View Full Version : Walbi Belium To Add Tiki-Waka Coaster and More

February 22nd, 2018, 22:31
Walibi Belgium will open a new Polynesian themed family coaster called Tiki-Waka as well as an expansion to their indoor waterpark has the first phase of a planned 112 million capital investment in the park. Located in the "Exotic World" section of the park, the new coaster is from Gerstlauer and will run single 4-passenger cars through a tropical landscape along 500 meters of track, standing 20 meters tall.
According to the information posted to BlooLoop the expansion to the indoor waterpark (https://blooloop.com/news/walibi-belgium-tiki-waka-roller-coaster/) will be focused on building a new play area for the smaller children who can't yet swim, along with a planned Caribbean themed makeover to the waterpark as well for when it opens on March 31.