View Full Version : FBA-xxx 02.08.2004 Build

August 2nd, 2004, 13:55
Gogo Ackman and his team have releaseed a new version of the neogeo, cps2, cps1 emulator for Xbox. Heres whats new:[br][br] Bug Fixes:[br]* BLACK SCREEN bug fixed (that was a FM interpolation error)[br]* XBE is now correctly patched and should work with all Xbox/BIOS[br]* Possible crash in .DAT files creation with the old dumps version[br]* SMA Protected games (and some others) showed the grid when launched[br]* Guwange graphical glitches + random crash still exists in old dumps version[br]* Possible crash when launching a game with a lot of bad CRCs[br]* Crash when entering replay menu with some cheats enabled when replay folder is empty[br]* A bunch of menu entries quit menus instead of returning to previous one[br]New Features:[br]* Replays can now be recorded with cheats activated[br]* Cheats configuration is loaded/saved upon game loading/exit[br]* Game versions can be hide when browsing the list (for example: "Guwange" instead of "Guwange (1999 6/24 master ver.)"[br]* Widescreen and progressive scan (HDTV) support :-) (Have to be enabled in MS Dashboard) [br][br]More info and instructions Here</a