View Full Version : Surreal64 v2.0 FDB

September 21st, 2004, 00:11
Freakdave has released v2 of his release of the N64 Emulator for the Xbox, heres whats new:[br][br]What's new/fixed [br]* Changed: Slightly modified background image[br]* Changed: You don't need the 'flicker.cfg' anymore. All settings (including Flicker Filter) are now loaded through 'Surreal.ini'[br]* Added: Soft Display Filter ( 0 = disabled / 1 = enabled )[br]* Added: 3 values to let you change/tweak the sensitivity of the thumbsticks via 'Surreal.ini'[br][br]More info on the Surreal64 emulator Here (http://xboxemu.netfirms.com/surreal.shtml)

September 21st, 2004, 12:08
Important to note for any that havent got it from the post its still v1.0 just release 2 of this version, in case any get confused by the title