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May 8th, 2004, 09:48
News From http://xhomebrew.netfirms.com

Both Nintendo and Microsoft have admitted that Sony's head start this generation has given Sony an almost unfair advantage with the PS2. Both companies have openly admitted that they will not let Sony launch before them as next generation approaches. Said Microsoft's Xbox boss, Robert J. Bach, in a recent interview: "We'll be there when Sony is there." Looks as if "there" may be sooner than we all think.

BusinessWeek today claims that they have learned that Microsoft plans on launching their next generation console during the summer of 2005. The new console, code named Xenon, would break the typical five-year life cycle that console typically follow. According to Sony, PlayStation3 (PS3) is scheduled to launch around the same time, however, Sony has not really finalized key technical details. Game developers claim that without those details they can not begin making games, which takes at least 18 months. For this reason game developer believe that Sony plans on launching the PS3 in Japan during the Spring of 2006 and approximately six months after in North America. This would give Microsoft a year lead on it's biggest rival, Sony.

If this news does turn out to be true, Microsoft's new console may be too appealing for developers to pass on. Many developers claim that having a full year jump on Sony will make Xenon more attractive simply because the user base will be bigger from the beginning. Second, Microsoft is actively attempting to make game development easier with new software. Said one developer "We can't believe this is Microsoft."

Could we see something from Microsoft at E3 next week? If BusinessWeek is correct Xenon could very well be there.

May 8th, 2004, 10:09
They way sony is going doubt any jump on them would do any thing. EG dreamcast people will just *WAIT* for the newer PS3.

If thats really what microsoft are going to do looks to me like the end of console wars for them. That killed sega. Jumping before does nothing but give sony time to retool to make sure they beat them.

May 8th, 2004, 10:44
yeah sometimes it better to wait a little but who knows what the future holds.

May 8th, 2004, 14:59
Oh dear, that's all we need, another rushed product from Microsoft - deja vous OS's anyone?

Being the first off the starting block means nothing, it all depends whether Microsoft take a real perspective view at why Sony are so popular.

Backward compatability: the X-Box2 (if it ends up named that) surely must play original X-Box games to be viable - at launch, not many people are going to get 'another new console' with new format games.

A basic OS: if anyone can, Microsoft can - if they could come up with a basic OS to launch PC games (even older DOS titles, we all know about XP and older games), straight away they've possibly cornered the market. I posted an email about this shortly after the launch of the X-Box but didn't get a reply from anyone on the enquiry/help. With that sort of amunition, they're going to drag a horde of anti-console PC gamers to the console war market, those numbers alone besides the multi-platform gamers would send a wake up call to Sony.

Price for hardware: a decent launch price tag (albeit at a loss like the X-box is now) - does anyone remember the launch price of the Xpensive-Box? compared to the price now?

Something original: whatever Microsoft's plans, is there going to be anything original and inovative in there?. Sony just keep coming out with hardware that seems to end up mainstream and popular (whether you like it or not), more often than not Sony will use some media format and it'll end up as the norm, or some ace up the sleeve to thwart the opposition (again).

Whatever happens, it's looking good for the gamers on the planet.

May 8th, 2004, 15:11
I would like to see a console machine where you could put your PC games in and playthem, now that would be ruddy great :) and im sure doable too.

May 8th, 2004, 18:17
Microsoft are really messing up,

- rushing the xbox 2
- games from xbox 1 not compatible to the xbox 2, [cant play xbox games on xbox 2] >:( - very bad news

I am getting really critical of the xbox 2, also just so you know wraggster i have posted this news on the xboxland.com site - put you as author obviously. :)

May 31st, 2004, 20:44
I found some picture of what the Xbox 2 is going to look like check them out here http://www.outwar.com/page.php?x=2178250

June 1st, 2004, 00:37
you say its rushed, but is it really?

the fact is: the new Xenon XDK's are already available to developers, so development is already underway

June 4th, 2004, 03:16
Maybe it won't be rushed, but knowing Microsoft they'll just hop on and hope for the best (again). Won't it be nice looking forward to Halo 3, 4 and 5 on a new platform along with those great emus/apps/games that you can't download legally. Sometimes all the money in the software world just won't get you to the number one console position - looks like Sony will pip them to the post again, a sad fact, but history has a trend of repeating itself.