View Full Version : [SkinzSudokuPro] Looking for beta-testers !

April 5th, 2008, 22:24
Hi everyone !

I'm requesting a bit of help : I'm finishing up the latest release of Skinz Sudoku Pro (Freeware will come back few days later, I have some things to adjust first ^^), version 1.30, and need beta-testers now...

The main features to test in the version :
- Better speed on slow devices and VGA
- Bugfixes (hints, awards, etc...)
- Custom sudokus (enter sudokus from a newspaper and play it later on...)
- New menu (nothing major, just to allow more stuff like custom sudokus ^^)
- Optimized ram use some more, smaller exe

The save format has been updated to allow custom sudokus. Because of this, people using very old saves may have their saves corrupted. To limit the damage, Skinz Sudoku will automatically create a backup of old saves. If you have problems, please send me that backup and I'll try to fix it...

Devices I'm looking for to test on (1 of each if possible) :
- WM2003SE, WM5, and WM6 240x320 PocketPCs
- 480x640 PocketPC
- Devices having the slow display driver problems (HTC TyTN II, HTC Touch Dual, etc...)
- 240x320 Smartphones

If you have one (or more ^^) devices corresponding to my needs, please PM me your email and the device you have (name + OS + screen size), I'll send you a test copy as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone !!!

(of course, any help with feedback will get you a free copy once the final version is released )