View Full Version : Zodttd Update - Pandora/iPhone News

May 13th, 2008, 21:18
Zodttd posted this update about his Pandora and Iphone projects:

What's up with ZodTTD you ask?

I am preparing to goto a friends wedding on May 13th.
I have been working very hard on psx4all and made a lot of progress in terms of compatibility. Performance has increased as well.
I've been placing my project's source code on a public git repository which will also allow for more proper bug reporting, and each project will have a wiki!
The Pandora videos I've made on YouTube and ZodTTD Video have been getting more popular. The psx4pandora project is running at amazing speeds on this upcoming gaming handheld.

I still need to speak to Exophase about temper4iphone, and integrate the updates into it before releasing. Exophase is the author of Temper. This project emulates the NEC TurboGraphix 16 and Turbo Duo (also known as the PC-Engine and PC-CD). A big thanks to those who have created controller skins for the temper4iphone project! It's a huge help!


May 14th, 2008, 04:09
Awesome great work, I love to see the constant improvements on development for this new upcoming hand held.