View Full Version : [BlackFlip] v0.51 : 240x240 and Italian support !

May 13th, 2008, 22:10
Yet another release !

I've reworked the language code in BlackFlip to make adding languages even easier. An italian translation has been added, and a spanish one will come soon !
Also added a first shot at 240x240 screen resolution. It's not perfect, ie it's basically moving the screen around to have everything playable. The ingame buttons are crappy because they need to be reworked (the puzzle takes up way too much space :/)

Complete changelog :
- Fixed page number bug in menu
- Improved translation system
- 400 new puzzles (resynched the database with blackflip.org)
- Added Italian translation (thanks to Scognito !)
- Fixed some text alignments
- Added 240x240 screen support, but still crappy (more like a quick hack than a real resolution support, but everything is 100% playable)

Still looking for someone for the german translation !!!