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May 6th, 2004, 07:51
Some Fantastic news that 2 coders PeteGabe and SHiZNO are working on a Star Wars First Person Shooter for the Xbox, heres whats known so far:

first project is a Star Wars FPS based on Episode 4 (the trench), will be release this month (May) on Xbox platform (game is 95% finished, just need final sounds). Game will feature short story mode, and with a deathmatch mode (ffa or team) with up to 8 players (bots or 4 player split screen).

- future project will be coming...and will be bigger/better

Sounds Excellent, check out the screenshots here --> http://xhomebrew.netfirms.com/starwarsfps.shtml

May 13th, 2004, 04:51
SHiZNO has some update star wars news for us

"the game is finished, we are just waiting for the final sounds to be created by a guy outside our team...

all screenshots can be found at www.kl0wn.com/starwars/

one question we get a lot is if its system link, Star Wars isnt system link, Pete and I cant link due to our networks being crap, so until either of us gets a new xbox it looks like we cant support it decently...

you can however msg me unwanted Dew points and if i get a few hundred of them i can get another xbox and system link would definately be put in our future titles

we have already started working on our next game (FPS) btw ...

soooo yeah....send me your dew points please!!!

cheers "

some new screenshots:



its looking mighty tasty to me

May 13th, 2004, 07:18
omg thats stunniing :)

bloody talented or what

May 29th, 2004, 02:21
I have a website now at http://aftershock.xbox-scene.com . I worked with the audio guy today working in the SFX. Hopefully he will have some remix tunes so I can release soon. I'll post screenshots for Untamed Rillas later tonight.

May 29th, 2004, 02:43
Thanks for the news Pete :)

This is one Star Wars fan who cant wait to see the end product :)

June 15th, 2004, 06:33
its out :)


June 15th, 2004, 07:24
very nice :)