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  1. Playing footsie with your video games
  2. Ouya's success is opportunity missed for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony
  3. Microsoft rumored among suitors for Activision Blizzard
  4. Investors call tablets the "quasi-console" of this generation
  5. Japan: Ghost Recon beats Anarchy Reigns in latest chart
  6. Seller awaiting payment for $1.32m Ebay game collection
  7. Brits spend just one hour a day away from tech
  8. David Perry: Selling Shiny is my biggest regret
  9. Rumor: Moore to replace Riccitiello as EA CEO
  10. UK games retail down 40% in June
  11. Game sales down 29% in US during June
  12. Fifty Shades of Grey driving Kindle sales?
  13. Gadgets top toy lists for Christmas
  14. Joystick operated security cam will overlook the moat
  15. Putting the Raspberry Pi Into Orbit
  16. Star Wars Fans Fix Up Luke Skywalker's Home
  17. Xbox co-creator: Gamers "voting with their money"
  18. No more Raspberry Pi sales limits
  19. Indie games festival in Boston
  20. Lego Batman 2 tops UK chart for fourth week
  21. Games Media Awards 2012: Will you be a winner?
  22. Raspberry Pi production ramped up to 4,000 per day, 5MP camera module on its way (vid
  23. Megaupload judge quits after describing the US as 'the enemy'
  24. Vivendi 'in talks' with banks for Activision sale
  25. The Decline of Fiction In Video Games
  26. ExPlay festival details 2012 plans
  27. Sending a Raspberry Pi to 130,000 feet
  28. UKIE revamps AskAboutGames.com ahead of PEGI launch
  29. Roundtable: Is The Console Cycle Really Too Long?
  30. Chromium Browser beta available for Raspberry Pi
  31. Gooseberry Launches Android-based Raspberry Pi Rival
  32. Violence against women controversy has altered God of War development
  33. Guitar Hero clone used to teach unknowable, subconscious passwords
  34. E-readers sales see large decline
  35. Guillemot: New consoles enable more creativity
  36. Lego Batman 2 sets 2012 UK chart record
  37. Ubisoft: Lack of new consoles has "penalised" us
  38. How would you change the Mad Catz MLG Pro for PS3?
  39. The proper way to put an Arduino in a Raspberry Pi
  40. Mobile gamers favour mobile devices for home use
  41. Building a controller for MMOs
  42. Raspberry Pi keeps tabs on your solar power setup
  43. Neuroscience May Cure Videogames Industry's Obsession With Guns
  44. PEGI is law - what now?
  45. Ubisoft announces Gamescom line-up
  46. Kirby on top of the Japanese charts
  47. Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse gets official: fits both hands, changes shape
  48. Apple's Retina Display-quality video glasses
  49. GameStop considering secondhand digital sales
  50. Reading analog sensors with the Raspberry Pi
  51. Gaining low-level SPI access on the Raspberry Pi
  52. New E3 venue to be revealed tomorrow?
  53. Consoles will move closer to 'PC model'
  54. E3 will remain in Los Angeles
  55. London 2012 tops UK chart
  56. PEGI games ratings come into force today
  57. Thermaltake cures clamminess with $80 Cyclone Edition gaming mouse
  58. Microsoft details the Touch Mouse's upcoming support for Windows 8 gestures
  59. Game industry "doom and gloom rings hollow" says Ted Price
  60. David Cage: I want to challenge players' minds
  61. Raspberry Pi now served with Ice Cream Sandwich
  62. Virtual Reality gaming headset takes to Kickstarter
  63. Why Kingdom Hearts must return to consoles
  64. Japan: 7 new games make the chart top 10, Mario rules
  65. Oculus Rift virtual reality headset reaches Kickstarter target in just four hours
  66. Ignoring violence in games undermines narrative
  67. How Much Detail Is Too Much For Games?
  68. Discover the 20 games that will save Christmas in this week's MCV
  69. UK games sales hit rock bottom
  70. UK chancellor lauds British video games excellence
  71. node.js for Linux joysticks
  72. Adafruitís custom Rasp Pi distro eases some pain
  73. Roundtable: The Old Republic's Free-To-Play Future
  74. Tritton Warhead 7.1 Wireless Surround Sound Headset for Xbox 360
  75. 'Grinding' and its relationship with the RPG genre
  76. Doom 4 to be compatible with Oculus Rift VR headset
  77. Not quite building a Raspi Arduino bridge
  78. The Extremes of Internet Gaming In South Korea
  79. We've done our job - now it's time for parents to do theirs
  80. The 20 games that will save Xmas 2012
  81. London 2012 holds UK top spot
  82. Police commissioner blames games for knife crime
  83. OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenGL 4.3 squeeze textures to the limit, bring OpenVL along for th
  84. Crytek CEO: The next generation is social
  85. Books hit digital tipping point - how long until games do the same?
  86. UK games market reaches lowest ebb
  87. Leap promises a revolution in motion-control technology
  88. New consoles are overdue, says Crytek founder
  89. Digital game sales in US grew 17% during second quarter - NPD
  90. Raspberry Pi teases finished Gertboard I/O extender, revs creative engines
  91. What would happen if Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony got together to make one console?
  92. Making a game with capacitive touch
  93. Sega and THQ - 'We WILL be at Gamescom'
  94. Games retailer puts his three-store chain on eBay
  95. Dragon's Quest X tops Japanese chart with 420,000 sales
  96. Engadget's back to school guide 2012: e-readers
  97. Spending on Smart TV gaming to hit $1.6b in 2016
  98. July NPD: NCAA 13 and Xbox 360 on top; overall spending down again
  99. EA @ Gamescom: Crysis 3, SimCity, Army of Two and more
  100. EA: digital sales will eventually overtake boxed games
  101. GDC Europe 2012 kicks off - What to see
  102. Dare To Be Digital winners revealed
  103. London 2012: The Official Video Game tops UK charts
  104. Digital could overtake physical in 2-3 years, EA's Moore believes
  105. Engadget's back to school guide 2012: gaming
  106. Adafruit builds Raspberry Pi-powered light painting rig, takes trippy photos
  107. Support the DCEmu revival campaign!
  108. Day one DLC exists because consumers demand it
  109. BeBook unveil the world's thinnest e-ink e-reader
  110. Turning a keyboard into a computer with a Raspberry Pi
  111. VIP's Evolution sells out, showing PC gaming is alive and kicking
  112. Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse hands-on
  113. Engadget's back to school guide 2012: HDTV
  114. Razer announces new Kraken gaming headsets: Pros get a pull-out mic
  115. Razer Deathstalker gaming keyboard announced, packs Switchblade UI LCD panels (hands-
  116. Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 gaming keyboard announced at Gamescom (hands-on)
  117. Report: EA up for sale
  118. CCP: The industry is retreating from ambitious games
  119. Raspberry Pi wedded to a DSLR
  120. Nokia Researcher Puts Firefox OS On Raspberry Pi
  121. NPD: Kids play on consoles the most, tablet interest growing
  122. Super Mario and 3DS top Japanese charts
  123. Nyko Power Grip for PlayStation Vita review: a $25 accessory that promises to double
  124. Researchers Find 'Mind-Control' Gaming Headsets Can Leak Users' Secrets
  125. Expand your pi with a Gertboard
  126. Raspberry Pi as a PIC programmer
  127. Another all-time low for UK games retail
  128. David Cage says games "need to grow up"
  129. DSLR gets dollop of Raspberry Pi for future home-baked camera accessories
  130. An Adafruit Raspberry Pi extravaganza
  131. The future of Gaming
  132. TVs and Projectors Opens its Doors
  133. Ebay Australia Gaming Auctions Opens its Doors
  134. Ebay Canada Gaming Auctions Opens its Doors
  135. Ebay Germany Gaming Auctions Opens its Doors
  136. Barnes & Noble is bringing Nook devices to the UK in October
  137. Sleeping Dogs tops UK chart
  138. Gamescom celebrates trade success, announces 2013 dates
  139. Moore affronted and upset by Zynga's copycat games
  140. Console 'is still a thriving market'
  141. Raspberry Pi as an AVR programmer
  142. EA declares the death of stereoscopic 3D games... again
  143. Racing Ahead: The Rise Of Triple-A Mobile Games
  144. Logitech's Washable Keyboard K310 doesn't mind a good scrubbin', hits shelves
  145. Molyneux: Games the last medium that can surprise
  146. Hutchinson: Mid-tier games don't exist anymore
  147. Control Raspi GPIO pins in the browser
  148. Building a PBX setup around the Raspberry Pi
  149. EA: High Street games retail to become extinct within a decade
  150. Nintendo flattens rivals in latest Japanese charts
  151. UK kids spend 12 days in front of screens throughout the summer hols
  152. Voting opens for Golden Joystick Awards 2012
  153. EA's Moore: 'Next generation will give packaged goods a rebirth'
  154. The dark pi rises
  155. Remember Me bidding war proves new IP matters
  156. EA's Moore: Games are becoming "365 days a year" experiences
  157. Raspberry Pi lands MPEG-2 and VC-1 decoding through personal licenses, H.264 encoding
  158. 'Emotional aspects' are key to modern game design, says Keiji Inafune
  159. One territory can now purchase R18+ games in Australia
  160. Answers needed to solve UK games crisis
  161. Been A Long Time Since We had 7500 Online - DCEmu News Update
  162. Chinese Gadgets and Games Given a Tidy Up
  163. Sleeping Dogs holds UK top spot
  164. Hawken will support Oculus Rift at launch
  165. Welcome to the University of Michigan's Computer and Video Game Archive
  166. Microsoft and Sony could struggle next-gen if they fail to embrace free-to-play
  167. Neon Play: Mobile games will replace consoles in under five years
  168. Are You Gaming For the Right Reasons?
  169. GAME lists Zelda: Majora's Mask for 3DS; New Layton revealed
  170. More than 100m Kindle-exclusive e-books have been downloaded
  171. How do you sell a next-gen console?
  172. Logitech unveils lineup of UE headphones for in, on and around your ears
  173. Nintendo continues Japanese chart domination
  174. Party photo printer built around a Raspberry Pi
  175. It's the six months of Christmas for UK games retail
  176. DIY oculus rift VR
  177. What you can do when a Raspberry Pi teams up with an Arduino
  178. Raspberry Pi synth gives a softsynth dedicated hardware
  179. EA Labels boss: Xbox 720, PS4 out in about year
  180. Wikipad: "A bridge device between a tablet and a console"
  181. How are video games like a French Dip sandwich?
  182. Another used games retailer in Florida is selling their business on eBay
  183. Operating systems development with the Raspberry Pi
  184. University of Cambridge Offers Free Online Raspberry Pi Course
  185. Guild Wars 2 tops UK chart
  186. Ground Zeroes or GTA V? What will be the defining game to end this generation?
  187. New Profanity Filter installed.
  188. Wargaming.net: Publishers don't get free-to-play
  189. Problems powering Raspberry Pi from GPIO header
  190. Gibeau: new IP doesn't make sense this late in current generation
  191. GameStop expects only one new console launch in 2013
  192. So you got a Raspberry Pi: now what?
  193. BMW and Thermaltake's Level 10 M gaming mouse is real, costs $100
  194. EA Labels boss: Xbox 720, PS4 are 'spectacular'
  195. The appeal of a console with no future
  196. EA working on 4 to 5 new IPs for next-gen
  197. Creative Assembly: "70 per cent of games aren't good enough"
  198. Vita sales quadruple in Japan
  199. Gaming population in US has declined 5% according to NPD
  200. Dreamcast Site Updated
  201. Focus on Chui.DCEmu.Co.uk
  202. Focus on Deniska coder of Map This the GPS Software for the PSP
  203. PES 2013 released on September 21st, one week before rival FIFA 13
  204. Raspberry Pi 2.0 makes its way into distribution channels
  205. Raspberry Pi gains UK manufacturer
  206. Square Enix boss asks: Could consoles be extinct in three years?
  207. Assassin's Creed and Montreal studio headline Ubisoft's free-to-play line-up
  208. Total number of US gamers drops in 2012
  209. NPD: Number of US mobile gamers surpasses core, totals down
  210. Wikipad tablet will be available in GameStop
  211. Guild Wars 2 tops charts
  212. Activision endorses Kindle Fire with Skylanders
  213. August NPD: Darksiders 2 on top, totals still down year-over-year
  214. Insert Coin: hands-on with the MG, a portable Android gaming solution for kids
  215. US Xbox 360 sales top PS3, Wii for 20th straight month
  216. Square Enix trademarks 'Circle of Mana'
  217. How the Pirate Bay Can Be an Asset To Game Developers
  218. JoyToKey v5.2.1
  219. Focus on ZX81 - One of the Greatest Coders in Homebrew History ?
  220. Focus on DCEmu Console History
  221. EA 'held talks to acquire Valve for $1billion'
  222. Valve Reveals Gaming Headset, Teases Big Picture
  223. UKIE lays out games tax relief recommendations
  224. Sleeping Dogs back on top of UK chart
  225. Getting around the Raspiís USB Host current limit
  226. Valve's gaming goggles tested, says "credible" AR games 3 to 5 years away
  227. Focus on Joypad News
  228. Focus on USA Game Auctions
  229. Focus on DCEmu Reviews
  230. Nintendo DS News Updated
  231. Sony to unveil virtual reality headset
  232. MicroSD card adapter for Raspberry Pi
  233. Electronic Arts titles preloaded on PlayMG portable
  234. Global gaming market expected to reach £72 billion by 2015
  235. 64 Rasberry Pis turned into a supercomputer
  236. Using a Raspberry Pi as your travel computer
  237. Microsoft Patent Details Whole-Room Projection Game Environment
  238. University Team Builds Lego and Raspberry Pi Cluster
  239. Playing At the World: a Huge New History of Gaming
  240. Ubisoft: Next-gen will have fewer triple-A games
  241. Australia R18+ guidelines highlight 'harmful interactivity'
  242. 3D printer control for the Raspi
  243. Raspy Juice gives you serial ports and servo control
  244. What caused the UK games crisis?
  245. Ozone Rock offers solid performance with gaming mouse pad
  246. Robotic odometry from an optical mouse
  247. A truly professional Raspi analog input
  248. Indie game retailers increasing shelf space for toys
  249. GameGun makes Call of Duty more immersive
  250. PC Gaming Site Updated