View Full Version : DOSXBox v6 !

November 7th, 2004, 13:15
Xport released a new version of DOSXBox which is a 286/386 PC Emulator for the Xbox.[br][br]Heres whats new:[br][br]* Every file gets a unique configuration regardless of whether or not the filename is unique. This fixes the configuration problems where different games have the same executable filename (e.g. play.exe ). This also fixes the screenshot filenames.[br]* Added configuration option to enable VSync. This should fix the screen tearing but performance will suffer with it enabled. [br]* Added ability to map the following keyboard keys:[br]+Num Lock[br]+Scroll Lock[br]+PrintScreen[br]+Pause/Break[br]* Added ability to use light gun as a mouse pointer[br][br]More info about DosXbox Here (http://xbox-emulation.dcemu.co.uk/dosxbox.shtml)