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October 1st, 2004, 10:31
News of a major new addon for the PS2 and Xbox from Lik Sang (http://www.lik-sang.com/news.php?artc=3495&lsaid=219793) [br][br] For all of you out there waiting for Halo 2, Killzone, Doom 3, Unreal Championship 2, Half-Life 2 or any other of the highly anticipated First-Person Shooters, we have good news for you. For all of you who still couldn't dare to step back into the real life from HALO, Counter Strike, Medal of Honor, SOCOM II, Rainbox 6, Return to Castle Wolfenstein or any other addiction keeping you away from daylight, we have got good news for you as well.[br][br]SmartJoy® FRAG™ is a unique adapter that allows you to connect standard PS/2 compatible mice and keyboards to your PlayStation®2 or Xbox® console. You will be able to enjoy First-Person Shooters (FPS), or any other game where targeting is important, the way they are meant to be played.[br][br]Both versions, for PlayStation®2 and Xbox®, are fully programmable and come with pre-installed key configurations for the best games available on PlayStation®2 and Xbox®. Advanced features such as Deadzone adjustments and mouse control inversion guarantee best gaming experience with your favorite titles.[br][br]SmartJoy® FRAG™ for Xbox® and PlayStation®2 [br][br]Team Lik Sang has been playing with both versions of the SmartJoy® FRAG™ for a couple of days. Not only have we doubled hit rates in all tested First-Person Shooters (you'll never want to lead your squad without it again!), we have also given other games such as Rez ("music shooter") a test run using the adapters to experience them as never before. The adapters survived our Xbox Life Marathon tests without problems, including using of up to four adapters per console![br][br]Advanced Features[br][br]You will love the advanced features and the available options (such as the programming mode). The SmartJoy® FRAG™ adapters are probably some of the most sophisticated gaming accessories ever built. Gaming can be as simple as loading a built-in preset (for instance hitting F3 loads a perfect preset for The Chronicles of Riddick), or advanced users can customize any keyboard and mouse control or even adjust deadzone, inverse mouse buttons and control sticks and save their own presets in available memory slots. SmartJoy® FRAG™ was built by pro gamers for only one reason: pure game enhancement.[br][br]The retail version of the Xbox® and PlayStation®2 units of the SmartJoy® FRAG™ adapters are supposed to hit the shelves before the end of October, perfectly timed for the upcoming big titles. Place your pre-order now for US$ 28.90 per unit.[br][br]The tested beta units of the SmartJoy® FRAG™ came pre-programmed with the following game presets. According to the developers, there will be a page where gamers can exchange experiences and game presets very easy. New presets can be entered (and saved!) by simply typing a key sequence from the site. And of course there are instructions coming in the box (multi lingual, English, French, German and Spanish).[br][br]Presets for Xbox®[br][br]HALO[br]Medal of Honor: Frontline[br]The Chronicles of Riddick[br]Counter Strike[br]James Bond 007: Nightfire[br]Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3[br]Return to Castle Wolfenstein[br]Unreal Championship[br][br]Presets PlayStation®2[br][br]SOCOM II: US Navy SEALs[br]Medal of Honor: Frontline[br]Time Splitters 2[br]James Bond 007: Nightfire[br]Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3[br]Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm[br]Return to Castle Wolfenstein[br]REZ[br][br]Closing Comments on Keyboard/Mouse vs. Joypad[br][br]We know that not all gamers agree on the usage of keyboard and mouse with a console. So do many with playing a First-Person Shooter with a Controller. Some might not understand the point in using a mouse and a keyboard with a console, others would make some ridiculous claim like "I'd rather have my hands cut off with a rusty axe than play an FPS with a joypad".[br][br]But in the end, using a keyboard and a mouse, completely changes the way the game is played. Use of the mouse takes away the need to concentrate on aiming and leaves you free to concentrate on pure tactics. Also, the speed of the mouse opens up new tactics which are not available with a pad.[br][br]But again, some of you might not agree with this and discussions about it are welcome in the newly opened SmartJoy FRAG Forums (expect more activity there once the product is actually shipping).[br][br][br]About SmartJoy® - Approved by Gamers Worldwide[br][br]The original SmartJoy® Adapter appeared in 1999 and was the very first Dual Shock® to USB adapter. It satisfied thousands of gamers worldwide, even though it wasn't perfect: for example, rumble was not supported, and the driver did not allow you to press left and right at the same time (nowadays required by for dancing games). Several years later, by the time of writing this, SmartJoy® is the most innovative developer for what they call advanced game adapters. SmartJoy® products let you play your PC stuff with PlayStation®2, Xbox® or even Super Nintendo® joypads and joysticks - and now your Xbox® and PS2® titles with Keyboard and Mouse.[br][br]The SmartJoy® project was acquired by Lik Sang two years ago, with the intention to drive the whole concept to a new level. After launching Smartjoy-X (world's first Xbox® to USB controller adapter) in early 2003, SmartJoy PLUS (The Ultimate PS2® compatible USB Adapter) right in time for PC based dance applications, and Super SmartJoy® (compatible with SNES9x, ZSNES, MAME, etc) after many emu fans asked for a decent way of playing their classics, the new SmartJoy® FRAG™ marks the next big step on the projects road map. The next useful advanced game adapters are already in development, these guys just can't stop. [br]You'll find about 40 adapters of different make, for PC, Mac, Xbox®, PlayStation®2, Dreamcast®, GameCube® and also classics right in the SmartJoy Corner, a category dedicated to all console controller adapters. If you are not sure which is the right one for you, try the SmartJoy Comparison Charts, it’s very useful. And if you ever run into troubles with your adapters, have a look at the Smartjoy Forums, dedicated to all kind of adapters.[br] [br][br]More info at Lik Sang (http://www.lik-sang.com/news.php?artc=3495&lsaid=219793)