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  1. Gameloft developing proprietary gaming network
  2. EA to sell rivals' games through digital distribution
  3. Pink model helps Japanese 3DS sales rise a third
  4. Soulcalibur 5 fight stick coming courtesy of Mad Catz
  5. Epic wants Unreal Engine 4 ready for the next-gen console launch
  6. Rockstar 'deliberately avoiding' FPS genre
  7. New bundle site Indie Royale launches
  8. Australia's R18+ rating two years away
  9. Ubisoft details digital vision
  10. EA: Digital success helps grow boxed sales
  11. FEATURE: Have the supermarkets failed in pre-owned?
  12. Battlefield 3 Performance: 30+ Graphics Cards Tested
  13. Two DJ Hero controllers turned into a giant Etch A Sketch
  14. Minecraft awarded GameCity Prize
  15. Battlefield 3 marches to top of the charts
  16. 17 per cent of 5-8 year olds gaming every day
  17. Retail model is "broken" for developers, says Playdead
  18. Salvaged flight stick controls A/V system, triggers “Emergency Party System”
  19. Hori reveals Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 arcade sticks
  20. FIFA 12 on PS3 tops 2011 best-seller list so far
  21. Final Fantasy Type-0 storms the Japanese chart
  22. Nintendo dominates 2011 European sales charts
  23. Software Sales Monitor: Market jumps 36%
  24. Sticking with Battlefield or moving to Modern Warfare?
  25. GTA V is Rockstar's "largest, most ambitious" game ever
  26. Australia Approves Final R18+ Gaming Guidelines
  27. Indies: 'Special editions for big retail chains are restrictive trade'
  28. Best Buy to close UK operations, 1,100 jobs in jeopardy
  29. Uncharted fails to unseat Battlefield from UK No.1
  30. Obsidian says Online Pass 'is a gimmick'
  31. Black Ops leads 2010/11 US sales with 15m units
  32. The father of video games thinks modern gaming is "a disgrace"
  33. Report: Used and digital sales make up 35% of total console spending in the US
  34. Konami: PES has "definitely lost ground" to FIFA in UK
  35. Infinity Ward: it's "better for the industry" if MW3 and BF3 succeed
  36. Bookies paying out on Call of Duty for Xmas no. 1
  37. Digital games market to reach $50bn in five years
  38. Japan chart: Super Mario 3D Land inspires huge 3DS sales surge
  39. Smartphones take 58 per cent of portable gaming revenue
  40. Zynga, PopCap, Rovio games for Kindle Fire at launch
  41. Sega: Digital could overtake retail by 2015
  42. Walmart Black Friday: Batman, Battlefield 3 $28 each, blue Wii $99
  43. Modern Warfare 3 sells 6.5 million day one in UK/US alone
  44. Games piracy up 20% in five years
  45. MW3 vs BF3 - has EA won market share?
  46. Best Buy Black Friday: Revelations for $35, Batman, Gears 3, BF3 for $30
  47. Hori making Soulcalibur 5 branded fight sticks
  48. MW3 takes #1, helps UK industry to record sales week
  49. Battlefield 3 bans issued across all platforms
  50. Android & iOS game sales 'surpass DS & PSP'
  51. Channel islands VAT loophole to be closed
  52. Study: 118.5 million social gamers in US and UK
  53. NPD: US sales up slightly in October
  54. Where's cheapest? Halo: Anniversary and Assassin's Creed cut to £4.99
  55. JoyToKey v5.0.2 Beta
  56. Kindle Fire torn down by iFixit, asbestos gloves curiously absent
  57. Frustration as PEGI ratings delayed again
  58. Gametel launches joypad for Android games
  59. Next generation to arrive in 2012
  60. Japan chart: MGS Peace Walker HD off to slow start
  61. Manufacturing hardware is a mug's game" - Livingstone
  62. Games writing course launches
  63. Games retail on fire as blockbuster Q4 heats up
  64. eBay opens UK High Street outlet
  65. Are you ready for todays release avalanche?
  66. 3DS, Kinect dominate kids' Christmas wishlist
  67. Buy one, get one 40% off at Toys R Us this weekend
  68. Who needs feet? SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 steering wheel puts pedals at your fing
  69. Nintendo, EA, Sony sponsor Internet censorship bill
  70. Why the Call of Duty brand can't compete with Star Wars
  71. Nintendo boss questions neutrality of iOS study
  72. New releases flood top 40 but Modern Warfare 3 reigns
  73. EU says copyright laws encourage piracy
  74. Gamegadget Announced
  75. Christmas 2011 Nears - Whats On Your Wishlist to Either Get or Treat Yourself
  76. Government had "no data" when formulating Digital Economy Act
  77. Hori's Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 fight stick hitting US on Dec. 8
  78. 2011 Top 10 Hottest Gifts List: Kids' Toys
  79. QPAD MK-85 gaming keyboard brings NKRO, Cherry MX switches, devilish red backlights
  80. Modern Warfare 3 storms the Japanese chart
  81. Download charts 'worth the wait'
  82. Modern Warfare 3 takes number one in Japan
  83. Watson defends Modern Warfare 3
  84. Court holds European ISPs can't be forced to filter traffic, users free to fly the jo
  85. BF3 vs MW3: Which captured the largest TV audience?
  86. Now Irish President attacks video games
  87. Petition asks Obama to destroy all copies of Skyrim
  88. 5th Cell boss: "The $60 boxed game is a broken model"
  89. Fnatic pro gaming team gets limited edition headset and mouse from SteelSeries
  90. Fighting games haven't changed enough - Team Ninja
  91. Australian ISP's To Crack Down On Piracy
  92. Modern Warfare 3 tops UK charts for third week
  93. LEGO Pirates and Just Dance 2 win at Children's BAFTAs
  94. UK online retail set for £13.5bn Xmas boom
  95. Games retailers back eBay store
  96. Aussie Telegraph claims 'Video Games Sending Kids Crazy'
  97. Walmart Black Friday sale descends into pepper-spray frenzy
  98. WRONG: Daily Mail proves once and for all: 'Violent games DO make people more aggress
  99. Battlefield 3, NFS: The Run for $30; many others discounted in Origin Cyber Monday sa
  100. 15 unsigned games shortlisted for Game Connection award
  101. Modern Warfare 3 topped Sainsbury's sales list
  102. NPD: Sales of dancing games up 326% over last year
  103. Comet opens online store with eBay
  104. Skyward Sword tops Japanese Chart
  105. Study claims to prove effect of violent games on brain function
  106. eBooks market to hit $9.7 billion by 2016
  107. Study: half of UK children have toy based on virtual world
  108. Top 10 hottest mobile phones, devices & accessories
  109. Gaming: Top 11 Products
  110. Zelda sells nearly 200k in debut week in Japan
  111. Video Game Consoles Are 'Fundamentally Doomed,' Says Lord British
  112. Week one or bust? The shocking truth about new releases
  113. Downloads CAN go under the Xmas tree
  114. Which game won the battle of the TV ads?
  115. Should video games respect international war crimes law?
  116. Gamers rage over expired Online Pass codes
  117. MW3 sales up 2% this week as #1 spot retained
  118. EFF calls for console jailbreaks to be exempt from DMCA
  119. DCEmu Christmas 2011 Top 10 Dream Gadgets Gift List
  120. EFF requests loosening of laws on console, smartphone jailbreaking
  121. Gove backs computer science for school curriculum
  122. Video Gamers Advancing Genetic Research
  123. Epic: Games business is "shockingly immature"
  124. Japan: Super Mario 3D Land tops November sales
  125. Japan chart: Mario Kart 7 soars, Zelda plummets
  126. The top 10 hottest gift cards this xmas
  127. Software Sales Monitor: UK market climbs to £62.2m
  128. Vaz calls for discussion on "harmful" video games
  129. November NPD: A new record, with Xbox 360 joined by MW3 and Skyrim on top
  130. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim named most played game of 2011
  131. Argos withdraws from pre-owned market
  132. Saturday Soapbox: Was 2011 a Vintage Year?
  133. NPD: modest growth at US retail in November
  134. Price drops see Skyrim take UK number 1
  135. Nokia N900 control pad is perfect for gaming on the go
  136. Today only: 40% off just about everything on Origin
  137. Obsidian: Digital should 'stab used games market in the heart'
  138. R18+ supporter O'Connor leaves Australian home affairs role
  139. Games cost 27% less in the UK than Germany
  140. UK CHARTS: November 2011
  141. 44 per cent of Christmas gift searches to be via mobile
  142. UK retail cutting prices after sales slump
  143. There's still a place for us in pre-owned'
  144. Kindle devices selling at a rate of one million a week ahead of holidays
  145. Child's Play reaches $1.95 million in donations for 2011 following gala
  146. Toys R Us offers deals on Xbox 360, 3DS, Skylanders
  147. Japanese hardware sales: December 5th - 11th, 2011
  148. Aging Consoles Find New Life As Video Streamers
  149. Corsair ships Vengeance gaming mice and keyboards, procrastinating shoppers rejoice
  150. Why Grand Theft Auto 3 has a silent protagonist
  151. Black Ops, Call of Duty lead Google gaming searches in 2011
  152. Mad Catz pulls the trigger
  153. Christmas number one for Bethesda
  154. Past week second biggest of the year for UK retail
  155. Kindle Fire's 6.2.1 update breaks root, disables SuperOneClick utility
  156. Sega discounts select PSN, iOS, XBLA games for the holidays
  157. Kindle Fire and Nook Upgrades Kill Root Access
  158. New physical retail sales fall behind in Q3
  159. Yoshida: Japanese gamers now open to Western releases
  160. 3DS tops Vita in Japan, FFXIII-2 sells 500k
  161. Ben Heck delivers holiday cheer to gamer with modded macro controller
  162. Sky TV launches 3D Games Review
  163. 2011: The Year In Numbers
  164. Study Finds Online Cheating Is Infectious
  165. GameStop's got B2G1, savings on Rage, Skyrim Collector's Edition, more
  166. Merry Xmas Everyone
  167. 2011 REVIEW: What MW3 vs BF3 says about the market
  168. XDA dev provides means to block Nook Tablet OTA updates
  169. Best Games of 2011 - Industry Picks
  170. 2011 REVIEW: Hacked off
  171. 2011 round-up: EA and Activision
  172. 2011 Review: January - April
  173. Vita sales drop below 3DS, PSP in Japan
  174. 2011 round-up: indies
  175. 2011 round-up: development
  176. 2011 round-up: DRM
  177. 2011 Review: May - August
  178. 2011 Review: September - December
  179. 2011 REVIEW: Let's raise a glass to games
  180. Net Companies Consider the "Nuclear Option" To Combat SOPA
  181. 2011 round-up: free-to-play
  182. Diablo III accessories go on sale
  183. Old Republic debuts in 10th, FIFA runs up UK charts before Christmas
  184. Japanese hardware sales, December 19 - 25
  185. Crysis 2, Gears and Mario are 2011's Most Pirated
  186. US Special Ops vet slams 'hideous' Modern Warfare 3 ad
  187. Arcade controller will give you button envy
  188. ESA stands behind proposed SOPA legislation, issues statement
  189. Spain approves SOPA-style piracy law
  190. 1.3m e-readers given to UK consumers at Xmas
  191. Child's Play raised $3.5 million last year
  192. Capcom confirms support for SOPA
  193. Mario Kart 7 holds Japan top spot as Vita slump continues
  194. UK video games market falls 13% in 2011
  195. Sensics Natalia head-tracking 3D goggles work alone or with PCs, consoles and phones
  196. GameFly's most requested games of 2011
  197. CTA Digital's official US Army game accessories are all they can be
  198. 50 things to look forward to in 2012
  199. 12 million "outdated" consoles lurk in UK homes - Asda
  200. Video Games As Propaganda
  201. UK Industry - what to look forward to in 2012
  202. FIFA starts 2012 at number one
  203. Best Buy: Buy two, get two used games
  204. OnLive Viewer comes to Google TV, full gameplay capability coming soon
  205. Mario Kart 7 and 3DS stay on top in Japan
  206. Retailers open to sharing pre-owned revenue
  207. Modern Warfare 3 named best-selling UK game of 2011
  208. Mad Catz readies latest gaming headset: F.R.E.Q 5 makes you look a bit like one
  209. Mad Catz unveils a suite of Street Fighter X Tekken sticks
  210. Tiny gamepad connects to PC, tablets, or phones over Bluetooth
  211. Production of the Raspberry Pi has begun!
  212. FreeBSD 9.0 Released
  213. Black Ops beats Modern Warfare 3 by 0.5m copies in UK
  214. Internet gaming addiction "changes the brain"
  215. NPD 2011: Sales across industry between $16.3 and $16.6 billion, Ubi tops software sa
  216. December NPD: MW3, Just Dance 3 and Skyrim lead an overall down month
  217. Video game sales drop 21 percent in US as kids remember there's an outdoors
  218. Game denies website hack reports
  219. FIFA 12 retains UK number one
  220. Turtle Beach XP400 wireless gaming headset
  221. Raspberry Pi $25 Linux Computer Now In Production
  222. Gaikai ready to roll out to Facebook
  223. Mario Kart 7 and 3DS top 2011 Japanese charts
  224. Sales of PlayStation Vita have fallen by 57 per cent in Japan week on week
  225. Trends of 2012: Handheld Gaming
  226. Infinity Ward working on 'next-gen' Call of Duty?
  227. GTA 5 still likely to launch before April 2013 - analysts
  228. SOPA and PIPA co-sponsors withdraw support
  229. Study: games must properly engage players before offering in-app purchases
  230. Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-1 Gaming Mouse totes new sniping system, looks like it'll hi
  231. Pirate Bay: SOPA can't stop us
  232. Trends of 2012: What the Analysts Say
  233. GAME boss says 'consumers want new consoles'
  234. Ubisoft takes UK Xmas crown
  235. Paradox: Next generation probably the last
  236. USA Games Auctions Opens
  237. SOPA dead as ESA pulls support
  238. Ofcom chastises ITV for ArmA II footage passed off as IRA film
  239. FIFA 12 still the chart champion
  240. GTA5, COD to account for quarter of all year's game sales - report
  241. Kindle Touch gets new software version 5.0.3
  242. Raspberry Pi runs XBMC; reliably decodes 1080p
  243. Rebellion: gamers are ready for WWII revival
  244. 1.3bn connected household devices by 2016?
  245. Gem offers mobile gaming environment
  246. Raspberry Pi 'should achieve double iPhone 4S performance'
  247. Mario Kart returns to Japan chart summit
  248. The UK 2011 Video Game Charts
  249. OPINION: The end of pre-owned would be a disaster for games
  250. Meet the £100 GameGadget handheld that has own retro download store