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July 11th, 2004, 03:10
XPorts port of the great GBA emu Visual Boy Advance gets a new release, heres whats new:[br][br]- Added GB-Mono palettes[br][br] - Fixed bug where screenshots for save states were not being displayed[br] on save state menu when the screenshot directory and save game[br] directory are on different volumes. Screenshots that are created[br] with save states should only appear on the save/load state menus.[br] They should not appear in your regular screenshots directory[br] and should not appear on the game-selection menu with the normal[br] screenshots. [br][br] - Added option to disable screenshots with save states[br][br] - Fixed some invalid chars and network issues[br][br] - If you had the option to always bring up the Save/Load state menu[br] on and you tried to save/load a state from the Game Utilities menu[br] you would be presented with the save/load state menu twice. This[br] is fixed. ( People using the Game Utilities menu to save/load states[br] should probably turn off the "Always show save/load state menu"[br] option from the General Configuration settings.)[br][br]Downloads can be found in the usual places, more info and screenshots Here (http://xboxemu.netfirms.com/xboyadvance.shtml)