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  1. IBM boffins create human-like computer brain - the first step to Skynet?
  2. Leave me alone: speaking out against the rise of co-op
  3. Google on games: “we’ve really only just started”
  4. UK games retail suffers worst month on record
  5. Disney Magic Castle takes number one in Japan
  6. Another ex-Id employee joins Oculus VR
  7. Handguns: why is gaming’s most common weapon so ambiguous?
  8. Pre-order fanfare signals start of true next-gen tension
  9. XboxOne News Opened - The Number One Site for XboxOne News and Releases
  10. The Pirate Bay Launches Browser To Evade ISP Blockades
  11. The Pirate Bay Is 10 Years Old: 'We Really Didn't Think We'd Make It This Far'
  12. Why I love what the Chromecast stands for
  13. Google Glass controlled quadcopter
  14. President Obama proposes review, new oversight measures in wake of NSA scandal
  15. Virtuix Omni pre-orders open, time to clear some space in the living room
  16. Dev's CyanogenMod tweak sends content from most apps to Chromecast
  17. Unlock Chromecast's incognito mode to keep your browser history clean
  18. Focus on ZX81 - Coder for PSP, Android, GP2X, Wiz, Dingoo, Caanoo and Pandora
  19. PSMonkey Site Revamped
  20. Plynx Website Revamped
  21. Federal judge denies motion to dismiss used games lawsuit against GameStop
  22. Voice controlled home automation uses Raspberry Pi and LightwaveRF
  23. Casting light on the Chromecast
  24. Element14 unveils Raspberry Pi Projects hub and 8GB Model B bundle
  25. Pixel art controllers coming from Hyperkin this September
  26. Focus on GPF - Coder for Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, GBA and Mobile Phone
  27. Focus on Deniska - Coder for PSP Homebrew and Applications
  28. Google Glass shooting game in development
  29. Third week at the top for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
  30. July retail sales set to slide again
  31. End times for walled gardens
  32. Google updates Glass with video player, improved voice commands
  33. nDreams releases skydiving Oculus Rift demo
  34. Royal Navy Deployed Laser Weapons During the Falklands War
  35. You’re Playing It Wrong: exploding the happy gaming family myth
  36. Open Source Licensing Debate Has Positive Effect On GitHub
  37. Leap Motion passes 1m app downloads, SDK hits 25,000 users
  38. Microsoft unveils wrist-friendly Sculpt Ergonomic and Sculpt Comfort Desktops
  39. Logitech TK820 melds wireless keyboard and trackpad for $100
  40. 3DS to top US sales again in July, analyst predicts
  41. Pee Power: new urine-powered smartphone charger a possibility
  42. Egyptian Security Forces Storm Pro-Morsi Camps Leaving Nearly 100 Dead
  43. Haptix wants to turn every surface into a multi-touch controller
  44. Disney game holds No.1 spot in Japan
  45. How Gamers Could Save the (Real) World
  46. Capcom: Resident Evil 6 felt bloated, Resident Evil 7 will return to survival horror
  47. FIFA 13 overtakes Black Ops II to regain UK sales crown
  48. PS3 outselling Xbox 360 in the UK this summer
  49. Razer announces the $79 Tartarus, a more affordable gaming keypad
  50. July NPD: NCAA Football and Minecraft lead software, 3DS still on top
  51. Area 51 No Longer (Officially) a Secret
  52. Too many gamers think diversity means dumbing down – it’s time to forget that outmode
  53. Google Glass Integration For Cars Is Coming: Neat Idea Or Crazy Town?
  54. EA settles Battlefield 3 and Textron helicopter lawsuit
  55. Homebrew Kinect app steers Chromecast streams
  56. Google: UK privacy law can't touch us
  57. Third of UK shoppers would use Google Glass in retail stores
  58. Partner of Guardian's Snowden Reporter Detained Under Terrorism Act
  59. Should Cops Wear Google Glass?
  60. Miemt PSP Dev Site Revamped
  61. Payday 2 knocks Minecraft from No.1
  62. Controlling Chromecast: AirCast APK released
  63. Oculus VR launches demo sharing platform
  64. Oculus Rift's John Carmack working on mobile SDK support
  65. Find and share the best Oculus Rift games on Oculus Share, now in beta
  66. Dog owner uses Raspberry Pi to build bark-activated door opener Pi-Rex
  67. Google Glass could offer Robo Cop style vision to emergency services
  68. Carmack pushing Oculus Rift mobile SDK
  69. UK Government Destroys Guardian's Snowden Drives
  70. Sony trumps Microsoft again with a confident, comprehensive showcase at Gamescom
  71. Next-gen consoles are getting ‘closer and closer’ to photorealistic visuals, says Dav
  72. Plantronics' $130 Rig gaming headset
  73. SparqEE CELLv1.0 opens up cell networks for Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  74. Oculus Rift-based dogfighting spin-off EVE: Valkyrie announced
  75. One Direction movie premiere hits 2m tweets
  76. Syrian Rebels Claim Hundreds Killed By Poison-Gas Attack
  77. Oculus VR on why John Carmack joined the Rift revolution
  78. EA impresses at Gamescom, despite too many buzzwords and too few genuinely new games
  79. Are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on divergent paths?
  80. Google reveals Field Trip app for Glass, puts recreational recommendations in your FO
  81. Gem to supply Turtle Beach and Call of Duty gaming headsets
  82. Google Glass launching in Best Buy stores in 2014?
  83. Harrison: Consoles still generate majority of money in games
  84. DXDev Revamped
  85. Xbox One vs PS4: Who's on top?
  86. EA wants to emulate Batman Arkham success with new Star Wars games
  87. Put in pocket change, get bitcoins
  88. Oculus Rift and the unexplored territory of VR
  89. Free-to-play set to take off on consoles?
  90. GameStop expecting "largest console launch in history"
  91. Disney Magic Castle still on top in Japan
  92. OpenGlass gives Google Glass real-time augmented reality
  93. Yahoo has more web traffic than Google
  94. New, Canon-Faithful Star Trek Series Is In Pre-Production
  95. Students At Lynn University Get iPad Minis Instead of Textbooks
  96. EA reaffirms strong relations with Sony, Nintendo
  97. JoyPad News - Redesigned and Reopened
  98. Google Buys Foxconn Patents For Head-Mounted Tech
  99. EA COO Peter Moore: 'We don't ship a game at EA that is offline'
  100. DCEmu Tutorials Revamped and Reopened
  101. NSA Cracked Into Encrypted UN Video Conferences
  102. XboxOne News Fully up and Running
  103. DCEmu Console History Revamped
  104. DCEmu Interviews Revamped
  105. 'Next-gen' Gamescom draws 340,000
  106. Syria crisis: Diplomacy has not worked, says William Hague
  107. Google Breaks ChromeCast's Ability To Play Local Content
  108. PlayStation 4 takes out best hardware category at Gamescom
  109. Retro Console and Homebrew News Revamped
  110. Xbox News Revamped
  111. x360ce SVN r789
  112. Free-to-play to be part of every major EA franchise
  113. New Keyboard Accessory Shocks Users When They Try To Go On Facebook
  114. Afraid Someone Will Steal Your Game Design Idea?
  115. US Forces Ready To Strike Syria If Ordered
  116. Google Claims ChromeCast Local Streaming Only Broken Because of SDK Changes
  117. ERA: Games retail will outperform video and music combined in 2013
  118. Saints Row IV tops UK charts in busy week for new releases
  119. Chromecast's iOS app arrives, looks to make cross-platform living room magic
  120. Logitech's G602 wireless gaming mouse packs massive battery life
  121. Call of Duty versus Battlefield 'is good for the industry', says EA exec
  122. Mini classic Macintosh created with Raspberry Pi, runs System 6
  123. Study Suggests Violent Video Games May Make Teens Less Violent
  124. Xbox 360 News Revamped
  125. Humble Origin Bundle raises over $10m
  126. A Closer Look At the Syrian Electronic Army
  127. How would Reggie Fils-Aime describe the PS4 and Xbox One launch line-ups? "Meh"
  128. Super Robot Wars is Japan's #1
  129. EA isn't playing favorites with next gen, says Moore
  130. Raspberry Pi, Smart Highways Win World's Biggest Design Prize
  131. FIFA 14 tops Gamescom buzz league but PES 2014 is up for the fight
  132. CODE mechanical keyboard delivers the click without the noise
  133. WiiU News Updated
  134. Nintendo Wii News Revamped
  135. Sega Saturn News Revamped
  136. RaspBerry Pi News Revamped
  137. PSVita News Redesigned and Revamped
  138. PSP News Revamped
  139. rpix86 version 0.11 released! - Dos Emulator for Raspberry PI
  140. The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2013 is closed! Have 27 entries total
  141. x360ce SVN r793
  142. PS2 News Revamped
  143. PC Gaming Revamped
  144. UK Xbox and PlayStation bosses both claim pole position in next-gen battle
  145. Saints Row IV still topping UK charts
  146. OpenPandora Site Revamped
  147. Syrian Electronic Army Denies Anonymous Exposed Its Members
  148. DICE+ digital gaming cubes now shipping
  149. Ouya News Revamped
  150. Nintendo DS News Revamped
  151. N64 News - The Home of Snes Nes and Nintendo 64 Revamped
  152. GAME reveals next-gen game trade-in program for UK
  153. What's new in the new Kindle Paperwhite? Better lighting, a faster chip
  154. Google Glass app store arrives next year
  155. HDMI 2.0 Officially Announced
  156. Japanese chart: Final Fantasy XIV and Lost Planet 3 debut
  157. Tech kills the family holiday as the smartphone replaces the beachball
  158. PS4 Vs Xbox One: the state of play
  159. Lost Planet 3 struggles in Japan
  160. UCSF study shows gaming makes you cognitively younger
  161. Ghost Recon Online global competition announced
  162. LG showcases 'world's largest' ultra HD OLED TV
  163. Open Source Handheld Site Revamped
  164. Using Raspberry Pi and iOS App To Catch Rhino Poachers
  165. US Intercepts Iranian Order For Attack On US Embassy In Iraq
  166. 'Gamers will choose between Xbox One and PS4 after Gadget Show hands-on'
  167. NPD: US digital games spending up, but not enough to offset physical decline
  168. Hotline Miami 2 assault scene under consideration
  169. GBA News Revamped
  170. GCW Zero News Revamped
  171. GameCube News Revamped
  172. Dreamcast News Revamped
  173. EA working on new IPs to avoid 'life support' scenario
  174. Apple News Revamped
  175. Saints Row IV is No.1 for a third time
  176. Android News Site Gets an Overhaul
  177. ASA dismisses GAME "We Won't Be Beaten on Trade-ins" complaint
  178. US game sales to post first double-digit year-on-year growth since April '11
  179. Luc Bernard: Wolfenstein is an insult to the Holocaust
  180. Google Glass update adds 'vignettes,' sound search and more
  181. Why Oculus Rift needs an auto-pause feature for horror games
  182. Mobile Phone News Revamped
  183. GameCity 8 readies for 50,000 visitors
  184. Syrian Gov't Agrees To Russian Chem-Weapon Turnover Plan
  185. Research Shows "Three Strikes" Anti-piracy Laws Don't Work
  186. Blockbuster stocking free games mag Gamereactor
  187. Raspberry Pi gets audiophile credentials thanks to RaspyFi Linux distro
  188. 'Kids game on mobiles almost as much as on consoles'
  189. Splinter Cell sneaks into second place in Japan
  190. Can the iPhone Popularize Fingerprint Readers?
  191. Leap Motion brings 3D motion control to the desktop, with mixed results
  192. William Hill makes Call of Duty: Ghosts Xmas No.1 favourite
  193. Retail game sales up 21% in August - NPD
  194. New Harry Potter spin-off series may get a video game tie-in
  195. Console war will 'reinvigorate' flagging industry, says Sony boss
  196. Can wearable tech boost retail?
  197. Google Releases Raspberry Pi Web Dev Teaching Tool
  198. Raspberry Pi As an Ad Blocking Access Point
  199. Analyst predicts 36m PS4 sales and 30m Xbox One sales by 2018
  200. US, Russia Agree On Plan To Dispose of Syria's Chemical Weapons
  201. The Making Of: The X-Files
  202. Tooth Cavities May Protect Against Cancer
  203. Oculus Rift VR Jam finalists announced - here there be dragons
  204. NPD: 'Almost' as many kids gaming on mobiles as consoles, computers
  205. rpix86 progress
  206. Turning a Raspi into AdBlock
  207. Mobile gaming just as popular as consoles for kids
  208. Indies braced for Grand Theft Auto V windfall
  209. FIFA 13 breaks Chart-Track record
  210. Disney Infinity sells 294,000 in first two weeks
  211. Is the most disturbing scene in GTA5 justified?
  212. Grand Theft Auto 5 takes aim at Call of Duty
  213. GTA 5 smashes pre-sale records; lots of 'sickies' expected
  214. PS4 and Xbox One next-gen consoles to give retailers £1.2 billion boost
  215. Ultra Street Fighter IV: Capcom’s latest rebalancing act
  216. Grand Theft Auto V on track to become highest rated game of all time
  217. Giant video walls powered by a Raspberry Pi
  218. GTA V: Proving Old Industry Rules Are Irrelevant
  219. GTA V makes a record $800m in 24-hours
  220. GTA V is the fastest selling game in UK history
  221. "It's time to stop pointing fingers at games"
  222. iPhone 5C pre-orders "not overwhelming"
  223. Monster Hunter 4 tops Japanese chart
  224. Work Halted On Neal Stephenson's Kickstarted Swordfighting Video Game
  225. Intel Rolls Out Raspberry Pi Competitor
  226. OPINION: Retail ceasefire contributed to Grand Theft Auto V success
  227. LucasFilm Combines Video Games and Movies To Eliminate Post-Production
  228. Xbox One makes Toys R Us Fabulous 15 list but PS4 misses out
  229. London return unlikely for GTA; Next-gen GTA V downplayed
  230. Mario plays piano with a little help from Raspberry Pi
  231. Toys R Us promo code slashes 20% off games
  232. The final result of NEO Retro Coding Compo 2013
  233. The DCEmu and DealExtreme Giveaway - Win A JXD S7300 Android Gaming Tablet
  234. Young male gamers least worried about effects of violent video games
  235. 61% of Brits think violent games cause real-world violence
  236. GTA V takes number one in the UK
  237. Tokyo Game Show sets new attendance record
  238. EA: Mobile not a threat to consoles
  239. Terrifying Oculus Rift game lets you play console in haunted house
  240. Relive Luke's Star Wars trench run with Oculus Rift
  241. Nook Simple Touch Glowlight gets UK price cut for Christmas
  242. 'Turtle Beach can boost PC headset market'
  243. 3DS eclipses Wii lifetime sales in Japan
  244. Oculus Rift latency tester now available for pre-order
  245. Oculus Rift headset: An alternative hands-on
  246. OFT warns app game devs not to pressure kids with extra payments
  247. Gaming Legends Discuss Using Kickstarter For Their Next Projects
  248. UK MPs: Google Blocks Child Abuse Images, It Should Block Piracy Too
  249. Google is taking Glass on a road trip across the US
  250. '60 per cent of parents give their children adult devices to play with'