View Full Version : Details from the designer of world’s first looping go-kart track

February 10th, 2018, 21:44
If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to drive upside-down, read our exclusive interview with Michael Mack, who has just designed the world’s first looping go-kart track.
Michael “Mad Man” Mack is the CEO of HeineMack GmbH and LoonyLoop Group in Nuremberg, which are owned by him and his family. (No relation to the Mack Family of MackRides and Europa Park.) He previously developed the Rollercoaster Restaurant (http://www.madmack.de/2018/01/10/3/), which had been implemented in Europa-Park, Sochi-Park in Russia, and Alton Towers Resort in the U.K.

Mack recently granted us this English-language interview about his company’s newest development, the Mack Maniac looping go-kart track.
When did development begin on the Mack Maniac system?
The idea came to my mind a year ago. Since then we are developing the product and registered the technology for patent approval.
What was the initial inspiration for Mack Maniac?
I originally developed the idea of a new type of theme park. Carmusement (http://www.madmack.de/2018/01/09/hello-world/) offers car drivers the opportunity to drive through theme parks in their own car and be able to ride carousels, ferris wheels and rollercoasters in them. For this purpose, cars use single gondolas, which are adaptable to all rides. The car drives on the specially designed transport platform of the gondola where it will be secured and put onto the desired ride or Ferris wheel.

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