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  1. Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 7 gaming headset hands-on
  2. DCEmu Status Update Feb 24th 2013
  3. BioWare dev warns against economically unviable next-gen
  4. UK charts: Crysis 3 beats Revengeance to top spot
  5. Is UK games retail a 'joke'?
  6. Next-gen graphics upgrade "won't be as obvious"
  7. FBI Profilers Don’t Believe Violent Video Games Cause Violence
  8. EA 'more prepared than ever' for console transition
  9. Next-gen consoles ‘eight to ten times’ more powerful, games to cost $69, says EA
  10. Industry yet to decide on the price of next-gen triple-A software
  11. 58% of parents see a tie between games, violence
  12. Japanese weekly Wii U sales fall below Vita's for the first time
  13. Devs snubbing console for mobile, claims GDC survey
  14. Windows 7 running on Raspberry Pi
  15. NPD: 29% of core gamers plan to buy a next-gen console at launch
  16. The Raspberry Pi Turns One
  17. Building a touchscreen XBMC setup with the Raspberry Pi
  18. Kids Reveal The Real Flaws Of Free-To-Play Games
  19. UK Court Orders Block of Three Torrent Sites
  20. UK charts: Crysis 3 retains top spot
  21. Do video game critics matter?
  22. NPD: Only 29 per cent of core gamers plan on buying a next-gen console
  23. Using OpenCV with the Raspberry Pi
  24. Raspberry Pi coming in limited edition blue, you'll have to win it to own it
  25. rpix86 progress - Dos Emulator for Raspberry PI News
  26. Razer Naga Hex gets League of Legends-flavored edition, available now for $90
  27. Bartendro cocktail mixing robot lands on Kickstarter, wields Raspberry Pi
  28. DCemu News March 2013 - Sites now close to completion
  29. Raspberry Pi snaps up camera add-on
  30. Gamers still prefer buying used to downloading
  31. Are triple-A games losing relevance?
  32. Old people who play video games are happier, concludes study
  33. DCEmu Needs Your Help
  34. Raspberry Pi's Eben Upton: "Programming Will Make You a Better Doctor"
  35. UK consumers spent £2.9bn on games in 2012
  36. NPD: Core gamers still support retail, prefer used games over digital
  37. GameStop reminds Microsoft and Sony why it thinks always-online consoles are bad
  38. Battlefield 4 and Dragon Age 3 engine Frostbite 2 work with Oculus Rift
  39. Double Fine developing for Leap Motion Controller
  40. If Video Games Make People Violent, So Do Pictures of Snakes
  41. February sales plunge as blockbusters fail to shine
  42. Entatech gets Func-y
  43. UK charts: Tomb Raider takes number one spot
  44. Asda in talks to Buy HMV
  45. GDC 2013: DmC, Tomb Raider and Tearaway talks added
  46. Sequels in decline - why the industry needs new IP
  47. FIFA 13 fell just 70k units short of Black Ops II in 2012
  48. ESRB relaxes age gate rules
  49. Game Marketing Awards nominees announced
  50. Liverpool named top tech city in the UK
  51. Teachers get to grips with coding at Raspberry Jam
  52. Garriott: “Consoles’ days are numbered”
  53. Vita still #1 in Japan
  54. Dixons to build new community of gamers
  55. Spec Ops dev making next-gen game with UE4
  56. Oculus-Alike: Build Your Own Virtual Reality Headset
  57. Why 2013 could be the year of the microconsole
  58. Raspberry Pi as a Spotify server with MPD control
  59. Minimalist user interface for headless Raspberry Pi applications
  60. Xbox 360 tops consoles in US in February with 302,000 sold
  61. Makerbot and Adafruit selling special edition 3D printer: Raspberry Pi, other kits in
  62. NPD: Xbox 360, Dead Space 3 reigned in February
  63. Haynes 'cook book' offers introductory recipes for the Raspberry Pi
  64. Daily Mail wants to win over gamers
  65. Plex client project for Raspberry Pi gets a fresh update
  66. Raspberry Pi As Hardware Backdoor
  67. rpix86 progress - Dos Emulator for Raspberry PI News
  68. rpix86 released! - rpix86 is a PC emulator for the Raspberry Pi computer
  69. UK game industry returns to growth
  70. We Should Be Allowed To Unlock Everything We Own
  71. UK charts: three new entries, but Tomb Raider hangs on at number one
  72. Supermarkets now the cheapest place to buy games; Average game price climbs
  73. Oculus Rift won't come bundled with Doom 3, credit or refund offered instead
  74. Playing an actual game with Oculus Rift: hands-on with Valve's Team Fortress 2 'VR Mo
  75. Canon's unannounced $800 18MP EOS-b DSLR pops up on Best Buy's website for pre-order
  76. DRM worse for devs than piracy
  77. Oculus Rift Loses Doom 3 BFG Edition From Launch Package, But Gains TF2
  78. Peter Moore tipped as next EA boss, Riccitiello’s “track record of mis-executions” to
  79. Oculus Rift could work on current and next-gen consoles
  80. Logitech introduces rebranded gaming range
  81. Video Games and Literature
  82. Avanquest: 'Licensed kids games is not a dead market'
  83. Japan: 3DS reclaims sales lead from Vita
  84. Majority of publishers shunning boxed product
  85. WSPR transmitter shows true value of Raspberry Pi for hacking
  86. Kids Build Pill Dispenser To Win Raspberry Pi Award
  87. Hacked Interactive R2D2 controlled by Raspberry Pi
  88. Analog input expansion boards for Raspberry Pi
  89. Corsair unveils $130 Vengeance K70 gaming keyboard with backlit keys
  90. Rogue Pi: A RPi Pentesting Dropbox
  91. HMV buyout imminent as stores remove 'closing down' signs
  92. GDC 13: Custom UDK to ship with all Oculus Rift dev kits
  93. Video Game Industry Starting To Feel Heat On Gun Massacres
  94. UK Charts: Gears Of War Judgment debuts at number one
  95. Games get convenience store boost
  96. Market can only support 10 successful triple-A games a year
  97. Unreal Engine 3 adding Oculus Rift support this April
  98. GameStick strikes up XBMC partnership, will add the full Media Center experience
  99. rpix86 v0.03 released! - Dos(PC) Emulator for RaspBerry Pi Released
  100. Online retail sales grow 16 per cent year-on-year
  101. Bushnell: The days of mobile gaming's dominance are over
  102. Oculus Rift: WE'RE the next generation of gaming
  103. Duo kit lets you build your own 3D motion tracker
  104. GDC 13: Violent games lack creative ambition, says Spec Ops writer
  105. The Leap Motion Controller is Sort of Like a Super Kinect
  106. Is 'free' the future of console games?
  107. Former EA exec: 'It's anarchy out there on consoles'
  108. Luigi's Mansion sneaks into first place in Japan
  109. The key(board) to success
  110. GDC 13: Why female protagonists in games are rare
  111. Retail: Don't block pre-owned
  112. Raspbmc's March update brings XBMC 12.1, fixes to Raspberry Pi
  113. 'Nobody knows final next-gen hardware specs,' DICE exec suggests
  114. Oculus Rift development kits now shipping, some may have already arrived
  115. Hands-on with Divekick's minimalist two-button controller
  116. Soapbox: Why the High Street is dying
  117. Retailing in the Kickstarter Economy
  118. GDC 2014 dates announced
  119. BioShock Infinite claims UK number one
  120. Video games have a 'big role' for new Blockbuster
  121. Google Glass and Surveillance Culture
  122. Hacker turns Kindle Paperwhite into wireless Raspberry Pi terminal
  123. Gadget Show Live showcases latest tech
  124. GNOME2 Fork MATE Desktop 1.6 Released
  125. Just Cause 3 dev says there will be fewer triple-A games on next-gen consoles
  126. Disney closes LucasArts
  127. Powering the Oculus Rift with USB
  128. Building a vehicle parking camera
  129. Luigi and Nintendo 3DS on top in Japan
  130. Hacker turns Kindle Paperwhite into wireless Raspberry Pi terminal
  131. rpix86 v0.04 released! - Dos(PC) Emulator for RaspBerry Pi Released
  132. Schafer shocked as Disney disbands LucasArts team
  133. How to port your game to Oculus Rift, according to Valve
  134. Inafune: Japanese devs "don't know what to do or how to do it"
  135. UK boxed game sales spike over Easter
  136. Free-to-play games putting pressure on triple-A
  137. Senator Feinstein: We Need Video Game Control
  138. rpix86 v0.05 released! - Dos(PC) Emulator for RaspBerry Pi Released
  139. UK charts: Bioshock Infinite reclaims number one, Defiance in at three
  140. Razer promises sneakier sneak attacks with $130 Orbweaver Stealth Edition mechanical
  141. Online Game Deals for This Week
  142. Australian dev criticises restrictive ratings system
  143. The Japanese video games market actually GREW in the last 12 months
  144. The Psychological Appeal of Violent Shooters
  145. Japanese retail games market grows for first time in 5 years
  146. YOU SHALL NOT GLASS: More bans for Google Glass digital specs
  147. Are publishers shunning boxed product?
  148. Oculus Rift gets torn down by iFixit
  149. Japan: Luigi's Mansion 2, 3DS hold tops spots
  150. Not Even Investors Know What Google Glass Is For
  151. Tables turn at HMV as games suppliers fear retreat
  152. Hacking the Oculus Rift: the Oculight
  153. Free-to-play schemes could be unlawful, warns Office of Fair Trading
  154. UK government scrutinises F2P kids games
  155. US Senator calls violent games 'simulators'
  156. Hackers target online games firms
  157. UK boxed game sales jump in March
  158. SqueezeBerry: a Raspberri Pi powered Squeezebox appliance
  159. Raspberry Pi Production Heats Up In UK Surpassing Chinese Production Soon
  160. Oculus Rift's Tuscany demo scores unofficial support for Razer Hydra
  161. rpix86 has a logo!
  162. NASA: Games can play major roles in space exploration
  163. Crytek: Graphics are 60% of the game experience
  164. UK charts: Bioshock Infinite retains number one
  165. US authorities look to ban violent games that don't exist
  166. Select Sony Bravia W-series TVs now available for pre-order in Europe
  167. Kobo unveils limited edition Aura HD e-reader: 6.8-inch HD screen, ships April 25th
  168. Next-gen consoles must ‘blow people away’ to succeed, says CD Projekt
  169. Wayland 1.1 Released — Now With Raspberry Pi Support
  170. Google Glass Specs Hit the Web
  171. Bethesda's Hines admits to "concern" about pre-owned
  172. New Jersey Task Force demands tighter regulations on violent video games
  173. Online retail game deals for this Week
  174. Best Buy Gaming Deals
  175. GameStop Games Deals
  176. Target Games Deals
  177. Toys R US Games Deals
  178. Google Glass prohibits ads, won't charge for apps
  179. 3D Printing sensor mounts for the Oculus Rift
  180. Luigi and 3DS on top in Japan
  181. Unreal Engine 3 recruited by the US Air Force
  182. Will games miss out on annual Star Wars movie blitz?
  183. BioShock, Tomb Raider can't save March US sales from 10% decline
  184. Google CEO Larry Page confirms: yes, Google Glass runs on Android
  185. Evil Controllers' Vision line adds customization and lengthy battery life
  186. Razer to honour orders following 90% discount blunder
  187. US games market falls 10% in March
  188. 20% of Australian video games sold online
  189. Disney Announces "One Star Wars Movie Per Year" Plan
  190. Virtuix hooks up Oculus Rift to its Omni treadmill, shows off 'True VR'
  191. rpix86 v0.06 released! - Dos(PC) Emulator for RaspBerry Pi Released
  192. VBjin-OVR v1.0
  193. Omnidirectional Treadmill: The Ultimate FPS Input Device?
  194. All eyes on Oculus Rift, the VR headset with a 20:20 vision of gaming’s future
  195. UK charts: Injustice: Gods Among Us beats Bioshock to number one
  196. Dixons should be applauded for its innovative Gaming Bunker
  197. Google Glass will be available to consumers in a year, says Schmidt
  198. Online Game Deals for April 21st, 2013
  199. Moga Pro controller makes Android games better
  200. Are we ready for the biggest video games drought ever?
  201. GAME launches UK retail's first free-to-play platform
  202. Tomodachi Collection boosts 3DS XL in Japan
  203. Google Glass easter egg reveals the team that built it
  204. EVE Online dev reveals Oculus Rift-based space dogfighting 'experience'
  205. Eric Schmidt: Google Glass Critics 'Afraid of Change,' Society Will Adapt
  206. Google releases Glass kernel GPL source, lets developers have at it
  207. Oculus Rift already has a Virtual Boy emulator
  208. rpix86 v0.07 released! - Dos(PC) Emulator for RaspBerry Pi Released
  209. World's first 55-inch curved TV launched by LG
  210. Microsoft's Illumiroom turns living room into game
  211. UK charts: Dead Island Riptide makes debut at number one
  212. Mega Online Deals for April 29th 2013
  213. Nook makes huge push into UK ereader market with large discounts
  214. Google helps you get acquainted with Glass UI in how-to video
  215. Genius to showcase pro-gaming GX range at PCR Boot Camp
  216. Google Glass Is the Future — and the Future Has Awful Battery Life
  217. Mario Party 9 and Animal Crossing named in Guardian's violent games Axis of Evil
  218. Japanese chart: Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite debut
  219. Blockbuster to celebrate comeback with bank holiday promotions
  220. South Korean MPs plot to regulate 'addictive online games'
  221. IllumiRoom To Take Gaming Visuals Outside the Box and Onto the Living Room
  222. Meet Drone Shield, an Ambitious Idea For a $70 Drone Detection System
  223. Is Google Glass Too Nerdy For the Mainstream?
  224. Scottish Police chief blames violent games for teenage stabbing
  225. NPD: Majority of gamers play online
  226. Pebble watch hack makes it a home automation controller
  227. Fullscreen BEAM app sends Google Glass videos directly to YouTube
  228. Physics teacher adopts Google Glass, gives students a glance at CERN
  229. Google Glass to support GPS navigation, text messages
  230. Doom 3 BFG, SSX, Resistance 3, more for $10 at Best Buy this weekend
  231. Google Sets Its Sights On Gaming, Hires Noah Falstein As Chief Game Designer
  232. EA strikes exclusive deal to develop ‘core’ Star Wars games
  233. Uncovering the Dixons Gaming Bunker
  234. Google Glass Hands-On: Brimming With Potential, Dangerous While Driving
  235. Oculus Rift Guillotine Simulation
  236. Dialogue: you discuss why consoles’ days aren’t numbered
  237. UK charts: Dead Island: Riptide retains number one spot
  238. Google Glass snags unofficial Facebook photo sharing
  239. Hidden sensors in Google Glass could enable AR apps
  240. EA extends FIFA licensing agreement until happily ever after
  241. Tech support worker builds own Google Glass
  242. GAME plots summer of events to counter video games drought
  243. Minecraft lands unofficial Oculus Rift support
  244. Lucasfilm domains hint at several new Star Wars projects
  245. 3DS dominates latest Japanese chart
  246. Microsoft interested in acquiring Nook for $1 billion
  247. Half-Life 2 now has Linux, Oculus Rift support
  248. Low cost consoles and games can reach the markets PlayStation and Xbox can’t, says Ga
  249. ANALYSIS: Are smart devices killing the console?
  250. BioWare selling replica ME3 M-77 Paladin pistol for $400