View Full Version : Disney World - Hollywood Studios - New Park Name Rumors

February 2nd, 2018, 21:45
According to this article (https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/01/30/disney-is-reportedly-considering-changing-the-name-of-hollywood-studios-to-cinemagine-park), Disney may have settled internally on a new name for the Disney’s Hollywood Studios park… and chances are you aren't going to like it. Why? Well back in August we reported how Disney was giving a survey to get feedback on eight possible new names for the park… none of which were very likeable… including my vote for worst name of all time… “Disney XL Park”.
Well, the latest scuttlebut claims that Disney may have simply created an entirely new option… a made-up sounding word that doesn’t seem to flow off the tongue… and it going to be a beast to try and remember how to spell it. Or at least that is my take on the concept of it becoming “Cinemagine Park”.
Cinemagine Park… nope… i just don’t like it. For starters, I just dislike Disney using the word “Park” at all to begin with… but Cinemagine? Sounds more like some kind of dessert you might order at a French/Asian Fusion Bistro and certainly not the place where you go to see Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Lets hope they grind away at this concept a bit more before landing on something.