View Full Version : Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Mouse Fallout and New Hotel

January 23rd, 2018, 22:13
While out focus of late at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been on the sudden closure of the famous Wild Mouse, BlooLoop reports that plans were filed by the park (https://blooloop.com/link/hotel-blackpool-pleasure-beach-wild-mouse-coaster/) to build a new 120-room, five-story hotel at the park. The new hotel will feature a conference center and the nearby Coasters Diner will be revamped to serve as a restaurant and bar for the new hotel.
As for the Wild Mouse, sources tell us that the sudden removal of the coaster was not something planned long in advance, but rather a more sudden and pressing matter came up that kind of forced their hand into making the hard choice to remove it. With demolition crews already on site taking down the Trauma Towers facade nearby, it only helped expedite the removal of the Mouse as well.