. Who's Excited About E3?
  206. Thai Gaming Sites Ordered Shut Down After Suicide
  207. Early start for Creed sequel ads
  208. Resident Evil 5 sells 5 million units
  209. Epic founder expects photo realism in 10-15 years
  210. EA: New platforms must have tailored experiences
  211. Tony Hawk Ride (Along With Its Skateboard Controller) to Cost $120
  212. Sony CEO Proposes "Guardrails For the Internet"
  213. UFC smashes into UK number one spot
  214. Radio 1 crowns CoD4 best game
  215. SEGA Unveils an All-Star Line-Up for E3 2009
  216. Scratch: The Ultimate DJ controller spins into life
  217. Cooler Master's Storm Sentinel 5,000 DPI gaming mouse with OLED display
  218. 1-in-12 gamers addicted says Australian report
  219. Wii Fit Plus, Mario, Zelda to be shown at E3 - report
  220. Konami's E3 Press Conference Promises "Revolutionary" News
  221. Guitar Hero 5 starts the party on September 1
  222. Splitfish Dual SFX Evolution and Frag Pro PS3 controllers announced, debut set for E3
  223. Understanding Addiction-Based Game Design
  224. Activision, Electronic Arts reveal E3 line-ups
  225. Set-top boxes to become games platforms - Guillemot
  226. Assassin's Creed 2 will cost 20% more to make than original
  227. Activision to Showcase Some of the Most Anticipated Games of the Year at E3
  228. Professor Layton spin-off fails to reignite Japanese chart
  229. No end to current hardware cycle - analyst
  230. Harry Potter: New trailer
  231. TOMY to Unveil New Naruto Shippuden Games at E3 2009
  232. Natsume Reveals E3 Lineup
  233. DJ Hero: First footage
  234. Warner announces multi-genre Lord of the Rings plans
  235. Japanese hardware sales hit new low
  236. Mad Catz's wireless Fender Rock Band bass to ship soon
  237. LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Announced
  238. Eidos Confirms E3 2009 Line-Up
  239. Parents Beware, Videogames are About to Get a Little Horrid
  240. E3 2009: Square Enix Announces E3 Line-Up
  241. Square Enix to Showcase New Direction at E3 2009
  242. Madden NFL 10 Introduces Online Co-op
  243. Mad Catz signs multi-year deal with Microsoft for wireless tech
  244. Guitar Hero 5 hits the streets September 1st, one week before the Fab Four
  245. Last Minute E3 Predictions - Let's Have 'Em!
  246. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  247. Gametrak Freedom Xbox 360 motion controller up for pre-order with Squeeballs
  248. Eidos reveals E3 line-up
  249. Activision confirms new games and new focus in pre-E3 conference
  250. UFC still top of heavily disputed UK charts