View Full Version : GP2X Sneak Peak (24 hrs early for DCEmu Visitors)

September 17th, 2005, 02:10
Got a special news article for those wanting to buy a <a href="http://www.gbax.com/main.pl?indexgp2x.html" target="_blank" >GP2X</a> before the rest of the world can get their hands on one.

For those that dont know theres a new contender of the Future King of Homebrew Consoles and that console is the GP2X, the console itself is basically a Portable Linux Machine with Dual Cpus running at 200Mhz Each, one of the amazing things about this machine is that Gamepark Holdings have made the Console fully Open Source so that means youll see lots of Emulators and Homebrew on the GP2X from the word go. Some of the Emulation scenes best programmers have already said they are working on it and that includes people like LDChen (PSone Emu), Chui (Snes and NeoCD Emus) theres already a Gameboy emulator running on the console and with the backing of a mass of Developers you will have the ultimate console without the unfair obstructions that Sony and others force on us.

Heres some details off the site:

To sum up the GP2X:

It can play games. It can play your Movies. It can play your music. It can view photos. It can read Ebooks. It runs on just 2 AA batteries - And it can do all this in the palm of your hand or on your TV screen.

Yes that's right, this handheld can connect to the TV, console style. Watch your DivX movies on the TV. Play emulated classics on the TV. Try big screen Quake. Or just play them all on the GP2X's large 320*240 backlit screen. You get the best of both worlds.

It runs the free Linux operating system. This means a whole world of Games, Utilities and Emulators are at your disposal. Quake, Doom, SNES, Megadrive, MAME, Media players and Applications to name just a few.

It's powerful - Two 200mhz CPU's with 64meg of RAM, custom graphics hardware and decoding chips. Takes SD cards and has 64M of NAND memory. Plenty to play with. One of the most powerful and advanced handhelds today.

That means it can play movies without any re-encoding. Just put them onto an SD card. Any size. Any resolution. No messing about. The GP2X scaling chip will resize to fit the screen. No other handheld can do that.

Heres a screenshot:

<img src="http://gp2x-emulation.dcemu.co.uk/blackandwhite.jpg">

Check out the Worldwide Official Seller of the GP2X at this early Sneak Peak address here --> http://www.gbax.com/main.pl?indexgp2x.html

Also Check out our GP2X site Here --> http://gp2x-emulation.dcemu.co.uk/

One thing to remember you can buy it now from them and its advisable to do so as the first shipment will be in limited numbers.

Mouth Watering eh :)