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  1. Square Enix dev says Japanese industry is "pushing back"
  2. Razer updates Orochi mouse with new laser, longer battery life
  3. Oculus Rift: New dev kit date, new form
  4. Kickstarted Oculus Rift VR Headset Shipping In March/April
  5. Black Ops 2 a hit on Japanese charts
  6. Cyber Monday set to be busiest day in UK online retail history
  7. Raspberry Pi's $25 Model A enters production
  8. Raspberry Pi's $25 Model A Hits Production Line
  9. Plan 9 on the Raspberry Pi
  10. Raspberry Pi Quadcopter
  11. "Games won't get the same respect as movies by selling more copies"
  12. Games welcomed into the MoMA
  13. Virtual board game wins Raspberry Pi hack contest
  14. Zelnick predicts console transition closures
  15. Combined Dualshock and Move controller patented
  16. Inside the Raspberry Pi Factory
  17. Black Ops II still No.1 as Far Cry 3 debuts in second place in the UK Charts
  18. Raspberry Pi Model A coming soon
  19. Analysts expect November sales decline
  20. £2m pledged on Kickstarter UK in first month
  21. Kickstarter sticks to all-or-nothing policy
  22. Rice Digital: a new portal to promote and sell Japanese indie games
  23. Why making games for people who don’t play games requires a different way of thinking
  24. The eSports Phenomenon: The state of pro-gaming in the UK
  25. The eSports Phenomenon: Headsets and hand grenades
  26. Asda eyes digital games move as traffic grows
  27. Finally, a camera for the Raspberry Pi
  28. 2nd Super Robot Wars takes top spot in Japan
  29. Guitar Hero co-creator raises $6 million for Android controller
  30. Razer tweaks its Carcharias headset to outfit the Xbox 360, shipping now for $69.99
  31. Games the number one source of in-app advertising in Q3
  32. November game sales struggle as retailers bank on late Christmas
  33. November dip for US games retail
  34. Autonomous helicopter works like a Wii remote
  35. Barnes & Noble drops Nook Simple Touch price to $79
  36. Kindle Fire HD 7.2.2 update adds Camera app, Swype along with FreeTime Unlimited
  37. Australia gov calls for feedback on games fund
  38. Call Of Duty Black Ops II spends fourth week on top of UK chart, Paper Mario Sticker
  39. Cyber Monday breaks online UK shopping records
  40. Transmit FM using Raspberry Pi and no additional hardware
  41. holiday gift guide 2012: HDTV and home theater
  42. ROCCAT ISKU FX keyboard ships worldwide, lights up gaming for $100
  43. Oculus Rift boss on the key VR dev challenges
  44. Blizzard Has a Version of Diablo 3 Running On Consoles
  45. Garage door opener using Siri and Raspberry Pi
  46. Arduino Esplora makes a great controller
  47. Standalone air quality monitor based around Raspberry Pi
  48. US still the gaming super power
  49. Genius to show off Ring Mouse sequel, Windows 8 and gaming peripherals at CES
  50. Ubisoft: 'Players trust High Street more than online'
  51. Raspberry Pi Hacking, Commando Style
  52. Gamers rule: Only 10% of the industry's $50 billion comes from casuals
  53. Japanese chart: Yakuza 5 outsells Wii U launch games
  54. Oculus Rift wouldn't get through new Kickstarter rules
  55. Design the ultimate gaming peripheral for Gioteck, win £500,000 “dream job”
  56. Video games prices slashed as UK market struggles
  57. 41 per cent of over 55s want mobile devices for Christmas; under 55s want jumpers
  58. First Photos and Video of Raspberry Pi Model A
  59. The 7 Games That Shaped 2012
  60. Digital vs Physical - the REAL Christmas No.1
  61. Raspberry Pi used to automate a dimmable light bulb
  62. GamesAid Christmas Concert next week
  63. Raspberry Pi launches own app store
  64. Activision opposes Call of Duty movie
  65. Call Of Duty: Black Ops II keeps top spot in UK charts for fifth week in a row
  66. Over 2m games sold at UK retail last week
  67. Using arcade monitors with the Raspberry Pi
  68. Vybe gaming pad packs Disney Research's Surround Haptics into a $99 force feedback
  69. Dixons: 'Peripherals driving games sales'
  70. Carmack: Next-gen games will still target 30 fps
  71. Psychologist defends games amid tabloid school massacre links
  72. Why we kill: what is it that makes us find videogame violence so entertaining?
  73. School Shooting Prompts Legislation To Study Violent Video Games
  74. Rubin: THQ sale a new start for our company
  75. Custom MOTD for the Raspberry Pi
  76. BeetBox drops a beat with a side of Raspberry Pi, and other plant puns
  77. 2012: Happy Christmas Day!
  78. Ubisoft plotting THQ bid
  79. US bill proposes investigation of violent games
  80. Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer: Build Your Own Pi-to-Go
  81. FireHero: Raspberry Pi Controlled Pyrotechnics
  82. Raspberry Pi laptop is just a little too big for a pocket
  83. Black Ops II is the UK's Christmas No.1 game
  84. UK retailers sell 2.2m boxed games in last big sales week before Christmas
  85. Mobile won't kill console. F2P won't kill full priced
  86. Emukey EK1 runs mouse, keyboard macros purely from hardware
  87. NRA exec points finger at video games for 'selling violence'
  88. Raspberry Pi used as a Squeezebox server
  89. Raspberry Pi vs. Cheap Android Dongle: Embarrassment of (Cheap) Riches
  90. THQ and the death of gaming’s middle tier
  91. 2012: Despite it all, look what we achieved
  92. Far Cry 3 claims 2012's last All Formats No.1
  93. 2013: The State of the Games Industry
  94. Connecticut town gathering, destroying violent games
  95. Street Fighter x Sanrio Fightstick for Xbox 360
  96. Raspberry Pi gets an open source educational manual
  97. 2013: The year of the console comeback
  98. ROCCAT to showcase latest gaming peripherals at CES 2013
  99. Dad Hires In-Game 'Assassins' To Get His Son To Stop Gaming
  100. Revealed: The UK's Top 20 bestselling games of 2012
  101. 50 things to look forward to in 2013
  102. EA conquers 2012 as UK's No.1 publisher
  103. Hardware SPI with Python on a Raspberry Pi
  104. Dedicated Pandora player plus AirPlay built around the Raspberry Pi
  105. Mad Catz reveals line of multiplatform gaming peripherals
  106. Razer releases $130 Orbweaver for single-pawed, mechanical PC gaming
  107. NPD counts 39M game consoles in US homes going into 2013
  108. Japan in 2012: Hardware sales and top 10 games revealed
  109. LEGO mania continues with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  110. A Least Half a Million Raspberry Pis Sold
  111. Game consoles, discs to remain revenue mainstays for "years to come"
  112. Town ditches plan to collect, destroy violent games
  113. GameStick gets expandable microSD ... if its Kickstarter campaign tops $560K
  114. Party Station Watch 2013: Nyko Wii U peripherals at CES
  115. One-button scan to email using Raspberry Pi
  116. Alarming number of parents believe video games contribute to America's 'culture of vi
  117. Violent games bill dies without a vote
  118. UK retail eyes up Steam Box and Nvidia Shield
  119. Biden to game industry: "You have not been singled out"
  120. AblePlanet preps a gaming headset with smart haptics
  121. DCEmu Big Change Is Coming
  122. Mass. removes violent games from turnpike rest stops
  123. Raspberry Pi: 1m boards sold since launch
  124. UK charts: Anarchy Reigns the only new entry as FIFA 13 claims number one
  125. HMV "to enter administration tomorrow morning"
  126. 2012's UK Top 100 Video Games
  127. DCEmu Mega Change 2013
  128. Young female market "neglected" by the games industry
  129. Blockbuster to enter administration
  130. Game industry worth $83bn by 2016, research claims
  131. Industry outraged by Dead Island Riptide statue
  132. Missouri Republican Wants Violent Video Game Tax
  133. Obama calls for violent game research [Updated]
  134. Raspi astrophotography board also does everything else
  135. Kobo: 12m users in 2012
  136. MP accuses HMV of theft over gift card scandal
  137. President Obama orders research into links between video games and violence
  138. Google Talk bot running on Raspberry Pi
  139. Raspberry Pi power controller adds shutdown and startup functionality
  140. Raspberry Pi creator doesn't expect a sequel in 2013
  141. Black Powder Media's Impulse Controller
  142. Valve may resubmit Left 4 Dead 2 for classification in Australia
  143. GAME looks to buy up 45 HMV stores
  144. Bill attempts to make ESRB law
  145. Writer's Guild of America nominates 007 Legends
  146. Raspberry Pi and R
  147. HMV gift voucher u-turn
  148. Chinese Government Appears To Be Blocking GitHub Via DNS
  149. UK charts: DMC Devil May Cry in at number one
  150. Tired of playing the MacBook? Play the Raspberry Pi
  151. Raspberry Pi plays MIDI without an OS
  152. '70% of software sold online by 2014' says Avangate
  153. US politician calls violent game devs 'electronic child molesters'
  154. Raspi-controlled RGB LED strip display
  155. Forget the six-pack, 56 per cent of women find tech-savvy men sexy
  156. Logitech to ditch console gaming accessories
  157. FIFA series hits £1 billion at UK retail
  158. Video games escape UK's latest retail crisis
  159. Building your own Model A Raspberry Pi
  160. Raspberry Pi becomes a Torrent box
  161. Devil May Cry hits number one in Japan
  162. Calls for Government to change laws on gift cards
  163. Raspberry Pi used as a beacon transmitter
  164. "Adults Only" OpenArena Now Playable On Raspberry Pi
  165. Raspberry Pi vs Gizmo
  166. HMV could shed up to half of its stores
  167. California Senator tells gamers to 'quiet down'
  168. China reviewing game console ban 12 years after it was put in place
  169. Black Ops II back at top spot
  170. Analysts say e-reader market is dying - literally
  171. Japan in 2012: Nintendo dominates software charts
  172. Raspberry Pi becomes a guitar effects processor
  173. Disney prepared to look at game violence
  174. Google to donate 15,000 Raspberry Pis to UK schools
  175. Block 'n' Load: Activision explains why games are region locked
  176. The DCEmu Change - Its Starting
  177. New Metal Gear game is 2013's 'first blockbuster'
  178. Controlling a Raspberry Pi with real life redstone
  179. US Senator: Games affect people, guns don't
  180. Animal Crossing still Japan's #1
  181. China's complicated history with video games
  182. DCEmu Status Update
  183. DCEmu Status Update Jan 31st
  184. Riccitiello: Game violence about perceptions
  185. How Videogames Help Fund the Arms Industry
  186. Next-gen consoles will lose ground, says Roberts
  187. RTS is a dying market
  188. Guitar Hero controller built from toy guitar and keyboard
  189. Easy web interface with GPIO access runs on Raspberry Pi
  190. Fight You Own Muscles To Create Force-Feedback On Smartphones
  191. Next-Gen Console Wars Will Soon Begin In Earnest
  192. Lite version of Raspberry Pi goes on sale
  193. OnLive's Epic Plan For a New Type of Video Game
  194. UK Charts: Ni No Kuni in at number one
  195. Raspberry Pi Model A hits Europe with $25 price tag
  196. November London Games Conference 'to focus on next gen
  197. Oculus Rift gets new features for spring release
  198. Iwata criticises retail for cagey buying strategies
  199. Update- IndieGO!: A proper open Video Game Console
  200. US video games market slips 9% in 2012
  201. Video games retail in 2023
  202. Raspberry Pi camera board incoming
  203. Ports should be better than the original, says Bastion dev
  204. Animal Crossing stays on top in Japan
  205. Cage: 'Gaming needs more than guns and platformers'
  206. North Korean propaganda removed for use of copyrighted Call of Duty footage
  207. 30 years of VIDEOGAMES COLLECTION... The history of VideoGames!!!
  208. Sony submits patent for electrode pillow
  209. Crytek on developing next-gen games now
  210. UK retail banks on 'important' E3
  211. Raspberry Pi is right at home inside of a Game Boy
  212. CES 'booth babes' will be revised, not banned
  213. UK charts: Dead Space 3 in at number one
  214. Minecraft for RPi Released
  215. Pachter: "UK games retail market is a joke"
  216. Rep. Pelosi defends violent games
  217. US Wii U sales trailed PS3 and 360 in January, analysts suggest
  218. rpix86 News - Dos Emulator for Raspberry PI
  219. BAFTA reveals nominations for 2013
  220. Digital Distribution: Dealing with discoverability
  221. Converting an IBM PCjr joystick to USB
  222. Raspbmc 1.0 brings stable media center duties to your Raspberry Pi
  223. Used market debate is 'double-edged sword' - EA
  224. Next-gen: EA hints at phone/tablet integration, backwards-compatibility 'unlikely'
  225. Man arrested for stealing 19 games by stuffing them down his pants
  226. Most customers wouldn’t buy console which blocks preowned, warns GameStop
  227. Bleszinski: Digital transition will lead to rebirth of horror genre
  228. Epic 'more enthusiastic than ever' for next-gen consoles
  229. Raspberry Pi as a plug-in hash harvester
  230. US game sales climb 9% in 5-week January period
  231. Dragon Quest topples Animal Crossing in Japan
  232. Early prototype PlayStation 4 controller leaked
  233. Gamestick now available for preorder: stake your claim for $79
  234. Playing with the Minecraft API and a Raspberry Pi
  235. Black Ops 2 tops US sales in January
  236. Sony patents 'Eyepad,' a Move-enabled PS3 tablet controller
  237. rpix86 News - Dos Emulator for Raspberry PI News
  238. Raspberry Pi game jam in Manchester
  239. Devs predict F2P focus for new gen consoles
  240. President Obama endorses video games
  241. UK charts: Aliens: Colonial Marines hits number one
  242. Senior Game Designer Talks About Game Violence, Real Violence, and Lead (Video)
  243. Currys PC World reveals new PC gaming "bunker"
  244. CT senator proposes bill to ban minors using fake guns in arcades
  245. Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 7 gaming headset
  246. DCEmu Status Update Feb 21st 2013
  247. EA's next-gen software "is nothing short of astonishing"
  248. Dragon Quest still topping Japanese charts
  249. Next-gen software: Will pricing hold?
  250. Multibooting the Raspberry Pi