View Full Version : US Region Xecuter3 XBOX playback probs with PAL Ga

November 10th, 2004, 13:53
I have an xecutor3, am in Canada (NTSC region same as US), and have a playback problem on PAL games - I wonder if this is Television display problem (am connected to an older TV via RCA video & audio jack), or executor3/xbox problem. Can anyone help??

Believe I have v.1953 of X3 bios installed (friend installed mod etc for me)
along with slayers evox - 2.6 installer

What happens: When I slip in a PAL DvD (or play one that was installed on my HD for me) the game "plays" in the sense that I can see game startup screens and hear music even move chars - the problem is that I only see the game in Black and White (not color) and the television screen scrolls (pages) upward vertically. So really the games are unplayable.

As a newb to the modded X-box scene I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and knows what the problem is? (is it: PAL playback setting (where? where do I change?) - xecutor3 bios version? (what version should I be using?) - television problem? - (need different TV for playback that supports? what? can anyone recommend?)

Thanks all!