View Full Version : DOSXBox v5 - 286/386 PC emulator for XBox !

November 1st, 2004, 13:17
Xport has updated his PC Emulator for the Xbox:[br][br]What's new/fixed:[br]* Implemented DosBox 0.62 sources [br]* Added standard XPort GUI[br]* Removed SDL [br]* Upload/Download configurations to/from xport.xbox-scene.com via GUI[br][br]More info on this emulator Here (http://xbox-emulation.dcemu.co.uk/dosxbox.shtml)

November 1st, 2004, 20:21
If it is:
1) As compatible as the PC version
2) Optimized for speed as best as possible
3) Utilizes the OpenGL acceleration code present in Dosbox

Then you should have some later-gen games like Warcraft II fully playable with sound. You might have to play around with frameskip and clockspeeds in the emulator. I don't know what it defaults to.