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  1. Auto dimmer hacked into keyboard backlight
  2. Raspberry Pi housed inside a computer monitor
  3. Microsoft and John Lewis find over two thirds of parents ask their kids for tech advi
  4. UK charts: Dead Island: Riptide still number one
  5. Sales declines expected through July
  6. Mad Genius' Motion Capture System brings Sony's break-apart controller idea to life
  7. The future of console homebrew
  8. One game controller connects to many consoles
  9. Raspberry Pi survives electronics blackout for a cameo on Revolution
  10. Raspberry Pi camera module comes to the UK May 14th
  11. Nvidia Shield launches in June for around $350, Preorders Start May 20th
  12. DICE to open LA Studio just for Star Wars games
  13. E3 still vital to industry, says ESA
  14. 3DS continues to dominate Japanese chart
  15. British Lulzsec hackers jailed over cyber attacks
  16. Entatech teams up with Mad Catz for new Twitter competition
  17. Online Retail vs Street Dates
  18. Video games piracy is less prolific than feared, report claims
  19. Google Glass to get CNN, Elle, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote and Facebook apps soon
  20. Google announces Glass Developer Kit, will enable offline apps and direct hardware ac
  21. April NPD: Injustice: Gods Among Us reigns supreme
  22. RPiCluster: Another Raspberry Pi Cluster, With Neat Tricks
  23. Homebrew GPS gets ±1 meter resolution with a Raspberry Pi
  24. Game sales nosedive 25% at US retail in April
  25. Google Glass 'prescription edition' makes a cameo at Google I/O
  26. Meta 1 marries 3D glasses and motion sensor for gesture-controlled AR
  27. NVIDIA pushes up Shield public pre-order date, lets you hop in queue today
  28. ATX Raspi is a smart power source for Raspberry Pi
  29. Controlling a terminal with Google Voice
  30. UK chart: Metro: Last Light turns up top
  31. Costco UK selling full-size F1 simulator for just £90,000
  32. Foc.us headset zaps your brain for 'ultimate gaming experience'
  33. Turning a phone into a media center remote
  34. LG to demo 5-inch unbreakable and flexible plastic OLED panel
  35. 33 Node Beowulf Cluster built with Raspberry Pi
  36. Theme park makes £1m investment to open Angry Birds attraction
  37. Namco Bandai scores #1 in Japanese charts
  38. EA to show Star Wars plans at E3
  39. Meet Pidora, the New Official Fedora Remix For Raspberry Pi
  40. Listening to aircraft transponders with a Raspberry Pi
  41. What the Xbox One Controller Says About Microsoft... and Nintendo
  42. Triple-A development model 'broken'
  43. Google Releases Glass Factory System Image, Rooted Bootloader
  44. Meet the 23-Ton X-Wing, the World's Largest Lego Model
  45. £125,000 - price of the world's most expensive video game
  46. RPi control your server PSU over the Internet
  47. Google Glass: What's With All the Hate?
  48. Adding night vision to the Raspberry Pi camera
  49. Console Manufacturers Want the Impossible?
  50. Vastly Improved Raspberry Pi Performance With Wayland
  51. One gamer's impassioned plea to protect pre-owned
  52. Resident Evil: Revelations is this week's No.1
  53. Earth, as seen by Raspberry Pi camera attached to weather balloon
  54. Peripherals industry 'near-impossible to penetrate,' says inventor
  55. Programming microcontrollers with a Raspi
  56. 3DS buoyed by Shin Megami Tensei IV in Japan
  57. Google Glass lacks broad appeal, but wearables are 'incredibly interesting'
  58. EA’s discontinuation of Online Passes includes removing them from old games
  59. Raspberry Pi helps with 2.4GHz home automation
  60. NVIDIA Shield drops by the FCC, gets ready to fill pre-orders
  61. Oculus VR co-founder struck and killed by speeding car
  62. UDOO Looks To Combine Best of Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  63. If E3 is 'irrelevant', why is everyone hoping to get involved?
  64. Will Your Video Game Collection Appreciate Over Time?
  65. GitHub Back Online After Service Outage
  66. Pre-owned crackdown is a sad excuse for business innovation
  67. Google: 'We won't be approving any facial recognition Glassware at this time'
  68. Pi to Go: Hot Raspberry Pi DIY Mini Desktop PC Project
  69. UK charts: Grid 2 takes top spot
  70. E3: The games from this generation that you've already forgotten
  71. Upgrading to new consoles could generate $2.5bn in credit at GameStop
  72. Sony's Laser Light Source Projector with 3LCD to be available in August
  73. Raspi Internet radio with Google Music
  74. Google Glass monthly update improves photos with HDR, captions
  75. Virtuix Omni VR treadmill gives gamers the run around from $249
  76. Livingstone: Nintendo should bring IP to all platforms
  77. Retro Gaming With Raspberry Pi
  78. Decline in boxed software sales is hitting Japanese market hardest
  79. Tomodachi Collection: New Life tops Japanese chart
  80. PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox set for epic E3
  81. Alarm clock uses Raspberry Pi to poll Google Calendar
  82. Unreal Engine 4 now supports Oculus Rift, introduces 'Integrated Partners Program
  83. Omni treadmill sprints past Kickstarter target
  84. The Video Game Drawn By Hand
  85. Google Glass Banned At Google Shareholder Meeting
  86. Publishers may block pre-owned for a period after release
  87. Q1 2013 halts decline of US games market as digital grows 15% to claim majority share
  88. Raspberry Pi used to build a smart television
  89. NPD: $3.5 billion spent on games in Q1 2013
  90. E3 2013: EA unveils Garden Warfare, Peggle 2
  91. E3 2013: Here are the games coming from EA Sports
  92. E3 2013: Bioware unveils Dragon Age III: Inquisition
  93. UK charts: Grid 2 retains top spot, Remember Me in at three
  94. EA: Mirror's Edge 2 officially announced
  95. Automated programming and testing jig built with Raspberry Pi
  96. Rocksmith 2014 revealed
  97. Computing students take Raspberry Pi into the cloud with Lego
  98. Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror's Edge headline EA E3 showing
  99. Oculus Rift HD prototype VR headset appears at E3, we go hands (and eyes) on
  100. Nyko reveals new accessories for Xbox One, PS4 and NVIDIA Shield
  101. Sky site suggests TV subscription prices could increase by up to 10 percent
  102. LG brings Ubitus' GameNow cloud gaming to Smart TVs in the US
  103. E3 2013: Oculus Rift prototype shows 1080p HD support
  104. Man Who Sold $100 Million Worth of Pirated Software Gets 12 Years In Prison
  105. Video Gamers See the World Differently
  106. Tomodachi Collection still on top in Japan
  107. Polk Audio Xbox N1 Surroundbar and 133t gaming headphones
  108. PlayStation 4's Shuhei Yoshida on Oculus Rift: We have dev kits, 'I love it'
  109. Creative Labs rolls out Sound Blaster EVO gaming headsets
  110. Nyko's Smart Clip brings the second screen to your controller
  111. Yoshida confesses "love" for Oculus Rift as 1080p prototype is revealed
  112. Sony's Open SmartWatch project lets devs tinker with its firmware
  113. Onion Pi — Make a Raspberry Pi Into a Anonymizing Tor Proxy
  114. Raspberry Pi Tor proxy lets you take anonymity with you
  115. Bleszinski: AAA numbers don't work with used and rental games around
  116. Anxiety Gaming Wants To Offer Mental Help Via Game Console
  117. UK Charts: The Last Of Us enters at number one as the third fastest seller of 2013
  118. Raspberry Pi replaces a Volvo nav system
  119. E3 buzzkill: Game sales at US retail plummet in May
  120. Oculus snags $16 million from investors to bring virtual reality to the masses
  121. Latest ESA survey shows rise in diversity of gamers
  122. Oculus Rift gets $16 million in funding
  123. GDC Europe 2013 will feature Kick Off postmortem
  124. Oculus Rift’s bold bid to bring back virtual reality – and change videogames forever
  125. Oculus remains focused on PC first for Rift, using new capital to scale up staff
  126. Next3D's plan to bring recorded video to the Oculus Rift
  127. Raspbmc's June build brings a slew of tweaks: cloud backups and more coming in July
  128. Play Surgeon Simulator 2013 with Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra at Rezzed
  129. Raspberry Pi gets its own media center kit: £46 for easy XBMC and controller
  130. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D tops Japanese chart
  131. Sony, Microsoft Squabble Over Console Features, But the Real Opponent Is Apple
  132. 12% of US population would wear Google Glass on everyday basis
  133. Bleszinski: Console digital shift still happening
  134. EA's Online Pass won't return
  135. A Simple DIY Game Controller For People With Physical Challenges
  136. EA Sports: 'We must not screw up our next-gen titles'
  137. Are Games Consoles Too Generic?
  138. Raspberry Pi Bitcoin miner
  139. UK charts: The Last Of Us retains top spot
  140. Now State of Decay suffers Australian ban
  141. Atari 2600 has a Raspberry Pi hiding under the hood
  142. Latest Source SDK adds Mac, Linux, Occulus Rift support
  143. Recon Jet HUD now available for pre-order in $499 Pilot Edition
  144. Desilets: The future is digital and there's nothing you can do about it
  145. Xbox 360 overtakes Wii as the UK's No.1 games console
  146. RF wireless kernel module for Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and others
  147. Astrosmash style video game as Sony SmartWatch firmware
  148. Toshiba offers 4K TV pricing and availability
  149. Games without demos sell twice as many copies
  150. The Last of Us conquers Japanese chart
  151. Half-Life 2 crowbars its way out of Linux beta, brings Oculus Rift support with it
  152. rpix86 version 0.08 released!
  153. Back at the Helm after 2 weeks Holiday
  154. Oculus Rift CEO wants headset to be free
  155. Eben Upton Muses on the Raspberry Pi, Scratch and, His Love For Parallela
  156. Google Fixes Glass Vulnerability To Malicious QR Codes
  157. Github Finally Agrees Public Repos Should Have Explicit Licenses
  158. Oculus Rift aiming for 2014 release, CEO touts potential on ‘next gen cellphones’
  159. UK charts: Mario & Luigi in at three as The Last Of Us retains number one spot
  160. FPV drones with an Oculus Rift
  161. Web based automation courtesy of Raspberry Pi
  162. Manual transmission for gamers
  163. Raspberry Pi learns the lost art of Teletext
  164. Mind Pirate set to expand wearable computing
  165. Current console model won't work moving forward, says Itagaki
  166. Oculus Rift could be coming to smartphones
  167. Pikmin 3 boosts Wii U sales in Japan
  168. Japanese devs react to E3, next-gen
  169. Games vs. Guns: How the ESA outspends the NRA on lobbying
  170. The Last Of Us makes it 5 weeks at #1
  171. 4K for £4k: Samsung's latest Ultra HDTVs arriving in the UK
  172. Intuitive Aerial takes the Oculus Rift on its first FPV drone flight
  173. Home Automation Kit Includes Arduino, RasPi Dev Boards
  174. Video games can (maybe) cure cancer
  175. Game consoles' sluggish sales demand a price cut
  176. Water cooled Raspberry Pi
  177. rpix86 version 0.10 released!
  178. UK charts: The Last Of Us claims its sixth number one
  179. Games retail is "taking the industry for a ride", Ready at Dawn claims
  180. Multiple Raspberry Pi boards used to create video wall
  181. Leap Motion controller
  182. Vendetta Online Becomes the First MMO To Launch Support For the Oculus Rift.
  183. EA: Current-gen sports games pre-orders are "soft" owing to nearing next-gen
  184. Home audio and lighting taken over by the Raspberry Pi
  185. VSC: Half of games released in UK are family friendly
  186. Google introduces Chromecast, a $35 HDMI streaming solution for televisions
  187. Mario & Luigi Dream Team tops Japanese chart, boosts 3DS sales
  188. Oculus hosting 3-week game jam, giving big prizes
  189. Monitoring a sick bird using the Raspberry Pi
  190. EA revenue from downloads and web now overtaking that of disc-based games
  191. Bobby Kotick leads Activision Blizzard’s $5.83 billion share buyout
  192. Google Chromecast Reviewed; Google Nixes Netflix Discount
  193. Google's still working on a Glass development kit
  194. 12K gaming rig renders 1.5 billion pixels per second for just $17,000
  195. Japan: Nintendo dominates sales in first half of 2013
  196. Google TV Hackers Open a Shell on the Chromecast; More Hacks To Follow
  197. Unreal Engine 3 licensed for US army
  198. UK chart: Minecraft pips Pikmin to the number one spot
  199. Headless tethering between Raspberry Pi and iPhone
  200. Call of Duty, Watch Dogs lead holiday preorders - Analyst
  201. Disney registers Star Wars Attack Squadron domains
  202. 20 cancelled Star Wars games revealed
  203. Google encourages the use of Android SDK when building apps for Glass
  204. Xbox 360 light right and RF module connected to Raspberry Pi
  205. Racing telemetry on a cockpit view
  206. Australian government report tears apart "unjustifiable" games pricing
  207. Razer revamps Naga MMO mouse with mechanical switches, left-handed model
  208. Australians urged to 'lawfully evade' unfair prices on digital goods
  209. Nvidia Releases Tegra 4 Powered SHIELD Handheld
  210. Hope remains for Bully 2 as Take-Two files new trademark
  211. How to play a Game Boy emulator on Chromecast
  212. UK government considering fines for drivers wearing Google Glass
  213. Phone to Chromecast app streams pics and video, but can't be released yet
  214. PaperDude VR resurrects Paperboy with Oculus Rift, Kinect, KickR and a bike
  215. New Phoenix Wright storms Japanese chart
  216. Google Glass invites sent out to US users
  217. 9th Circuit Court Elevates Celebrity Privacy Rights Over Video Game Portrayals
  218. Square Enix: "We're not abandoning core console and PC games"
  219. Star Wars: Battlefront to arrive alongside Star Wars VII in summer 2015
  220. Kotick: PS4 and Xbox One lifecycle will last as long as current-gen
  221. Leapcast emulates Chromecast in your Chrome browser
  222. OpenGlass uses Google Glass to identify objects for the visually impaired
  223. Is Chromecast the little dongle that could change things?
  224. Chromecast update breaks root-friendly exploit
  225. Microsoft tries to patent AR glasses for multiplayer gaming
  226. Modified Saints Row 4 granted MA15+ rating in Australia
  227. Import Gadgets & Games Reopened
  228. TVs and Projectors Site Reopened
  229. Gaming and Gadgets Site refocused - Now Posting the latest Ebay Daily Deals
  230. DCEmu.com Refocused
  231. Console Hardware News Goes all Retro
  232. Peter Capaldi Unveiled As the New Star of Doctor Who
  233. Ridge Racer: Unbounded collides with free-to-play in Driftopia – what’s the damage?
  234. Crytek websites hacked, personal details may have been accessed
  235. Sony and FA announce PlayStation Schools' Cup
  236. Minecraft is the UK's No.1 for the second week in a row
  237. Innovation threatened by rising cost of AAA, says Raymond
  238. DCEmu.com Relaunch
  239. July sees best retail sales growth in 7 years
  240. Def Con Hackers On Whether They'd Work For the NSA
  241. What can we do about the annual video games summer drought?
  242. Raspberry Pi camera built as part of advertising campaign
  243. Disney Interactive sales down 7%, losses growing
  244. Ken Levine finds Chromecast tech more exciting than next-gen
  245. Oculus appoints John Carmack as CTO
  246. ECA opposes violent games research bill
  247. Digital shift could mean game over for big publishers, Ed Fries says
  248. Ubisoft gets Hasbro console license
  249. Black Ops 2 'Origins' video begins with 4 men, ends with a mech
  250. Congrats to Shahar Shenhar, World Champion 2013