View Full Version : Star Wars- Homebrew Game for the Xbox

June 16th, 2004, 00:06
Team AfterShock have just released their highly promising Star Wars Homebrew game for the Xbox, heres the info:[br][br] STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE FOR HOMEBREW[br]Star Wars is our first group game, it supports a short story mode, and a death match of up to 4 humans and up to 8 players (bots).[br][br]Our first release. Seems decent enough to give to the people. We slaved over this for months so you better love it.[br]Untamed Rillas should be worth playing. Hopefully that will be out soon.[br]There's an md5 check on the media so that you'll know if you download a damaged version. This is the first homebrew to have 5.1 and use the XACT engine. [br] [br][br]More information and screenshots Here (http://xhomebrew.netfirms.com/starwarsfps.shtml)