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  1. Wipeout franchise returns
  2. Turning a Kindle into a weather display
  3. The limits of videogame interaction
  4. Free games now account for half of the European games market
  5. UK games retail at another all-time low as momentum falters
  6. Sleeping Dogs maintains its UK chart top-dog status
  7. Street Fighter masters to battle in Europe
  8. World's first open source controller hits Kickstarter
  9. London’s City Hall to host spectacular videogame exhibition
  10. GDC Next, Successor to GDC Online, to Focus on Mobile, Social, Indie & Cloud Gaming
  11. EA Creates 300 Jobs in Galway, Ireland for Its European Customer Experience Centre
  12. Boston Festival of Indie Games announces final showcase games
  13. New York Comic Con 2012
  14. World of Tanks Championship 2012 Title Goes To The RED: Rush Unity from Russia
  15. Meridian 59 classic game postmortem added to 2012 game developers conference
  16. Wwe ’13 live - win the ultimate wwe experience
  17. BioWare, Valve, Bethesda & CD Projekt RED Sign Up for BAF Game 2012
  18. DCEmu News Update - September 2012
  19. Xinput STANDARD BUILT INTO Thrustmaster's newest CONTROLLER
  20. Indie Developers to Showcase Dozens of New Titles at IndieCade
  21. Raspberry Pi Hits 1GHz With Official 'Turbo Mode'
  22. Microsoft intros Sculpt Comfort Keyboard,
  23. Registrations open for "AMD Brasil Game Jam"
  24. UIG Entertainment announces new partnership with Just For Games
  25. Digicon will be at the marriott hotel cardiff
  26. Boston Festival of Indie Games features top industry partners
  27. Will e-readers make paperbacks an endangered species?
  28. Raspberry Pi 'turbo mode' boosts performance by 50 per cent
  29. Raspberry Pi For the Rest of Us
  30. DVD hits £700m so far in 2012, highlighting the challenge for games retail
  31. London Games Festival confirms another eight events
  32. Eurogamer Expo announces Indie Games Arcade line-up
  33. GOG.com Celebrates 4th Birthday, Prepares a Ton of Surprises
  34. INDIEGALA is proud to announce the launch of IndieGala IX
  35. Web-based IDE for the Raspi
  36. Kickstarter pledges new guidelines to protect backers
  37. Nvidia GM: Next-gen consoles will be the last
  38. Next-gen consoles need to embrace modding
  39. Latest UK Charts
  40. Entries now being taken, including for the new 'Best British Game' category.
  41. Eurogamer Expo to stream developer sessions online
  42. GameGadget Dead and Buried ?
  43. Final countdown begins for Virgin Media’s 100 Day Game Project
  44. The One JoyPad to rule Them All
  45. New E-sports Partnership Service Ties Live Video Gaming Events to Online Community
  46. Ukie welcomes BAFTA Best British Game Award
  47. The GameCity Prize Returns
  48. Samsung gets gaming at the eurogamer expo
  49. Oktoberfest and more in Maestia – Rise of Keledus
  50. PlayStation offers Ultimate Gaming Internship
  51. Barnes & Noble hits the UK, launches Nook Simple Touch, Glowlight and a pair of HD ta
  52. Brazilian Judge Orders 24-hour Shutdown of Google and Youtube
  53. Why One Person Thinks Raspberry Pi Is Unsuitable For Education
  54. 50,000 gamers to descend on earls court for the uk’s biggest video gaming event
  55. VIGAMUS - The Video Game Museum of Rome
  56. Gamercamp Festival Announces Launch of Print Magazine
  57. Konami announces pro evolution soccer 2013 now available
  58. US cable firms plot TV cloud gaming push
  59. Oculus Rift developer kits go up for regular pre-order, catch VR procrastinators
  60. Samsung gets gaming at the eurogamer expo
  61. Oculus Rift developer kit pre-orders go live
  62. Edge presents GameCityNights in association with Maxis’ SimCity
  63. ROCCAT launches three new mice for gaming enthusiasts
  64. Kojima: Games dev auteurs a dying breed
  65. Wearable Raspberry Pi turns you into the Borg
  66. GamesAid charities receive £36k each
  67. UPDATED: FIFA 13 price roundup - where's cheapest
  68. Does Crowdfunding Work?
  69. Wikipad CEO James Bower defends his gaming tablet's $500 pricing
  70. How to set up your Raspberry Pi to play Atari 2600 games
  71. Games can't save the world, but they can slow its demise'
  72. iControlPad 2 - The open source controller
  73. Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Now Available in the UK
  74. Capsule Capsule: Experience the world’s slowest theme park ride ever
  75. Games Rating Authority website is now live.
  76. Ukie calls for industry input into State Aid Cultural Test consultation
  77. GAME takes 99p Play Now Trade Later deal online
  78. DCEmu Reviews Returns
  79. Major League Gaming’s GameBattles Launches Fall Season
  80. London Games Festival App unleashed
  81. MCM Expo London Comic Con
  82. DCEmu - My Future Plan
  83. Steelseries free mobile wireless controller and flux headset available now
  84. Gameloft announces Bluetooth iOS joypad
  85. Analysis: What's left for boxed software at retail?
  86. Controlling your webcam with an old Guitar Hero pedal
  87. Eurogamer bans booth babes from future Expos
  88. Tech Evolution: How Devs Pushed Consoles To Their Limits
  89. 3DS continues Japanese hardware sales dominance
  90. Logitech's $180 WiFi webcam gets outed, targeted for the Mac
  91. Delta Six controller brings fragging to life, worries your friends
  92. No Doubt and Activision settle Band Hero suit
  93. Malicious Raspberry Pi power strip looks a bit scary
  94. Jailbreaking the Kindle Paperwhite
  95. Adafruit releases WebIDE alpha for Raspberry Pi, eases beginners into coding
  96. Maine politician attacked for playing games
  97. Web IDE for the Raspi
  98. Spec Ops The Line is the world's first anti-war shooter
  99. Metal Gear Rising: 'Being able to cut anything made level design a nightmare'
  100. Nielsen: Consoles bridge TV gender gap
  101. Kobo releases Glo and Mini e-readers in UK
  102. Motorola's Whacked Lapdock Can Make Raspberry Pi Base
  103. UK CHARTS: FIFA 13 holds on to No1; Resident Evil 6 debuts in 2nd
  104. Game industry needs new consoles to reverse sales declines - Pachter
  105. PIC programming adapter for the Raspberry Pi
  106. Adventures In Rooting: Running Jelly Bean On Last Year's Kindle Fire
  107. iControlPad2 - 4 Days to Go
  108. Logitech introduces the G710+ mechanical gaming keyboard
  109. Valve opens its doors to public for hardware and unreleased game playtesting
  110. £10 e-reader in the pipeline
  111. How an Italian game journalist’s crusade to bring videogame history to the masses
  112. Raspberry Pi foundation looks a counterfeit Apple power supplies
  113. Using Arduino shields with the Raspi
  114. Accessories boom for Dixons
  115. AAA games shifting to free-to-play, says Happy Wars dev
  116. Resident Evil 6 secures first place on Japanese chart
  117. eBay unveils redesign, deals site and launches same-day delivery
  118. Tritton Kunai headset ships to chatty PS3 and PS Vita gamers
  119. XBMC celebrates 10 years, latest build works in mainline PVR and Raspberry Pi support
  120. Logitech outs two wireless mice and an external trackpad, all optimized for Windows 8
  121. iControlPad2 Has Achieved its Goal
  122. Argos selects top ten tech products for Christmas
  123. EA founder says consoles will become "a hobby market"
  124. Raspis with double the RAM in the wild
  125. Raspberry Pi doubles RAM and freezes price
  126. FIFA holds UK chart top spot
  127. Console Prices Slashed In Time for Xmas Rush
  128. DCEmu.Com Brought Back to Life
  129. Astro pulls curtain on 2013 edition of $250 A40 gaming headset, MixAmp Pro package
  130. Gertboard extender for Raspberry Pi ships to advanced tinkerers
  131. Japanese chart: Bravely Default knocks Resi 6 from No.1
  132. Android debug bridge released for the Raspi
  133. Delta Six controller gets redesigned, Kickstarted
  134. APRS iGate built using a Raspberry Pi
  135. Microsoft Touch Mouse gets promised Windows 8 support, works like a Charm
  136. And so begins the era of Ultra High Definition Television
  137. Is the UK games market fighting fit or fighting fire?
  138. Q4 games advertising revenue drops 40% this Christmas
  139. Hacked Kobo Becomes a Weather Display
  140. FIFA 13 claims 4th No.1; Skylanders Giants debuts in 2nd
  141. Having trouble sleeping? Games are to blame, uni claims
  142. Rasperry Pi: Now mostly open source
  143. How games helped rejuvenate LEGO
  144. Mad Catz announces the S.T.R.I.K.E. 5 keyboard for pro gamers, pre-order now for $200
  145. Japanese chart: FIFA 13 cracks the top 5
  146. Boston Children’s Hospital creates videogame that helps children curb anger
  147. How the metrics buried in today's games will shape the games of tomorrow
  148. Top-selling console games of 2012 revealed for Europe, US and Japan
  149. PS3 leads European home console sales in 2012, 3DS well ahead of Vita worldwide
  150. Wired Proclaims the Death of the Game Console
  151. LG's 84-inch 3840 x 2160 Television Doesn't Come Cheap: $17,000
  152. Skyrim named Ultimate Game Of The Year at the hmv GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards
  153. Gamers get the chance to star on WWE
  154. Single player is a "gimmick" says mid-core developer
  155. NOOK e-readers on sale in UK from today
  156. TIGA proposes changes to cultural test for games
  157. Oculus Rift: can indie developers save virtual reality?
  158. Medal Of Honor: Warfighter tops UK chart
  159. Thinkgeek's '8-bitty' is the most practical of an impractical bunch
  160. Kickstarter opens doors to UK developers
  161. A Scary Pumpkin Pi
  162. Medal of Honor brand may be dead, says Pachter
  163. Next-gen games could be easier to develop than present
  164. Japan: ZOE HD, Borderlands 2, Forza Horizon make chart debuts
  165. Oculus Rift-supported first-person horror game Montas hits Indiegogo
  166. Google: SD cards are confusing for users
  167. Smart glasses and wearable tech to be worth $1.5bn by 2014
  168. ExPlay 2012: What can games offer science and society?
  169. Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey to keynote Evolve Conference
  170. Controlling Google TV from a Raspberry Pi (or other networked devices)
  171. One-button audiobook player made from a Raspberry Pi
  172. EA responds to BBC Watchdog report
  173. F2P market is worth £216m in UK
  174. Android takes 75% smartphone market share in Q3
  175. Controlling Google TV from a Raspberry Pi (or other networked devices)
  176. One-button audiobook player made from a Raspberry Pi
  177. Samsung Galaxy Premier reaches the FCC without the LTE we crave
  178. Barnes & Noble cut the price of Nook Tablet, Nook Color once more
  179. Turning the Raspberry Pi into a cocktail MAME coffee table
  180. AAA not the future, says Splinter Cell: Blacklist director
  181. vJoy v2.0.2 Beta (2012/11/01)
  182. Assassin’s Creed III tops UK chart, becomes Ubisoft’s biggest ever launch
  183. UK sees its first female only game jam
  184. Kick ass doesn't have to mean ultraviolent
  185. Xbox 360 to lead October NPD sales, Vita still struggling - analysts
  186. Samsung Smart TVs getting Monopoly and The Game of Life as first two EA titles
  187. Why Google Went Offline Today
  188. Today's Shortlist features "world's first playable gaming cover"
  189. Is free-to-play the future of gaming or just a cheap fad?
  190. Atari punk stick puts a synth in a joystick
  191. EA Sports supports Movember with in-game ads
  192. RISC OS lands on the Raspberry Pi, relives the glory days
  193. Oculus Rift: Palmer Luckey on throwing out the virtual reality rulebook
  194. PlayStation titles dominate Japanese software chart
  195. Can free games work on console?
  196. Raspberry Pi gets RISC OS, can now play Elite
  197. Bust-a-Move physical controller
  198. NPD October: NBA 2K13 on top, overall sales in significant decline yet again
  199. Real Ale Drinkers Site Opened
  200. Call of Duty is bookies' favourite for Christmas No.1
  201. Molyneux skeptical about tablet/TV gaming
  202. Halo 4 becomes UK number one, though can’t top Halo 3 or Reach’s debuts
  203. UK boxed video game sales plummet in October
  204. Valve's Newell says three different controllers are in hardware beta, already out in
  205. Bookies tip Black Ops 2 for Christmas No.1
  206. Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 to battle Google Glass for Android eyewear supremacy
  207. Motorola unveils HC1 headset computer
  208. Mesh networking with multiple Raspberry Pi boards
  209. Next-gen consoles need next-gen business models
  210. Molyneux: Games have failed to become another true entertainment form
  211. Japan: New Animal Crossing boosts 3DS sales as Vita slips to record low
  212. Walmart Black Friday deals include cheap consoles, very cheap games, confusing uDraw
  213. GameStop reports physical decline and digital boom
  214. Irish game industry shows huge jobs growth
  215. Time names its all-time 100 best video games
  216. EVE radio breakout board for the Raspberry Pi
  217. Raspberry Pi driven Polargraph exhibits high precision drawing ability
  218. Xbox, PS3, PS Vita: Holiday hardware sale
  219. Toys 'R' Us offers 'buy one, get one for $1' game sale, lots more on Black Friday
  220. RetroArch 0.9.8-beta2
  221. Call Of Duty: Black Ops II tops UK chart after best launch of 2012
  222. Razer Ouroboros ambidextrous mouse now shipping
  223. Raspberry Pi reaches critical mass as XBMC hardware
  224. Nielsen: Kids want iOS and Wii U for the holidays
  225. Razer DeathAdder adds 4G optical sensor, available now for $69
  226. Can touch-screen change the way we see gaming?
  227. Video games the 2nd most popular category on YouTube
  228. Pro-gaming will become a recognised sport in five years
  229. Japanese chart: Strong starts for new Assassin's Creed and Medal of Honor
  230. Decker: Less than 20% of F2P users typically pay
  231. First free Raspberry Pi hack day
  232. Entries Open For First Ever 24-Hour Raspberry Pi Hackathon
  233. 'Young children should not watch screens' says leading psychologist
  234. 400 descend on Gamecity Night to celebrate industry
  235. On Demo, a $25 1080p Camera Module For Raspberry Pi
  236. Microsoft Granted Patent For Augmented Reality Glasses
  237. Raspberry Pi camera board coming early next year
  238. holiday gift guide 2012: accessories
  239. Gameplay: the Missing Ingredient In Most Games
  240. Minecraft Ported To the Raspberry Pi
  241. Why are we stuck with games being released on a Friday?
  242. Tiny MAME cabinet built from Raspberry Pi
  243. Black Friday online spending passes $1bn for the first time ever
  244. Mojang ports Minecraft to Raspberry Pi, will release for free
  245. Black Ops II stays on top of UK chart; miserable start for PlayStation All-Stars
  246. Extended console cycles are bad for the industry, Ubisoft argues
  247. Android VOIP phone and Raspberry Pi mate for an intriguing PBX setup
  248. Gadgets and games top kids Christmas gifts lists
  249. Ed Fries: Consoles can't ignore Apple model
  250. Injecting power into a WiFi dongle for the Raspberry Pi