View Full Version : Warner Bros. Studio Tour Vlog - The Making Of Harry Potter January 2018

February 10th, 2018, 21:54
A new video from the Theme Park Worldwide team of the Warner Bros Tour, been here myself and loved it, essential for any Harry Potter fan:

Join Shawn & Charlotte as we visit Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and experience The Making Of Harry Potter. We check out the many different sections of the tour including The Forbidden Forest, a new section at the popular attraction. We share footage from The Hogwarts Express, Diagon Alley and the amazing model of Hogwarts located at the end of the tour. We also visited during the Hogwarts In The Snow event meaning we saw many new additions throughout the tour compared to previous visits.As Charlotte is a huge fan of Harry Potter this vlog is full of fascinating facts, plenty of laughs and much more as we have a fantastic day at Warner. Bros Studio Tour London