View Full Version : Xbox sales expected to pass PS2 in April figures

May 10th, 2004, 22:22
Market watchers in the United States expect the Xbox to have outsold Sony's PS2 in monthly sales for the first time ever in April's sales figures, as the effects of Microsoft's recent price cut continue to boost the console.

Just as Nintendo's GameCube saw a huge sales boost towards the end of last year when the company slashed the price of the console, Microsoft's price-cut at the end of March has driven sales of the Xbox to new heights in the USA.

If, as expected, it did outsell the PS2 in April, this would be the first time since the system launched in late 2001 that it has managed to surpass Sony's sales on a month to month basis - a significant milestone for Microsoft, even if it took a significant price drop, and as such a revenue hit, to achieve it.

The sales rankings are likely to return to normal in May, however; Sony is expected to follow Microsoft's lead and cut the price of the PlayStation 2 this week, with an announcement expected at the E3 show in Los Angeles.

May 10th, 2004, 22:58
About time someone gave Sony a run for the money, it's a shame the greed of Microsoft has taken this long to figure it out.
What's next - XBox free with 3 tokens collected from 'Corn Flakes' packets. For an organisation that's fleeced the OS market this long, you'd think they'd have learnt something.
So Sony intends to drop their prices to suit? and then we're back to square one ::) - roll on PS3 and XBox2.
Who wins in the end?
We do - the gamers! - cheaper consoles and (hopefully) cheaper games 8).

May 11th, 2004, 00:39
i dunno - it all sounds good on paper but Xbox is still losing millions for MS, because the base unit is so cheap and modding is rampant.

May 11th, 2004, 12:23
hmm i doubt it did outsell it. Even with a *price cut. Xbox 2 with out a hard drive and harder to mod will fail. People buy an XBOX to play gba and n64 and mame. With out that in xbox 2 it's going to fail badly no harddrive is stuiped move.

Sony will win again of course.

May 11th, 2004, 16:27
I hope the microsoft kicks sonys ass *;D , sony has controled the consel marked since 1995, or something like that. I think its about time they got some competition

No offence to those who like sony [playstation] better *:)