View Full Version : EUROSAT CanCan Coaster

January 21st, 2018, 20:34
Some new details about the transformation and evolution of the Eurosat coaster have come from Europa-Park this week. Previously we mentioned that the facade of the famous Moulin Rouge building (complete with red windmill) would be added to the front entrance to the ride, and now we have a slight name change as well, as it will be called "Eurosat - CanCan Coaster" when it reopens in Summer 2018. The track layout, while completely replaced, will still be very similar to the original Eurosat layout.
MackMedia announced that they will be providing a special new VR experience option for the ride as well under the Eurosat Coastiality brand. To allow for easy loading, the ride will have a second entirely separate entrance and station for the Coastiality VR experience with a separate dedicated train and shift-track to allow it to load on and off the main ride track. This will allow for two attraction experiences to use the same coaster system.