View Full Version : PCSXBox v12 - PlayStation emulator for XBox Released !

November 1st, 2004, 13:10
Xport has updated his port of PCSX the Playstation emulator for the Xbox, heres whats new:[br][br] What's new/fixed:[br]* Improved speed 5-10% on average[br]* Most recent version of standard GUI (lots of updates since last version)[br]* Fixed a bug with loading save states [br]* Fixed problem where it was impossible to return to main menu[br]* Changing discs now works (tested with Chrono Cross)[br]* Upload/Download configurations to/from xport.xbox-scene.com via GUI[br]* Implemented FF9 movie fix - select the option from the CPU fixes menu[br]* Diablo works now (?) see notes[br]* Fixed default ROM path not being set at startup[br]* Support for simultaneous shared memory cards and game-specific memory cards. To select a game-specific memory card, change the Memory Card number to 10 via the Game Configuration menus.[br]* Memory card settings saved per game[br]* Merged in PEOPS SPU v1.9[br]-speed optimized ADSR mixing[br]* Merged in PEOPS GPU v1.16[br]-Dark Forces fix - set it on the Graphics Fixes Menu[br]-Skullmonkeys y-coordinate fix [br][br]More information on this emulator Here (http://xbox-emulation.dcemu.co.uk/pcsxbox.shtml)