View Full Version : just an idea for xbox linux. SLAX related!

Cap'n 1time
September 19th, 2004, 07:32
I posted this on another part of the forum.

I appreciate the responces. Especially the diabetic utils page. And I had never heard of funkypages... but that was wack! . I guess life isnt as horrible as it seems, I mean my dreamcast still works! There is hope for diabetes being cured in the near future... and depending on if someone in the US gets the hell out of office then it may happen within the next 4 years! (but i doubt that). I have been doing alot of xbox linux related things. I noticed that SLAX, which is a slakware based boot cd can boot from a dos executable. I think I will try to get one of the x86 emulators for xbox to try to boot it... only problem is I dont think it will support the hardware. I dont know how to customize linux so i cant put that stuff in myself, it was just a thought. I dont think any current xbox linux distro has tried using fluxbox as a graphical interface. I am not sure, but i think fluxbox uses about the same mem as xfce, but has more functionality, which is cool! I wish I understood this a little better... If your interested in this you can take a look at

for slax www.slax.linux-live.org/
for an x86 emu - the usual irc channels
for more info on xbox linux www.xbox-linux.org/
for more info on xbox hacking www.xbox-scene.com/

If you know of a noob friendly linux guide, please let me know. this is about the only thing that keeps me happy right now.