View Full Version : Thorpe Park - 2018 is The Year Of The Walking Dead

February 8th, 2018, 21:58
So what does Thorpe Park have planned for 2018? According to a press release from the park, 2018 will be "The Year of The Walking Dead, a series of unmissable events throughout the 2018 season from when the theme park re-opens on 23rd March".
This will include "The Walking Dead Living Nightmare Extreme", a walk-through live-action maze) from May 25 through June 3, special Summer late night operations, Zombie Hunt (an extreme battle in the woodland on the outskirts of the resort from July 21 to Sept 3, and Fright Nights will return with a The Walking Dead theme from Oct. 5 through Oct. 31.
They say more special announcements will be coming in the future, but I've heard a new rumor that seems to tie into all this as well. Apparently the park filed some construction permits to change the entrance to their X: No Way Out coaster, and according to our source the codename "X:/NWO WD" was seen mentioned in the paperwork. Could this mean we will see a special "X: No Way Out - The Walking Dead" come to life in 2018?