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  1. Wi Sports Resort retains number 1 chart position
  2. Miyamoto: Games will never be just digital
  3. BringIt.com Allows Players to Bet on Console Game Matches
  4. California Student Arrested For Console Hacking
  5. UK games market bounces back after slump
  6. Handmade SFIV Sticks Don't Skimp On The Heavy Stuff
  7. EA: We would like to see console price cuts this year
  8. OpenChord: The guitar that plays Guitar Hero
  9. $2 Worldwide Shipping from SuccessHK
  10. Homebrew Developers needed for Game Convention
  11. Kotick jokes about 'even higher' prices
  12. Wii sales triple as Monster Hunter Tri tops Japanese chart
  13. Tony Hawk Ride Limited Edition skateboard outed as UK version gets priced and dated
  14. What's The Cheapest Game You've Bought?
  15. So, How Many Homes Have A Games Console?
  16. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  17. The Future Of Gaming
  18. Codemasters' Ashes Cricket 2009 tops UK sales chart
  19. The Ear Force X41 Improves Upon the Best Xbox 360 Headset
  20. Carmack: New console will "end up shipping earlier rather than later"
  21. IntensaFIRE chip adds programmable / rapid fire modes to Xbox 360 controllers
  22. Tony Hawk: RIDE makes official US debut on November 17th
  23. Mad Catz releasing Modern Warfare 2 branded accessories
  24. Street Fighter IV joystick phone straps push our buttons
  25. Wii outsells UK rivals in 2009
  26. Price cuts may not stimulate sales - analyst
  27. Gundam G knocks Monster Hunter Tri from Japan chart top spot
  28. NPD: Hardware sales "slowed considerably" in July
  29. NPD: Wii Sports Resort, NCAA Football 10 top charts
  30. DSi bounces back to the top of Japanese hardware chart
  31. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  32. Are Game Consoles Ruining DLC?
  33. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Helps Race Fans Shift Gears
  34. Ashes Cricket takes UK number 1 position for second week
  35. Germany is not Europe's top market
  36. GC 2009: Crytek Still Predicts New Console Cycle in 2012
  37. Survey Says U.S. Gamers Older, Fatter than Thought
  38. F1 for Wii bundled with steering wheel peripheral
  39. Sony and Microsoft "financially exhausted" from price wars
  40. Sony Motion Controller update features pinatas, wizardry, hairstyling
  41. Dragon Quest IX reclaims Japanese software chart top spot
  42. DSi continues domination on Japanese hardware chart
  43. Tony Hawk: RIDE's skateboard gets FCC'd, USB dongle required for PS3 and Wii
  44. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  45. TGS 2009 News
  46. Skull Mouse
  47. Help Make The Joypad Better
  48. How would you change Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus add-on?
  49. synthglove: nintendo power glove as midi controller
  50. Xbox 360 controller pillows: those aren’t controllers!
  51. A History of the Shrinking Game Console
  52. DJ Mouse Lets You Sit and SPIN!
  53. Inglourious Mad Catz
  54. "We have to get ready for the next generation of consoles" - Guillemot
  55. Ashes Cricket drops from top spot, Wolfenstein at number 2 in latest UK chart
  56. These Rock Band Drums Take the Cake
  57. Legal blunder allows retailers to sell adult games to children
  58. Nintendo's Nutso Football Controller Patent
  59. Sony's Motion Controller Will Be Out Spring 2010
  60. Mad Catz detailz mice, controllers, 'Throat Communicator' for Modern Warfare 2
  61. Mad Catz Modern Warfare 2 peripherals caught on video
  62. Buckshot Pump-Action Shotgun For The Wii Reviewed
  63. Future is "unclear" for music peripherals - Gibeau
  64. Tomodachi Collection takes top spot in Japanese sales chart
  65. Chocolate Mouse Is No Chocolate Mousse, Sadly
  66. Why Is It So Difficult To Allow Cross-Platform Play?
  67. PS3 sales plummet in Japan ahead of slim launch
  68. dj hero controller pics and manual show up on fcc site
  69. Mad Catz shows off realistic Fender Strat guitar controller
  70. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  71. Analog trigger squeezes its way onto PlayStation Motion Controller
  72. If You Could Own Only One Console, What Would It Be?
  73. GameGun going to be ready for retail by Christmas, will be console compatible
  74. 6 Wii Controllers You've Got to Try on Your Nintendo Wii
  75. 300 hours on one Game ?
  76. MTV spent big for The Beatles, slowly backing away from peripheral business
  77. Red, Blue DualShock 3 Pads Already Available
  78. Are gaming handhelds overpriced?
  79. Black Wii remote bundle coming to North America, no matching console in sight
  80. Sony and Nintendo Step Up Anti-Piracy Efforts
  81. UK CHARTS: Batman swoops to No.1
  82. Limited edition SFIV sticks at PAX, only 1000 being made
  83. Retractible wireless Rock Band / Guitar Hero controller
  84. Red and Blue Dualshock 3 Controllers Released for Importers
  85. 20% Off Play Asia Sale
  86. sega mega drive/genesis guitar idol edition ready to rock
  87. Tetris Improves Your Brain
  88. Houser not convinced by DLC alone
  89. Report: Wii is most reliable console; 360 has highest failure rate
  90. Gaming underwear for the truly hardcore
  91. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 FightStick, other new Mad Catz fighting peripherals spotted
  92. Ben Heck realigns Xbox 360 pad for improved awesomeness
  93. Adesso's AKB-440 keyboard gets integrated trackpad
  94. DCEmu Reviews Update
  95. The Latest Chart News from Japan
  96. Mad Catz ships $300 Fender Stratocaster Rock Band guitar, disgraces real musicians
  97. Samurai Warriors Unsheathes Wii Classic Controller
  98. Do You Like Hardware Redesigns?
  99. Digital Games Might Be Selling As Well As Retail Games
  100. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  101. Console Makers Scaling Back Their Push For HD
  102. UK software chart
  103. How accurate is Project Natal? Very Accurate.
  104. Microsoft doesn't care if you use turbo controllers
  105. Wii Fit for £50 at Morrisons
  106. 42 Gaming Peripherals You'll Never Play With
  107. Consumer experience can give digital distribution edge
  108. Logitech's New Wii Drums and Guitar Ignore Recession
  109. Activision reveals Europe-wide Guitar Hero challenge
  110. UK Govt 'preoccupied' by gaming violence
  111. Marvel VS. Capcom 2 Gets A Tournament Edition FightStick
  112. New 2D, HD Sonic Coming In 2010
  113. NPD: Price cuts cause surge in hardware sales
  114. PS3 tops Japanese hardware chart with over 150,000 sales
  115. PS3 tops Japanese software chart with Kidou Senshi Gundam Senki
  116. Rock Band drum set remake
  117. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  118. Indie Dev On the Positive Side To DRM
  119. Have You Ever Learned Something From A VideoGame?
  120. Guitar Hero 5 beats The Beatles: Rock Band to UK number 1
  121. Activison predicts console-free future
  122. 41% rely on word of mouth for gaming information
  123. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
  124. Shoulder button access controller
  125. QPAD 5K gaming mouse is 'innovative,' 'groundbreaking,' Swedish
  126. going commando with modern warfare 2 peripherals
  127. Hearsay: Sony motion controller opens door for Wii-to-PS3 ports
  128. Musicgames today "just the tip of the iceberg" - Matsuura
  129. CM Storm's Sentinel Advance gaming mouse features hardware profiles and OLED display
  130. Build your own joystick
  131. UK market down ahead of Q4 rush
  132. PS3 sales drop back to 55,000 in Japan
  133. What Gadgets Are You Carrying Right Now?
  134. Razer Naga MMO mouse (and Megasoma mat) unboxing and hands-on
  135. Toy Story Mania receives a ray gun controller
  136. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  137. What Do You Hope To Hear At Tokyo GameShow?
  138. Wiimote Football Thwarts Everything We've Worked For
  139. Regarding Controller Monitors
  140. Behind The Scenes Of Sony's E3 Press Conference
  141. Air Mouse Elite Moves Cursors In Midair, Don't Need No Mousepad
  142. Arcade controller news round up
  143. Need for Speed: Shift takes UK number 1
  144. Turbine: Consoles offer superior MMO platform
  145. XCM Multi Charger
  146. Elite Turns 25
  147. Netflix: We want to be on all consoles
  148. Ben Heck gets sloppy and we love it
  149. PS3 Motion Controller Officially Lands Next Spring: updates for games planned
  150. Publishers pledging support for Project Natal at TGS
  151. Life-Size Gears of War Lancer Is Sure to Get Some Kid Expelled
  152. Razer refreshed DeathAdder gaming mouse is more accurate, still hates southpaws
  153. Nintendo on the hunt for 'Britain's Best Gamer'
  154. 'UK needs France's piracy law'
  155. PS3 sales remain stable in Japan
  156. Vesperia PS3 makes big impact in Japan
  157. Why NewGames Cost $60
  158. What Are You Playing this Weekend?
  159. Mad Catz announces 'Round Two' Street Fighter IV fightpads and fightstick
  160. Koei Subtly Confirms Classic Controller Pro For North America
  161. TGS 2009: The next generation of Real Arcade Pro joysticks
  162. Console Makers Worry Over Apple's Growing Competition
  163. Football Manager shuns consoles
  164. Halo 3: ODST takes number 1 in UK chart
  165. Inafune: Japanese industry "is finished"
  166. Super Street Fighter IV unveiled
  167. What Do You Think Of These TGS Natal Icons?
  168. Vader Wii Sensor Bar Impedes Our Quest for Social Normalcy
  169. The passion for homebrew and gaming!
  170. Compact wireless keyboard with touchpad
  171. Band Hero's revamped drums coming in November bundle, very limited exclusive for Wii
  172. DJ Hero Controller Is Only For DJ Hero
  173. I Hope They Make Mods in Hell
  174. PS3 sales drop off in Japan
  175. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  176. Developers concerned over lack of 2010-11 titles
  177. FIFA 10 scores biggest number one since GTA IV
  178. FIFA Soccer 10 Released on All Consoles
  179. China's grey market console base "2-3 million units"
  180. Ryo from Shenmue Returns (Via Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing)
  181. Is Single-PlayerGaming In Danger Of Extinction?
  182. UK gamesIndustry slams price cutting
  183. Wii, PSP Price Drops Invigorate Console Sales In Japan
  184. Wii Fit Plus Takes Japan by Storm
  185. Sony, MS don't understand console MMOs
  186. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  187. Who Is Your Favorite GameCharacter?
  188. Operation Flashpoint charts at number 2
  189. Console price cuts less beneficial to new gamesales
  190. Q4 release schedule 'most sensible in 20 years'
  191. Price slashing will 'confuse and disappoint' consumers
  192. Should ComputerGames Adapt To the Way You Play?
  193. The Girlfriend Controller (That You Secretly Want)
  194. SanDisk ships world's first X4-based flash memory cards, humans wait for capacity inc
  195. PlaySega without having to PaySega
  196. LostWinds dev: Don't treat download services as a 'dumping ground'
  197. Pachter: iPod Touch is "dangerous" for publishers
  198. Logitech's G110 gaming keyboard announced
  199. Videora Converter 5.03
  200. Miyamoto foresees more user-generated content in the future
  201. NPD delays September sales figures
  202. Study: Impulse purchases account for 40% of gamesales
  203. PSP continues to outsell Wii and PS3 in Japan
  204. Heckler and Koch MP5 sub-machine gun Wiimote controller: 'nuff said
  205. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  206. Have You Ever Given A GameAway?
  207. The Changing Face of the Console Wars
  208. Console Hacking.Com
  209. Moore: disc-basedgames business is a "burning platform"
  210. FIFA keeps Uncharted 2 off top spot
  211. PS3 Price Drop Makes It September's Top Console
  212. NPD: Software sales up for the first time this year
  213. Famitsu Awards Bayonetta A Perfect Score
  214. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010
  215. Musicgames blamed for mediocre September sales
  216. Splitfish brings the Fragchuck back just in time for Modern Warfare
  217. Growth for Sony, Nintendo handhelds "has peaked"
  218. Wii and PS3 still neck and neck in Japan
  219. iPhone beats Wii, DS, PSP: 'fastest hardware growth in consumer tech history'
  220. Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed 2 is 'awesome' -- there's no room for badgames
  221. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  222. What Do You Hate About VideoGames These Days?
  223. PES beats Forza to UK number one
  224. Modern Warfare 2 tops Eurogamer's November anticipation list
  225. ELSPA hails Change4Life videogame endorsement
  226. Facebook follows Twitter in Bing deal
  227. Dad Kills Son Over Missing VideoGame
  228. Will downloads be worth more than retail after 2014?
  229. DJ Hero now rolling out around the world, around the world
  230. Titanium Mouse by Intelligent Design costs $1,200, might be worth a little less
  231. Gamasutra breaks down console sales in light of price cuts
  232. Survey says Americans play more gamesthan Europeans
  233. Murder after teen loses videogame
  234. EA: There's a "hunger" for digitally delivered content
  235. ASDA admits to selling gamesbelow cost price
  236. Kids covet Guitar Hero 5 in US survey
  237. Assassin's Creed II feedback is "extremely positive"
  238. "Three Strikes" To Go Ahead In Britain
  239. Physics Rebel Aims To Shake Up the VideoGame World
  240. Is Apple Killing Nintendo?
  241. PSP continues to outsell PS3 and Wii in Japan
  242. Golden Joysticks – The Winners
  243. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
  244. The Scariest GameEver Is...?
  245. Slow start for DJ Hero in UK charts
  246. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010/ World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010
  247. New DCEmu Network server
  248. Assassin's Creed II pre-orders up 80% on original
  249. HMV unveils vision of retail's future
  250. Dragon Quest IX is Q3 global best-seller