View Full Version : [TangledBugs] v1.35 : Level saving !

May 15th, 2008, 21:37
Hi everyone !

Here's a major update on TangledBugs in terms of feature : levels can now be saved ! The "can't see more than 32 levels" bug has also been fixed, congrats to people who actually managed to get that far (I can't get past level 16...) !

Complete changelog :
- Only saves a game if moved
- New auto-save function ! You can go back to a level after having quit it
- Per-level save, level is shown in red instead of green on the selection page !
- More levels available on level select screen (up to 50)
- Reduced pause button touch zone
- Bugs can't be dragged behind the buttons anymore !
- Fixed bug when double-clicking on the quit button to exit
- Speed improvements

Both the freeware and the commercial versions have been updated