View Full Version : Flash-based HD for Xbox 2, according to Albrecht !

January 4th, 2005, 12:18
Alex Abrecht, fry cook of all things Xbox 2 rumor, claims he spoke to a Microsoft employee over the weekend who confirmed that the Xbox 2 will sport a flash-based hard drive. While this could be cool and all, and allow for some fast level-loading, we’ll take this rumor with a big grain of salt. And some ketchup. The ex-TechTV guy may talk to people, but saying you talked to a Microsoft employee could mean the dude was a coder for a division on the other side of MS campus responsible for Windows widgets. Albrecht also claims the guy told him the Xbox 2 will play DVDs out of the box and will be seen this week at CES. Yay DVDs. We’ll be there and report back for ya.

January 7th, 2005, 12:08
But if it uses flash based media it'll be small, wtf is the point in a small xbox, I'll have nothing to stand on to reach high up shelves, and it'll be quieter too, next thing you knwo they'll have small controllers, dear lord the contraller s, im off to have a lie down, its all too much!