View Full Version : [SkinzSudokuPro] v1.30 : Custom grids, size, etc...

May 17th, 2008, 12:07
Here's a nice release of Skinz Sudoku Pro, the main change being a new menu to fit in the custom grid input, and lots of bugfixes !

- Fixed a few hint bugs
- Now saves input method from one game to another
- Fixed bug where you could replace a fixed number by another
- Menu doesn't return to the start all the time anymore, returns to last submenu entered before playing !
- Trophie adjustments
- 480x800 screen support
- Better performance on slow and VGA devices
- Fixed silver and gold trophies
- Optimized exe size
- Completely new menu
- Possibility to enter custom sudokus !
- Calling up the hints now costs 5 seconds !