View Full Version : FBAxxx 26/12

December 26th, 2004, 12:39
Port of FBA, heres whats new:
-Dipswitches not saved fixed.
-Cheats not being saved fixed.
-Included outrun fix (and somme system16 fix) from djohng fbaxxx-treme release (http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10478), thanks to him for his work (there are many other things in his release so I can only advice you to see it)
-sources are now available up to date, sorry about last time
Plz note : I had (again) some problems with neogeo roms, I had to use a little trick, so you could see some missing screens in the beginning of the rom (7 first seconds), that s normal.
Another note : I want to say to all "amateur developers" that there is a developer s section on my forum, you cen put your fixes, own releases, suggestions there, I think that s the way open source must be.
No dl link as always with Xbox releases get it form the usual places