View Full Version : OSSM 3 - january 1996

August 8th, 2017, 20:39
This is a great read for fans of the Sega Saturn, heres the rundown:

This week we stay with the Official Sega Saturn Magazine, but jump back in time a year and a half from last time to issue 3 that came out in january of 1997.
This remastered edition was originally scanned in 2011 and has this past couple of months gone through a meticulous process to fix tons of little lingering issues as well as a couple of bigger ones that have been stamped out with this edition.
There is a ton of great content in this issue so let's get started. First up we have the arcade version of Manx TT, followed by features for Mystaria, Guardian Heroes and Sega Rally. All for the Sega Saturn. On top of this, we also have several Saturn reviews ligned up: Sega Rally, Galactic Attack, Virtua Racing and Worms.

read in full here --> http://www.outofprintarchive.com/catalogue/officialsegasaturnmagazine/OSSM3.html