View Full Version : [BlackFlip] v0.5 : French and small improvements

May 7th, 2008, 17:57
Updated Pocket PC game from Mollusk

Here's a new release of BlackFlip !

It's not really a major release, but is still a step up, and you could see it as a quick release before the next big update. The biggest improvement in this release is that I've added french support ! (technically, it could include other languages if people feel like translating ! Just send me a quick PM and I'll set together a simple text file to translate...).
Other stuff I changed : better random puzzles (sorted by difficulty) and stats page added ! (doesn't show much, but it's a start)

Complete changelog :
- Added French translation !! (more to come if people participate )
- Bigger back to menu button on puzzle selection screen
- Faster boot up time
- Grade now ranges from 0 stars to 5 instead of 1 to 5...
- Added "Play Next" button !
- Change LOSER to YOU LOSE
- Quick and crappy stats page (sorry, I got lazy again !)
- Added menu state saving
- Slightly faster end game animation
- New better random puzzle picker (with level difficulty !)

Oh, and as I set the stars to range from 0 to 5 now (instead of 1 to 5), don't be surprises if some of the puzzles you played change 'difficulty'. It doesn't change any order or anything, it's just that the old values were a bit off


April 24th, 2009, 05:26
Thanks for sharing this. It's important for me. :thumbup: french translation (http://www.fastfrenchtranslation.com/)